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#15 - You're right that there's a shout for that, but it's a chore t…  [+] (5 replies) 11/22/2016 on EVERY.SINGLE.TIME +5
#16 - ExorArgus (11/22/2016) [-]
id say "not dying" is a pretty good reason to use a cooldown... and its 20 seconds...
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#18 - wertologist (11/22/2016) [-]
Again, the cooldown cause many people to forget they have shouts altogether. You're also glossing over that that specific shout is a chore to get. It's equivalent to yelling that someone should use plate mail during the twinblade fight in fable 1 because it's good armor. It is good armor, but chances are most people don't have it by then.

That shout isn't something you just stumble into. It's not something you get early on.

Also, having to shout for every drop when climbing becomes a huge hassle with the cool down. That and the fact that fall damage is damn near unpredictable. A seemingly small drop could kill you so a typical small drop that wouldn't warrant a shout could kill you.

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#31 - xeluz (11/23/2016) [-]
Your other points are completely valid and I agree with you.

And yes there's always the whole "not erryone starts the main questline quickly" argument. I know I fucking don't atleast
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#27 - xeluz (11/23/2016) [-]
"not something you get early on / stumble into"

Excuse me? You get a part of it in fucking Ustengrav, the one with Jurgen Windcallers horn... It's like literally one of the first shouts you learn doing the main questline...
#123 - ExorArgus (11/23/2016) [-]
Thank you. i forgot where it was but i always ended up with it.
#14 - Or when you have half health and a dragon cheats and does a kill move.  [+] (7 replies) 11/22/2016 on EVERY.SINGLE.TIME +6
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#35 - cupcakescankill (11/23/2016) [-]
I downloaded a mod to get rid of that shit. Dragons are unbeatable at legendary difficulty because they always do the instant kill move that you can't dodge.
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#36 - wertologist (11/23/2016) [-]
I didn't even think to look for a mod to do that. Thanks.
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#66 - metacobalion (11/23/2016) [-]
Violens has an option that disables all killmoves on the player. Killmoves on player are such bullshit honestly, dragons can swoop down and pick you up doing an insta kill no matter how much health you have, any chief with a greatsword can one-hit you with it. Nothing pisses me off more than unfair deaths. Then again I do play with Similodon so some damages are borked to begin with.
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#25 - exevan (11/23/2016) [-]
or when you're a melee character and you run into one of those dragon priests
#97 - gorox (11/23/2016) [-]
You are a funny lad. That's what Atronach Stone is for. On almost any character class. Even if you don't need the extra magicka. Spell Absorption is king.
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#114 - exevan (11/23/2016) [-]
hmm, never tought of that
#130 - gorox (11/23/2016) [-]
By playing Breton with Atronach Stone and a perk you get for doing a few easy quests for a dunmer in the Temple Of Mara I was able to fight Morokei when I was below level 15. I took 0 damage.

That setup is insanely effective against mages.