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latest user's comments

#3 - Did you say acidic rust monsters?  [+] (7 replies) 10/18/2016 on Humans vs Cats +2
#6 - thatkittyoverthere (10/18/2016) [-]
Oh god a rust monster that destroys cloth and leather aswell holy shit thats... actually not very much scarrier than the normal thing Speaking of rust monsters, you can keep them as a pet feeding them precious as treats.
User avatar
#10 - heartlessrobot (10/19/2016) [-]
Just peg it with a death spell, problem solved.
#11 - thatkittyoverthere (10/19/2016) [-]
But they are cute u can just hug them and love them and feed them the armor of ur enemies..... And if its the magical ones that destroy all cloths then u can use it for naughty reasons too
User avatar
#12 - heartlessrobot (10/19/2016) [-]
Yes but steel plate is expensive
#13 - thatkittyoverthere (10/19/2016) [-]
and heavy, usually not worth the lugging around... but if ur worried about that then dont let it near ur enemies steel?
User avatar
#16 - heartlessrobot (10/19/2016) [-]
Pretty sure they passively damage armor and weapons
I paid good blood-covered gold for my armor.
#17 - thatkittyoverthere (10/19/2016) [-]
obviously if ur using that armor u dont want a rust monster as a pet, though they only damage metals if they touch it. My character can create a metal like substense that the rustmonster cant eat :3
#22 - Not get ****** you lil **** The as an x I'm (word tha…  [+] (1 reply) 10/18/2016 on CTR on Suicide Watch +1
User avatar
#120 - abyssinion (10/19/2016) [-]
What the fuck are you even talking about?

Pretty sure every non American is more than entitled to tell CTR and the like to fuck off.
#20 - that's aussie and cultural appropriation in your own language.  [+] (3 replies) 10/18/2016 on CTR on Suicide Watch +5
User avatar
#21 - abyssinion (10/18/2016) [-]
Not in the fucking slightest.

But you head an aussie say it once or something right? So it doesn't matter that's it's the most common way to tell someone to fuck off here, you're going to be a bitch about it.

Get fucked.
User avatar
#22 - undeaddog (10/18/2016) [-]
Not get fucked you lil shit

The as an x I'm (word that implies a right) to tell you to get fucked (national word).
User avatar
#120 - abyssinion (10/19/2016) [-]
What the fuck are you even talking about?

Pretty sure every non American is more than entitled to tell CTR and the like to fuck off.
#16 - doubt they'll come before pharah or Mccree nerfs.  [+] (2 replies) 10/17/2016 on Come and get it! +1
#21 - skebaba (10/17/2016) [-]
McCree is already nerfed to oblivion. Reinhardt nerf should be next.
User avatar
#20 - dehnoobshow (10/17/2016) [-]
>Nerfing McCree

They already fucked him up big time with his ultimate.

If he cancels it, he loses all his ult charge instead of remaining at 50%.
If he gets interrupted, he doesn't keep a bit of charge like literally any other character similar to him.
They made his ult a really risky thing to use entirely.
Nerfing him further will just make him entirely useless and will break the balance of the game