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#8 - The faster you move the slower you age. But to actualy see the…  [+] (7 replies) 09/19/2016 on race +5
#57 - CommonJoo (09/20/2016) [-]
wait really? then why did in the movie justice league crisis on 2 earths the other flash aged super quick by vibrating fast?
#60 - winterguy (09/20/2016) [-]
Its called time dilation, its physics theory. The fuck I know how physics work in comics..
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#9 - fireeaters (09/19/2016) [-]
I meant through the power of the "Speed force"
#11 - grimreefer (09/19/2016) [-]
No he ages just incredibly slowly and because of the speed force its thought that he and other speedsters can out run death
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#18 - andytang (09/19/2016) [-]
don't the speedsters have a special speedster death?
#26 - grimreefer (09/19/2016) [-]
Black flash, he looks like a flash zombie
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#25 - brobyddark (09/19/2016) [-]
Yes. Wally outran him.
#17 - I dont know much about this but there are bodytypes endomorph,…  [+] (5 replies) 09/07/2016 on 400 lb redditor maintain... +2
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#18 - lotengo (09/07/2016) [-]
I've had a guy in school fat as fuck, played LARP, long curly hair thinking he looked like some LOTR elf, but in reality his tits where at least C-cup.

Claimed he sometimes had something he called 'lung attack' not caused by a virus or bacteria, but something he just got, like epileptic attacks. Those 'lung attacks' would not be a threat to his life but they would somehow reset his stamina to zero Like if you let him do a stamina test, he would get a 1 or a zero. and that would make it impossible for him to build up stamina and loose weight at a significant rate.
My uncle had heart surgery a while back, and that really did reset his his stamina to zero. Shortly after the surgery, if my uncle needed to pee, he would get up from his chair in the livingroom, walk to the toilet, do his thing, walk back and he would be exhausted.

The fat larper from my school never showed a sign of that since I knew him.
He claimed his brother, also a massive fatty, had the same condition.

Worst part was, evn tho I'm like 2 inches below national average, I was the shortest guy in my class. I got picked on for it. Just like some other guy got picked on for being a fairy, another for being an idiot and another for being revolting.
One time the fatty told me I was so small he could not see me, I told him that it made it easier for me to hide so he would not eat me.

15 minutes later a teacher confronted me about my bullying where he sat crying.
Because he could not help it with his 'condition'

I'm not 100% sure what he called it, but I googled it and got zero results.
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#95 - immortalfear (09/07/2016) [-]
Asthma. What he has was asthma.
Or maybe it was just too much pressure on his lungs causing breathing problems from all that excess weight the human body was never meant to carry
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#49 - culinaryexplain (09/07/2016) [-]
There was a time a guy told me not to lose weight because i would be colder all the time, and my joints would always hurt. He was fat as fuck. He is also the same guy who said a sous chef wasn't second in the kitchen (It literally means under chef) and said he worked as one while working at a hospital and in high school. Also claimed he was a red belt in karate but couldn't walk 50 feet without wheezing.
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#62 - lotengo (09/07/2016) [-]
I've been chef de partie for a while, or as I liked to call it, chef the party
#27 - gigabowzer (09/07/2016) [-]
From my experience with living with obese people, what happens is they eat more than they realize. They'll say they have this condition, but then they will have this big bowl of chicken nuggets with a large size of potatoes covered in some dressing.

The first part of the solution is getting them to realize how much they are eating. If they don't want to accept that, then you just gotta wait it out or they never change. This is from experience.
#55 - My math could be wrong but at 23 people it should be closer to…  [+] (5 replies) 08/18/2016 on Facts +3
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#77 - chusmimax (08/18/2016) [-]
it's not like that at all.
You have to calculate the chances of it not happening, and when you get to the end, get the inverse so you get the chances of it happening.
First person has 365/365 of not getting the same day (no day is taken)
second one has 364/365 of not getting the same day as other (one day is now taken)
we go on ultil number 23, which has a chance of 342/365.

Now we multiply them all to get the total chance if it not happening
Using a compiler to do the math for me, it get to be: 52.43046923374498% of not happening

That means that it has a 47.56953076625502% chances of happening, which is practically 50% (numbers around 50% make really low diference, while near 0% or 100% make a whole lot)
User avatar
#78 - chusmimax (08/18/2016) [-]
i did use this on python to get the possibilities of it not happening, just if anyone is interested:

for i in range (1,23):
x = x*(366-i)/365
print (x)
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#74 - trollofhalo (08/18/2016) [-]
All throughout elementary and highschool, in rooms averaging about 30 people, through 12 grades, 4 of those years having 8 classes each and a total of 40 classes, not once did I ever have 2 people with the same birthday in a class. How lucky would I have to be for THAT to happen?
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#73 - wakami (08/18/2016) [-]
Is the Birthday Paradox a Paradox

This video explains the math out. It used to be called the Birthday Paradox
#59 - skatin (08/18/2016) [-]
I was curious about this too. I just figured I was understanding it incorrectly.

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