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#113 - Legit question: How did bombardier beetles evolve?  [+] (4 replies) 04/01/2016 on Let's have a discussion... 0
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#128 - testaburger (04/01/2016) [-]
Very carefully
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#122 - daiemio (04/01/2016) [-]
There's actually legit suicide ants from certain colonies that only exist on cliffs, these ants hunt down intruders, cling onto them and then drag themselves and the enemy off the cliff no doubt to their doom, or at least away from the colony.
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#121 - daiemio (04/01/2016) [-]
No doubt they served a purpose sometime, somewhere as a suicide squad for some kind of beetle colony, but beetles became aware that a colony was a bad idea, so they split, and several hundred generations, bombardier beetles still exist, because they have few predators to contend with, and less of a reason to simple blow themselves up.
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#119 - CALVINoMysyca (04/01/2016) [-]
The same way everything else did.

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