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who the fuck reads this anyway?

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#35 - are these people actually retarded, like really. the whole ide… 07/22/2016 on Black Lives Matter master plan +1
#23 - wut hentai  [+] (1 new reply) 07/18/2016 on New Reinhardt voice line 0
#25 - ubermasterfaggot (07/18/2016) [-]
"Wakfu," baby
Or if you REALLY want the hentai, "Wakfuck"
#356 - **whatthefackman used "*roll picture*"** **whatthefackman r… 07/16/2016 on Pickachu too strong 0
#14 - Picture 06/15/2016 on FJ Comments Comp +2
#686 - **whatthefackman used "*roll 1, 00000-99999*"** **whatthefa… 06/11/2016 on "delete your account" 0
#524 - **whatthefackman used "*roll picture*"** **whatthefackman r… 06/10/2016 on Roll for your college... 0
#21 - why does 76 age but mercy doesn't?  [+] (15 new replies) 06/03/2016 on I'm No Hero, I'm Just Doing... +3
#58 - wattlegobbler (06/03/2016) [-]
Because it wouldn't be Waifu Material then. There isn't a single playable Female character in the Game or Blizzard Games in General wich isn't hot or strangely deformed (exept orcs but they are fucking orcs they are supposed to look like super Mutants)
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#30 - moshmellow (06/03/2016) [-]
>>#28, >>#29, What these guys said. Also, I think there is a 10+ age difference between the two - in the game's timeline Mercy is 37, so that would put 76 in his mid 40s, early 50s and at that point age really starts to show.
(Don't hold this to be absolutely true, I haven't gotten this info from any official source, just some online discussions).
#50 - dyelfagget (06/03/2016) [-]
Soldier is at least 50 - 60 during the game. He lead Overwatch in the omnic crisis which was 30 years before the game takes place. Mercy is only 37 so whoever drew the comic didn't really take into account that she wasn't in overwatch until a little while before it fell apart.
#51 - hourlyb (06/03/2016) [-]
They're actually about the same age, going by this pic from Recall.
#54 - dyelfagget (06/03/2016) [-]
That's not the original overwatch. That's taken at some point after the omnic crisis. Mccree didn't join until later on and I think Genji and Tracer are both under 30. Also Mercy is 37 playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mercy/ click story and it shows it right there. I also don't know if Winston joined until after the omnic crisis.
#45 - wiredguy (06/03/2016) [-]
he's "old"
#55 - anon (06/03/2016) [-]
When I taught high school at 22, the students considered me "old"
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#46 - moshmellow (06/03/2016) [-]
Welp, that settles it then.
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#34 - pawnman (06/03/2016) [-]
Also, it seems he puts himself in much more stressful situations which really helps show age much faster.
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#33 - hourlyb (06/03/2016) [-]
I think it's closer to 5 years, maybe even less.
User avatar
#35 - moshmellow (06/03/2016) [-]
Definitely possible, but I got the impression that he was one of the original Overwatch members and according to official lore, the Overwatch initiative started 30 years before the stuff in the game. Reinhardt was another one of these original members and I believe he is in his 60s, so it's plausible that 76 is 50+.
But, again, this is my understanding of things and I very well might be wrong. I'd love it if someone provided some additional character lore - I really enjoy reading about game lore.
#36 - hourlyb (06/03/2016) [-]
She was too, maybe not original, but certainly there when the core team was still active. My guess is that there's going to be more lore explained later.
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#44 - kinginthenorth (06/03/2016) [-]
Aw shit i want that Genji outfit.
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#29 - angelious (06/03/2016) [-]
76 just looks older because his hair turned white after he blew up. i think?
#28 - anon (06/03/2016) [-]
Stress ages a person alot faster
#14 - how does this **** work man 06/03/2016 on Fuck it I'm on one +7
#1440 - **whatthefackman used "*roll picture*"** **whatthefackman r… 05/30/2016 on ROLL for your sexuality 0
#1306 - **whatthefackman used "*roll picture*"** **whatthefackman r… 05/30/2016 on Roll for a new Overwatch... +1
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