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#21 - Hey man, good luck. Also, did you already join? Some states ha…  [+] (1 reply) 03/10/2014 on Fuck College Girls +6
#112 - nailclippers (03/10/2014) [-]
im going to community college for 2 years, then doing basic over a summer, then going to college for a double major in engineering. after that ill probably go to officer school and then only have to serve 2 weeks a year + 1 weekened every month
#18 - haha, good luck dude. Seriously though, good luck. I've heard …  [+] (1 reply) 03/10/2014 on Fuck College Girls +3
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#28 - noshizl (03/10/2014) [-]
Haha seriously? I hadn't heard about that one, just the cheating incident at the Charleston Prototype
#166 - nah, he should keep it. Deuce is WAY better than Danny  [+] (12 replies) 05/23/2012 on Why? +1
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#196 - thehandofgod (05/23/2012) [-]
I respect your opinion, but i must respectfully disagree.

However, Deuce is a very good single artist.

I find this little rhyme describes it the best

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
Deuce and Danny are both great
SO fuck you too.
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#588 - padorak (05/24/2012) [-]
hi phil how did you get here?
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#589 - padorak (05/24/2012) [-]
And duece is awful in my opinion. Not really because of what he did but his music is just awful
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#197 - captainrattrap (05/23/2012) [-]
Oh what's going on here? Other fans of hollywood undead? I like when Danny raps the chorus to "America" by hollywood undead wearing his cigarette burns mask!!
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#200 - hokiefan (05/23/2012) [-]
so this might be a dumb question, but i just found out about deuce the other day and it sounded alot like hollywood undead, do they have any of the same artists?
#208 - captainrattrap (05/23/2012) [-]
I think so yeah because when I saw the band the drummer was this guy (I think his name is kurt kobane but idk) and later I saw him and he's the singer for the other band
#211 - hokiefan (05/23/2012) [-]
troll a little harder next time
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#213 - captainrattrap (05/23/2012) [-]
What are you talking about? Nobody's trolling, we're just talking about how much we love eminem.
#217 - hokiefan (05/23/2012) [-]
oh yeah, my bad you're right, hes my favorite country artist
pic related its him
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#220 - captainrattrap (05/23/2012) [-]
That reminds me of my favorite video game where you play as thi guy named metroid and you have to save his COUNTRY from robots
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#503 - hokiefan (05/24/2012) [-]
yeah, hyrule is a really bad place until mario (the dude inside the suit) comes up and slays all those dragons with his shouts or somthin like that
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#587 - captainrattrap (05/24/2012) [-]
Halo hecka ripped off that game when you can shoot the nazis in WWII with the zap gun and push them all back to africa

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