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#25 - And somehow they do better with less and less training.  [+] (7 replies) 01/03/2016 on tumblr comp 33 +14
#59 - icytime (01/03/2016) [-]
> Them calling Obi Wan and Yoda out of practice old dudes

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#75 - renespar (01/04/2016) [-]
Obiwan OBJECTIVELY was an out of practice old dude, and Yoda was borderline senile and was an old dude LOOONG before the original trilogy
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#77 - icytime (01/04/2016) [-]
Just absolutely not, Obiwan wouldn't have been as good physically but he was still VERY powerful and had a key role with both of the most powerful force-users ever, and then why would Yoda be senile? He trained Luke quite well it seems before he became a force ghost like Obiwan (which is also a huge feat).
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#78 - renespar (01/04/2016) [-]
so... they both spent about 20 years learning how to make themselves technically immortal but functionally dead, and Obi-wan in episode 4 otherwise did a few minor things that padawans learned early on, and as for Yoda, seriously, go watch episode 5 again, he was pretty disheveled and clearly not entirely in a sane state, though that's partially due to how fucking just enveloped Dagobah was in the dark side... which of course made a GREAT training ground for a young, impressionable man trying to become a jedi
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#79 - icytime (01/04/2016) [-]
Yeah he did minor things, but it doesn't mean that he couldn't have done infinitely more.

Yoda was just old really, he was done. He was ridiculously powerful in his own right too, just old and it was his time in his mind.

And yes, the young impressionable man who was arguably the best light side force user ever, and undoubtedly in the EU.
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#80 - renespar (01/04/2016) [-]
"but it doesn't mean that he couldn't have done infinitely more." show, don't tell
"Yoda was just old really, he was done." so you're AGREEING with e he was old and senile?

and yes, I know what luke did, trust me, I know post-episode 6 EU more than most, I know about the time he managed to come BACK from being a force-ghost, I know about the fact he had a grandson who could explode people by channeling force into spots only HE could see, etc, etc I'm saying that the training ground Yoda chose was a shitty choice, and a testament to his deteriorating mind, even 20 years before the original trilogy started, considering he wanted luke to go full on complete light side, and then luke ended up slightly closer to being a gray jedi
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#83 - icytime (01/04/2016) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kpHK4YIwY4 , his death scene. He could've fought Vader for a ton of time, mostly due to his form, but also because eh was still quite powerful, but on top of that, it doesn't even speak to his ability to train Jedi. He was just biding time for his group to get away.

No? Just said he was old. All you're saying is really a theory that he is senile, haven't seen anything before that backs that up, but what I do know is they were both old and became force ghosts, nothing about them not being very powerful and being senile.
#2 - Picture 12/29/2015 on Planet Battles +2
#13 - The voices changed in my head.  [+] (1 reply) 12/10/2015 on Anakin, noo +4
#63 - SylverSlayer (12/10/2015) [-]
i was thinking exactly that.

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