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#25 - i havent laughed that hard in a long time. 07/22/2016 on Spongibobu webM comp 2 +2
#35 - i also have one of those,it's honestly really fun to use. 07/07/2016 on my cousin doesnt like bugs 0
#163 - i've definitely been trying to..it's just hard since it's stil… 06/03/2016 on Anon is a neckbeard 0
#130 - **wolfhaleytroncat used "*roll picture*"** **wolfhaleytronc… 06/02/2016 on Anon is a neckbeard +1
#120 - a lot of good advice.thank you everyone,it means a lot. 06/02/2016 on Anon is a neckbeard 0
#93 - yeah,i know..it just sucks,because she was my first real girlfriend.  [+] (1 new reply) 06/02/2016 on Anon is a neckbeard 0
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#100 - catkyte (06/02/2016) [-]
#92 - Comment deleted 06/02/2016 on Anon is a neckbeard 0
#80 - me and my girlfriend broke up a week ago,can someone please ch…  [+] (19 new replies) 06/02/2016 on Anon is a neckbeard +5
#164 - alekksandar (06/03/2016) [-]
Have a cute kitten to cheer you up
#124 - jaggsauce (06/02/2016) [-]
i happen to find myself in the same boat as you, since my girlfriend through about 6-7 years broke up with me... i am currently a miserable excuse of a person, but i am getting better on a daily basis.. today it has been about 5 months since she broke up with me, and she is still the first thing i think about in the morning, and the last thing i think about when i go to sleep at night (like i said, a miserable excuse for a functioning person) but i am gradually starting to repress memories about her, which helps with the depression and at the same time makes me sad that my brain unconsciously want to forget about her...

there is really no solution for you, i am afraid... you'll just have to give it time, and perhaps try to find another love interest (much like you replace a kids pet when it dies to mend the wound)

the webm should cheer you up slightly, unless you hate ducks.
#130 - wolfhaleytroncat (06/02/2016) [-]
**wolfhaleytroncat used "*roll picture*"**
**wolfhaleytroncat rolled image**i'm really sorry to hear that.if you ever need to talk about anything,you are more than welcome to message me sometime.i always thought getting advice from someone who is in the same situation was the best thing to do.i also appreciate the honesty.
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#120 - wolfhaleytroncat (06/02/2016) [-]
a lot of good advice.thank you everyone,it means a lot.
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#117 - therealfell (06/02/2016) [-]
you uh
you don't listen to most of these people
you be depressed and you cry and you get drunk and just be sad.
the sooner you do that, the sooner you can get over her and realize all the things you hated about her, and all the things you really really like about that cute girl you work with or who lives 2 doors down from you, or whatever.
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#110 - captann (06/02/2016) [-]
Agreed with mysisterismywaifu
Just strut, Go get you're freak on
Get piss drunk do something/someone you regret Well you should regret it but it's so much fun you don't and have a great fucking time
Mutha fuckaaa
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#118 - therealfell (06/02/2016) [-]
do I have to rub your nose in your shit? this is just embarrassing.
#108 - prcloroxington (06/02/2016) [-]
1) Realize that you now have a better idea of who you are and what you need/want in a person. So at least you have that.

2) Pour your sadness energy into bettering yourself. Pick up some hobby you didn't have time for with someone else, get swol, learn a new language, use that sadness for your benefit.

3) Give yourself something to immediately shoot for. I will run 100k in X many days. I will finish every Final Fantasy from I - X. I will knit a goddamn blanket in time for the winter. Doesn't matter what it is, but you need something attainable to shoot for. It helps if it coincides with the bettering yourself thing.

4) Learn to be ok with things being a bit shit for a while. Nobody is always on top, and it is ok to feel sad even if your friends or family give you shit for it.

5) Once you've given yourself a reasonable amount of time, get back out there. Find someone better suited towards your needs. Don't hang your whole future on the one that got away because chances are there is someone way better suited to you out there.

Good luck.
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#103 - mysisterismywaifu (06/02/2016) [-]
stoping being a pussy
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#125 - jaggsauce (06/02/2016) [-]
said the guy whose name includes his sister and his waifu.... dude, its obvious that you've never had a girlfriend.
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#142 - mysisterismywaifu (06/02/2016) [-]
Lol that part is a joke, I've had a girlfriend before.
#165 - jaggsauce (06/03/2016) [-]
yeah..... i'm sure you have ;)
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#101 - marcelluswallus (06/02/2016) [-]
#92 - wolfhaleytroncat has deleted their comment.
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#89 - catkyte (06/02/2016) [-]
its not the end of the world she isn't going to be the only person you're going to break up with during your life.
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#93 - wolfhaleytroncat (06/02/2016) [-]
yeah,i know..it just sucks,because she was my first real girlfriend.
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#100 - catkyte (06/02/2016) [-]
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#82 - decretguy (06/02/2016) [-]
Think only the negatives and contemplate how great life is without her
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#163 - wolfhaleytroncat (06/03/2016) [-]
i've definitely been trying to..it's just hard since it's still pretty recent.
#54 - i would die happy.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/07/2016 on The remake I want so badly +3
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#68 - nickelakon (05/07/2016) [-]
They would never remake something that was good but didn't sell well though
They don't care about some money, they want all the money.
#251 - i keep getting stuck on the loading screens and the only … 04/18/2016 on Uh... I'll pass. [Dark... 0
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