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I probably should update this sometime.

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i got sticky
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I don't think we really have much to worry about when it comes to this fungus. I'm not claiming it to be impossible, just extremely unlikely. First off, this fungus affects arthropods, such as ants and spiders, not mammals. Our bodies are pretty damn different from that of ants. Second, while it is true that humans have contracted diseases from animals in our history, such as smallpox from cattle and the flu from pigs and chickens, these diseases for the most part originated from domesticated animals. It is much easier for the disease to mutate and transfer to humans when we live in close proximity to the source. Finally, lets say this fungus where to infect humans. If it were to act like it does to ants, then people wouldn't go around trying to eat each other, they would find a suitable spot to die that would allow the fungus to spread. That being said, it wouldn't be too hard to differentiate the healthy people from the infected, as the infected would mindlessly walk towards moist and dark areas to release spores. Due to this, I would imagine that we would get the problem sorted out fairly quickly before it became an epidemic.

I repeat. I'm not claiming it impossible, just highly unlikely to occur. Also, The Last Of Us was a good game.
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thanks captain killjoy.
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Shut up and learn, anon!
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No problem. Happy to help.
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