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#90 - Jirachi, what the **** are you doing in this post?  [+] (1 reply) 04/15/2013 on Ah oh Ho-Oh +40
#92 - whendoubting (04/15/2013) [-]
Chill the fuck out nigga, I ain't hurtin' nobody.
#66 - So, my sister left for college last year. I turned her room in…  [+] (13 replies) 04/14/2013 on Waist +21
#152 - anon (04/14/2013) [-]
why did you show it to your parents? From their reaction I'm assuming you were trying to get her in trouble?

What kind of a dick does that? She's at college, she's obviously old enough to drink.

I'm from Europe, going to college in NY and being 20 is hell. It's not like telling those under 21 not to drink will stop them from doing it. Having parents that shelter you from alcohol and don't let you touch the stuff until you leave results in America's horrible drinking culture.
#163 - anon (04/14/2013) [-]
>Implying being an alcoholic is a good thing and should be considered "culture".
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#146 - drunkasaurus (04/14/2013) [-]
But It could also be your bottle, and you could have written the initials. If your sister is smart she will point this out. Likely you have a history of doing cunty things so she will have that as precedent. Also, how dare you touch your sister's room. When my brother was at college I stayed the fuck out of his room, because I wanted him to know when he came back to visit that he still had a place of his own, and that he could trust me not to fuck with him, that I wanted him to come back at any time...I missed him. You know, that's the way siblings should behave when you're no longer 12. One day you'll find she's gonna be one of your closest friends and you'll feel like you should've stuck up for her and not been a total fucking nutsack.
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#150 - imrandybutternubs (04/14/2013) [-]
Because of your name I consider your point invalid.
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#162 - drunkasaurus (04/14/2013) [-]
The major point was that you shouldn't touch your sibling's shit and snitch on them. It's a pretty universal truth, regardless of the fact that I'm a raging alcoholic.
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#164 - imrandybutternubs (04/14/2013) [-]
I agreed with all your points except for not touching your siblings room when they leave. When my sister moves out I'm making that place my bitchin GAMING ROOM!
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#166 - drunkasaurus (04/14/2013) [-]
Well full on moving out is different. When they go to college they'll still be home every few weeks for holidays, and for a few months during the summer, so they're gonna want that room, and still think of it as their home away from home... Gotta respect that shit
#144 - deliciousdee (04/14/2013) [-]
Did you stop to consider that maybe she left it for you as a parting gift?
#93 - twelveinchessoft (04/14/2013) [-]
why tell your parents? i'd just keep it but that's just me
#97 - sirbutterballs has deleted their comment.
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#83 - darksideofthebeast (04/14/2013) [-]
You're actually just a douche.
#79 - farticle has deleted their comment.
#101 - potatofarm (04/14/2013) [-]
#40 - That guy must have a really thin dick.  [+] (2 replies) 04/10/2013 on :) +6
#55 - anon (04/10/2013) [-]
That's not what surprises me about this gif. Does he have a retractable dick, like a horse? Because that's not how it would go if he had a normal boner.
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#52 - CrashingSea (04/10/2013) [-]
that's the joke...
#193 - Why does Justin Bieber's face on Taylor Swift's body look exac…  [+] (1 reply) 04/10/2013 on Face Off +5
#306 - anon (04/11/2013) [-]
Must be why she's the ex
#110 - Half life 3 confirmed  [+] (1 reply) 02/26/2013 on Buttplug? +6
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#129 - socketization (02/27/2013) [-]
Whist reading through the comments, I got near the end before I had to scroll back up, 'cause I didn't realize that was in the picture, just to thumb you up.
#44 - Lonely enough to high five my computer screen. Sob quietly…  [+] (1 reply) 02/26/2013 on What to do, what to do... +6
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#45 - crazyhindu (02/26/2013) [-]
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