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#106 - One, media flaunts heterosexuality because it's how posterity …  [+] (2 replies) 02/12/2014 on Where's MY parade? -1
#150 - anon (02/12/2014) [-]
1. Original comment poster here.
Firstly, I live in England so the point about health insurance is null and void.
Secondly, I've never heard the phrase fallen down my mothers crack, how quaint.
Thirdly, and lastly, it seems you argue from a point that you're not that knowledgeable on. Homosexuality (the mating between two of the same sex) is hugely prevalent in the animal kingdom, not because they've held pride parades or pushed for legalization and equity. Instead, to control the rising numbers of population within a group and often - because there aren't any females about.
If same sex mating can occur in another animal species (one without printing presses), surely as animals we should accept that such practice is more natural than some of the more wilder fetishes seen on the internet.
No one's arguing that there aren't more immediate concerns in the world, but people everywhere are still being victims of bullying and discrimination simply for the fact they prefer dick.
#159 - ultimatewinner (02/13/2014) [-]
If we are merely animals, and homosexuality is how population control works, then why not let it happen naturally like you claim animals do? And besides, comparing human beings to animals is very basic. And I'm still certain that spending political, economical, or social capital on this subject matter is a waste for either cause, why can't we figure it out, if we are like the animals you compare us to? And it may not be as wild as some of the fetishes on the internet. But once you allow anything outside of the necessary and normal, once the definition of normalcy is expanded to include gays, what's the next tasteless social "battle" that's to take place? Can animal rights activists argue bestiality into legality, or other obtuse sexual practices? And just because something worse exists on the internet doesn't make it an excusable practice. Just because one or multiple individuals felt a desire based on whatever urge doesn't mean it's all of the sudden going to be legalized and accepted, except when that group makes law. Just because something is more natural or not as weird as another practice doesn't make it permissible. If that were the case, assaults of all sorts, petty theft, extortion of many types, credit card fraud, bank robberies, car thefts, would have to be excused because they aren't as bad as murder. Those are very natural things people do. They kill and steal and lie so that they don't have to feel hardships of any kind. Everything natural isn't always good. Disease is natural, death is natural. Besides, all those homosexual animals can't broadcast being gay to their collective groups using media. They simply get their fix and go on, like every body else, why do you have to harp on this?
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