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#55 - guys... what do we do if hillary wins? i'm seriously…  [+] (31 replies) 20 hours ago on If he wins +13
#101 - captcuteface (10 hours ago) [-]
We're moving to a less red state (MD currently) and already moving towards.m being self sufficient. If Trump wins we just save money, if Hillary wins we have a fall out plan.
#133 - vinskinator (9 hours ago) [-]
>moving to a "less red" state.
>personally becoming self sufficient?
>have a fallout plan if hillary wins..

I have no clue how anything you said means..
#135 - captcuteface (9 hours ago) [-]
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#137 - vinskinator (9 hours ago) [-]
elaborate on your statement, please

what does moving to a less red (less republican?) state have to do with anything?
are you yourself becoming self sufficient? aka moving out of your parents communist household?
How much do your parents make that you'd save significantly more money with his plan as opposed to shillary's?
What Fallout Plan do you have for a hillary presidency? just ditch your parents and work a dead end job the rest of your life 'independently'? or take advantage of reduced college costs...

I feel it's obvious you're a trump supporter but have no clue what your post is implying..
#141 - captcuteface (8 hours ago) [-]
Meant more red, have a head cold so that's my fault for typing while taking NyQuil.
My parents live 700 miles away, I've been providing for myself since 14 and living in my own home since 17. By self sufficient I mean grow my own food, have two separate water sources (currently have two but one is reliant on the city), etc. Fallout is a location agreed upon by our very large family that's well stocked and underground, it's been in the family for awhile now (grandpa, great grandpa served in military) and has been maintained by my FIL. I wanted Dr Carson and voted for him in the primaries, but between Trump and Clinton, he'll yes I'm voting for Trump.
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#97 - SubjectThree (11 hours ago) [-]
Considering Hillary's past political career

The Lewinsky Scandal
That one time she stole white house furniture which seems really weak in comparison.

Any one of these is enough to ban Hillary Clinton from politics forever. I see the next coming of Emperor Nero, and the final nail in America's coffin. Sure, Donald Trump has pissed off a lot of foreign countries, but Hillary has pissed off the only three which could actually be a threat to America (China, Britain, Russia). I just don't see how America will last another 4 years if she's elected. Trump may wind up being bad and.or a tyrant, but Clinton for sure WILL be bad and a tyrant.
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#93 - tsoper (11 hours ago) [-]
we go to war with Russia and a new world order takes place
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#91 - toaofmemory (11 hours ago) [-]
#73 - bagman (13 hours ago) [-]
I don't think you know how paranoid you sound, and you probably don't understand why that mentality is EXACTLY why Hillary will probably win. Because liberals are undeniably spot-on about one thing with Trump: he's a fear monger.
Any one of these bizarre pockets of unconditional Trump support (like FJ) have the same things in common: they get all of their political updates from a handful of extremely biased sources, and any contradiction to them is shit on immediately and harshly. You've convinced yourselves and each other that the world will basically be over if he doesn't win and you channel that fear and paranoia into ultimatums. Like one I saw in a comments section not two minutes ago that says something like "if he doesn't win just go out and beat the shit out of every libcuck who surrendered their freedom to hillary". And SOMEHOW you don't recognize the parallels between this and the rise of the Nazi party. You've become so single minded and buried your heads so deep in the sand that you can't read the writing on the walls- that Trump will likely lose this election, and YOU will be the culprits. Support for Hillary is not why she's ahead (do some truly unbiased research and you'll see that she is), disdain for Trump-lovers is why she's ahead. Trump has left his own political party in shambles. Die-hard Republicans are abandoning him left and right while democrats remain firm in their support of Hillary. And it doesn't matter how corrupt she is or what she's done, she knows how to navigate politics. She knows how to keep a unified party. Trump is a blowhard who is in WAY over his head, and I doubt he's ever heard the word "hubris"
Both candidates are trash. The difference is that Hillary is a savvy politician and Trump is a savvy business man. Who do you honestly believe is going to thrive better in a political setting?
The world isn't black and white. Compromise has to be made, regardless of what side you're on. Trump supporters don't seem to get that. And that's why he'll probably lose.
#219 - anon (8 minutes ago) [-]
Hillary's going to grant amnesty, that is CITIZENSHIP, to 11 MILLION people that did the one thing that seperates citizens from felons. Breaking the law, that is to say entering and then living in a country illegally and without documentation. She's going to bring in a shit ton of "refugees"(and anyone who's paid attention to idaho, colorado, any country in europe) saw how great that works. They're not going to go back to their country once the war's over, if hillary will even let that war be over rather than start war with russia. We know it's not about fighting terrorists, it was about regime change. And our government lied to us completely saying that we were fighting terrorist, when we were and ARE funding them. If the shadow government
(which was referred to as such by even fucking hillary, we know nothing about the "seventh floor"), even the public government, are WILLING to finance terrorists to overthrow a president, a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, just because it wouldn't be as convenient for israel, then where are the borders drawn? Can you list a reason for why they wouldn't do all of these things domestically, because I sure as hell can't think of any.
"Compromise has to be made, regardless of what side you're on. Trump supporters don't seem to get that."
Holy hell the doublethink is real.
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#195 - durkadurka (5 hours ago) [-]
>they get all of their political updates from a handful of extremely biased sources, and any contradiction to them is shit on immediately and harshly
This is the MSM right now.

>And SOMEHOW you don't recognize the parallels between this and the rise of the Nazi party
Planting instigators to cause violence at an opponent's rallies draws a much closer parallel than a misguided fear that the country is over. People thought the same things when Obama got elected. People thought the same things when Bush got elected. And no, the Nazis haven't risen yet.

>Die-hard Republicans are abandoning him left and right while democrats remain firm in their support of Hillary.
This is nothing new. The left always unifies around their people no matter how awful or corrupt they are. The right always bends at the slightest sign of trouble. It's been this way for a while, I suggest you pay attention.

> Who do you honestly believe is going to thrive better in a political setting?
You're asking the wrong question. Hillary will do great in this situation - for herself. There's no doubt she'll know exactly which political strings to pull in order to enrich her party and herself. I don't want the president to have 30 years of experience manipulating the political scene for personal gain. I'd rather have the president be clueless to those particulars, yet have the skills to make deals in a broader sense.

To be clear, I don't contend that a lot of people are getting their news from right wing sources. But what I think is not understood is that this is largely a reaction to a number of things, primarily the media, GOP, and regressive left.
#197 - bagman (4 hours ago) [-]
Nor do I contest that this is a two-way street. I tailored my remarks to this indisputably right-wing site, however.
I don't intend to curry favor towards one political party or the next. My issue is that the constituents to their respective parties are acting like spoiled cunts, beating their fists and throwing tantrums when the political tide doesn't favor their candidate. Ultimately, the constituents are who affect the nature of the country; economically, socially, or otherwise. Both sides place too much faith and stock into their idolized presidential hopefuls, and seem to ignore the fact that genuine changes, be they repercussions or boons, are wrought by the mentality of the people.
To that end, behaving like good little sheep is folly. Be it Democrat, Republican, or third party, WE are the music makers. And acting like spoiled brats is counter-productive.
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#105 - iseethings (10 hours ago) [-]
Tbh I read all the way through and this goes for both parties.
Yet your only blaming Trumps supporters, so im assuming your either trying to push a biased agenda in the guise of a devils advocate, or a hypocrite who wants just about the same thing with no real respect for other peoples opinions. And thats just from the very blatant use of the words fear monger- well Hillary does the EXACT SAME THING by saying Trump is going to nuke Russia and China and start WW3, HER SUPPORTERS do the exact same thing.

But you'll probably say i'm cherry picking and few of her supporters do this. Well, if im cherry picking then your ripping the indivual pieces of dirt off the bark.
#118 - bagman has deleted their comment.
#117 - bagman (10 hours ago) [-]
On this website, specifically? No, I don't single out Hillary's faults. Because FJ has made that into a fucking hobby, my complaints would be another link in this circle jerk chain.

I'm deliberately calling out Trumpets because they're the only ones who would be big enough crybabies to bellow "end of days" if Trump doesn't win. I'm calling out Trumpets because it's the main demographic of this website.
I'm calling FJ Trumpets out because they crucify anyone with a difference of opinion. This site has become the right-wing version of Tumblr, except that your crusade is in the name of Trump instead of feminism or social justice.
If you're not spreading your asshole wide for Trump, you might as well be a Hillary lover. If you're not with us 100%, you're a fucking retard who hates America.

Black or white, no middle ground. No room for critical thought when your head is full of Trump. And FJ is collectively thick-skulled enough to believe that they're not just as brainwashed as their opponent.
User avatar
#123 - iseethings (9 hours ago) [-]
I don't like Trump at all nor Clinton, I just wanted to point out your word language and choice was outting the reader, even the ones who would normally support your argument ( like me) would get offended by accusations such as, "You've become so single minded and buried your heads so deep in the sand...".

And singling out the trump party instead of drawing similarities between Shillary extremists to the Trumpets doesn't help to cause empathy for your argument. Again, I agree that this site is a bit too red pilled, its just your word style wasn't helping get an important point across.

This site has actually had quite a few ACTUAL Hillary supporters on here who got thumbed up just for polite diction. Which now that I realize. Sorry for not making it clearer that I agree'd with the overall argument, and for not making my original intention clearer.
#120 - bagman (9 hours ago) [-]
So here, if it helps, this is my opinion of Hillary: She's a morally bankrupt, slithering, conniving, unrepentant, verbally abusive piece of corn-hole excrement who doesn't deserve the air she sucks in and pollutes. She routinely conducts treasonous espionage and places her interests before the country's, and I would sooner vote for a mop with an upturned bucket for a head.
If you don't like her, combat her intelligently, with grace and forethought. Don't be the slavering morons that Hillary makes you out to be.
#122 - bagman (9 hours ago) [-]
All of this boils down to me being frustrated by funnyjunk being co-opted by this uneducated political BULLSHIT. Give me the fucking funny again.
User avatar
#125 - iseethings (9 hours ago) [-]
While I do agree tha I find funnyjunk amusing and nice, an occasional political post is welcome.

Occasional. Which has not been the case for the past few weeks. Nothing is better than wading through the same exact youtube video five times because funnyjunks got the ego boner going.
#86 - lolollo (12 hours ago) [-]
Those negative thumbs are all you'll get with respect to an adult discussion on that m8...
#92 - bagman (11 hours ago) [-]
They can shower me in red, but some of them will still read it all the way through. And it will resonate with them to an uncomfortable degree. And the only outlet they have for that discomfort is limp-dick internet rage. Bring on the red thumbs, the truth doesn't change.
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#149 - macabrealucard (8 hours ago) [-]
Okay here yah go
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#134 - thinegame (9 hours ago) [-]
this guy is actually like trump; he speaks his mind.
#108 - anon (10 hours ago) [-]
BAGMAN 2020!
#107 - anon (10 hours ago) [-]
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#68 - battletechmech (13 hours ago) [-]
move to a south bunker state like Texas, the ones likely to violenty say fuck this shit once the feds try to remove everything state govts should be doing.
#63 - anon (14 hours ago) [-]
Move the fuck out of my country if you just cant bare the idea that your tinfoil hat didnt protect you. Its not as corrupt as fj would have you believe. Grow a pair and keep living your life. Thats what you fucking do, baby.
User avatar
#61 - krobeles (15 hours ago) [-]
If I were an American, I would either move out of the country or devote my life to exposing corruption. Those - I feel - are the only valid choices, when faced with this disgustingly blatant subversion of the democratic principle. Either flee the horrific oppression or fight it. If you cannot fight, flee. Else, fight.
#60 - anon (15 hours ago) [-]
You go outside and beat up all the faggot cucks that surrendered their freedom to Hillary. Then, once you've been made stronger by honing your skills and channeling your lust for Liberty, you fight the government and cleanse it of this terrible blight.
#59 - databutt (15 hours ago) [-]
Dude, no offense, but you said like Tumblr asking what they will do if Hillary wins. "I'm literally shaking."

You get pissed, and you rail against the people that put her there. That's what you do.
#56 - anon (19 hours ago) [-]
same thing you do if trump wins: nothing because in the end it doesnt really matter.

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