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Sometimes you get the 3 strike rule, if they're sane enough.
It's not worth finding out if you get 3 strikes or not.
I'm a lucky bastard, that's all I have to say.
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whats the three strikes rule?
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Strike 1: Stick yo dick in
Strike 2: Stick yo dick in
Strike 3: You're outta there
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no, funny junk matured a bit from being fucking eleven
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I think they were 9, not 11. I never forget the mental age of Funny Junk. Now excuse me, I'm going to miss my flight.

Allahu Akbar
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i was gonna suggest putting ponies next to it
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the thing is, rocket fuel probably can melt steel beams
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And it begins.....
User avatar #32 - mcburd (05/31/2015) [-]
"Rocket fuel cant melt steel beams" doesnt have quite the same ring to it
#65 - jakeattack (05/31/2015) [-]
funny thing is that the merlin engines use liquid oxygen and rp1. space shuttle uses liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen for example. rp1 is a form of kerosene, very similar to (just more refined) ....JET FUEL. while the way it burns may be much hotter, as the whole cycle is far different than a regular fire.
User avatar #67 - mcburd (05/31/2015) [-]
So.....Refined jet fuel can probably melt steel beams?
User avatar #81 - gravysponge (06/01/2015) [-]
Refined jet fuel + liquid oxygen gelled together can definitely melt steel beams fam
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User avatar #41 - soupkittenagain (05/30/2015) [-]
Probably because they are sexy korean pop stars.
#181 - It's one of the only places in the United States I'd truly lov…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/28/2015 on Fact comp #16 0
#193 - mistervile (05/29/2015) [-]
I was in the middle of vermont. Summer is absolutely fantastic and the short 1-2 week changing of the leaves. if you ever stop by though, go to South Royalton and hit up the Worthy Burger. Best hamburger joint ever.
#180 - No, but I'd love to. When I said "decent" I was, of … 05/28/2015 on Fact comp #16 0
#61 - All these people ******** on Vermont for being a decent…  [+] (6 new replies) 05/28/2015 on Fact comp #16 +9
User avatar #102 - deviousmachine (05/28/2015) [-]
Vermont is also a smaller state making it easier to control the population.
#77 - mistervile (05/28/2015) [-]
Vermont is a lovely place.
User avatar #181 - victhree (05/28/2015) [-]
It's one of the only places in the United States I'd truly love to visit. There's a colonial feel to it that just fascinates me.
#193 - mistervile (05/29/2015) [-]
I was in the middle of vermont. Summer is absolutely fantastic and the short 1-2 week changing of the leaves. if you ever stop by though, go to South Royalton and hit up the Worthy Burger. Best hamburger joint ever.
User avatar #71 - scorpidea (05/28/2015) [-]
Have you been here?
User avatar #180 - victhree (05/28/2015) [-]
No, but I'd love to. When I said "decent" I was, of course, talking about how well it handles gun violence Though they seem to manage well in other aspects

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#29 - victhree ONLINE (05/15/2015) [-]
If other people you know changed their mind about the film for a different reason, please point it out to me.

I thought the story, the characters, and their motivations were written almost perfectly, but if you really didn't feel that way, fine.

They wipe out Anna's memories of Elsa because they're tied to the damage her mind has suffered. It's magic, if they build it in a world, they can make any rule they want, as long as they stick with it. Also, they locked her away and tried to teach her how to conceal her powers to keep everyone else safe. Please note, the first 10 minutes are a little too rushed, but what they lead to is worth it. They're enjoyable in themselves, too.

Elsa could always do that (she does it at the beginning), but was too afraid to do it when she was isolated for fear of hurting others. Almost killing your sister would be a pretty traumatic experience.

Umm, because people (believe it or not) change when they grow up.

It's implied that he was always seeking power. He wanted to marry Anna or Elsa during the Coronation day because he suspected they'd be eager for human contact. Notice how neither of his brothers (who should've been invited) seemed to have had showed up. Also, people don't just fall in love with the person that seems most fit for them.

Ahem, they kinda suspected he was bad when he left Anna to die and tried to slice Elsa in two with a big ass sword.

It's a magic prophecy, but if you want to look into it from a symbolic point of view, now that she's finally accepted and loved as the person she is, Elsa can use her powers at will without fear. When she knows she's hurting other people (e.g: when she realises she's frozen up the kingdom), she panics and remembers the hate they all feel towards her.

They're almost completely unnoticeable. I never noticed any without having seen a list of them on the internet. If you use them to judge the film, you're just nitpicking.

You see, Frozen is a fairytale. It's the closest Disney has come to their original films in years. Nowadays, there's a general opinion that films need to make a lot of sense. But in many flicks made before the 2000s, when there was no internet to count a film's sins, the plot moved as it wanted to. A few examples of these are Pinnochio, the Wizard of Oz, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Many things in these films are left unexplained or seem to follow a strange logic, but those aren't necessarily bad elements, they form a style of film-making in itself. A film really draws my attention when it goes at the pace it wants to go. It make everything seem less forced and more natural.

Also, there are countless iterations of that fairytale, each with their own plot points. This is the kind of film that should be judged by its own accomplishments.

In my opinion, it works perfectly at what it's trying to do: being a fairytale. In a clever move in writing, Instead of subverting staples of the genre for comedy, it both embraces them and understands them. The princess wants to marry someone she just met, but it's actually made very relatable because she is that desperate for someone to love. The trolls need to erase her memories to cure her, but we can accept it because that's how the fairytale decided to go. It appeals both to what we want to see happen and what we think should happen.

As a final thought, I'd like to bring attention to all the elements that are outstanding. The film is designed beautifully; the subtle morals are actually quite relevant in the world today; the songs... oh my the songs, they're incredible no matter how you look at them, and they aren't gratuituous, they either move the plot or tell how the characters are feeling; the comedy is really good, and I like how they manage to get so much from a protagonist; the plot always progresses naturally... there's just so much to say about it!

TL;DR: I wrote waaaaaaaaaaay too much, Frozen is excellent at what it wants to be: a fairytale.
User avatar #30 to #29 - victhree ONLINE (05/15/2015) [-]
Saved for future generations to see, my longest comment ever, deleted by guardianatreyu after going full manchild during an argument over Frozen.
User avatar #31 to #30 - guardianatreyu ONLINE (05/15/2015) [-]
I got sick of the Frozen stuff. So I deleted it. The content had no business having it all there in the first place.
User avatar #32 to #31 - victhree ONLINE (05/15/2015) [-]
Yeah, of course
User avatar #1 - murrlogic (04/10/2015) [-]
User avatar #2 to #1 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
I strongly disagree
User avatar #23 to #2 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
And i'm telling you you don't wanna do that

anywho what do you mean "storyboards?"
User avatar #24 to #23 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
They're what comes after an episode is written. When the writers finish the story, storyboard artists come in and translate it to the screen. They plan the shots, design some characters, decide how the scene will be animated and much more. It's an awesome job if you like animation, every show creator on CN was a storyboarded before they got their own series.

BTW, have you watched Over the Garden Wall?
User avatar #25 to #24 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
Nope. Never heard of it

So what you're saying is. You draw?
User avatar #26 to #25 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
Yeah, but you need to know a lot about animation and drawing to to it well.

And you should watch Over the Garden Wall if you've got the time. It's a miniseries (10 episodes, 10 minutes each) about two kids who get lost in a place simply called "the unknown". It looks like colonial America, but with some fantasy elements. The animation and backgrounds look great, and it's pretty well written.
User avatar #27 to #26 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
So you're saying you draw but you're not really good at it?
User avatar #28 to #27 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
Oh, I misread the other comment. I only draw doodles and some sketches, but I've still got most of high school ahead, plenty of time to get better.

BTW, it's late as balls where I live, we'll have to keep talking tomorrow. See ya.
User avatar #13 to #2 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
So does Steven have like 6 mom's?

The other 3 being the Tall violent one, The green dorito head, and the blue one?
User avatar #14 to #13 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
No, his only real mother is Rose. Now that she's gone, the crystal gems (garnet, amethyst and no-fun allowed), of whom Rose used to be the leader, take care of him as though they were a family. Greg's there too, but he can't fight so he just hangs out with Steven sometimes.
User avatar #15 to #14 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
SAME THING. Steven even says he has 3 mom's all varying in degrees of how fun they're
User avatar #16 to #15 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
I was talking biologically (or geologically, whatever), of course they're his 3 mineral moms
User avatar #17 to #16 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
Which he loves them all to death.

What's your favorite episode?
User avatar #18 to #17 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
I don't have a single favourite, but some I liked even more than the rest were:

Laser Light Cannon, Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem, Lion 1/2/3, Island Adventure, an Indirect Kiss, and Rose's Scabbard.

Which are your favourites so far?
User avatar #19 to #18 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
I don't watch Steven's Universe i'm learning about it. I'm just curious about it as all

My new favorite show is MiB animated and formally LoK
User avatar #20 to #19 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
I've watched neither, but I'm really looking forward to watching the two avatar series. They seem dope.
User avatar #21 to #20 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
Do yourself a favor and pretend LoK doesn't exist

Just say it was some ****** fanfiction someone drew and is by no means legit

Never leave Cartoon Network. Keep watching Steven's Universe
User avatar #22 to #21 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
***** , Cartoon Network is life, my dream is to do storyboards there. I'll just go on a short vacation to Nickelodeon.
User avatar #3 to #2 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
Figure I get to know you a bit better

You seem to be an expert on Gay Space Rocks.
User avatar #4 to #3 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
Well, they're technically genderless, so they're just space rocks being kinky.
User avatar #5 to #4 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
Whatever. Gay Space Rocks

You dick was rock hard for the new episode.
#6 to #5 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
Rock hard doesn't even begin to describe how pumped I was for that episode.
User avatar #7 to #6 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
What was is about?
User avatar #8 to #7 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
It was about how Greg (Steven's father) met his wife Rose. As she was a gem, she had to give up her body to bring Steven to life, so she's never appeared in the series up until now. This may not seem too exciting, but it's the episode fans of the series have been waiting for since the very first moment. Everything that's happened so far hinges on Rose, even though she'd only been talked about. Needless to say, it lived up to the hype.

It wasn't just me though. CN released a 30 second peek a few days ago, and the episode became a legend before it even aired. There was more fan art on that half minute of footage than there has been on entire shows.
User avatar #9 to #8 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
Who is your favorite mom?
#10 to #9 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
Based samurai mom, of course
Based samurai mom, of course
User avatar #11 to #10 - murrlogic (04/11/2015) [-]
Don't you mean "No fun allowed ever" Mom

>Steven are you having fun?
User avatar #12 to #11 - victhree ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
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