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#50 - ukc (09/30/2012) [-]
This is a walkthrough for the questline of version 1.02 of the Damarask mod. Obviously, it contains massive spoilers.

Getting Started
Get yourself an infamy of 10. You can do this by legit means (dark brotherhood, lots of murder, etc), or you can just type 'setpcinfamy 10' in the console.

Go to Leyawiin and take the road north until just before the village of Water's Edge. A man in shackles will talk to you, and then start attacking. Kill him and read the note he is carrying.

Following the note's directions, go to the westernmost island south of Bravil. Bravil has a small waterway directly south of the city walls (kinda like a moat), and there are two islands in it. It is the smaller, more western of the islands.
If you can't find it, go outside Bravil and go right up to the southwesternmost tower. Head south and swim for about five seconds. You're there. Talk to the figure in the tattered robes.

A Shady Acquisition

The house is Ulen Athram's House in the Talos Plaza district, just near the dragon statue. The mace is in a chest upstairs in the private quarters, just near the bed. It has an average lock on it, so bring lockpicks. You can kill the guy or not, whatever. Probably easier not to, though.
Return to Zadok south of Bravil and give him the mace. He will then allow you into Damarask.
Go into Bravil and look at the back side of the cathedral. There is a trapdoor there semi-concealed behind some bushes. Go through it and then through the portal to Damarask.
This is all you really need to do, and there's no reason you can't just muck around with the city for a bit at this point and never do the quests.
But, if you're doing the quests:
Go to the Council building and talk to the Markynaz (he will not be there between 12am and 8am). You will be rewarded with an attractive pair of wrist irons. You can't get rid of them just yet, but you will be able to a couple of quests later.
Get the next quest from Zadok.

The Gentle Art Of Persuasion

Grab the rotten female head from the pike on the middle level (it won't count as stealing). Now go to the Bravil cathedral. Uravasa Othrelas is the dark elf priestess. You need to go to the chapel great hall to find her bed. This will likely require picking the lock. Sneak past any people that are around and go to the bedroom to your right. The correct bed will be labelled "Uravasa Othrelas' Bed". Either activate the bed or drop the head somewhere near the bed. When you do this, be sure that you are not detected by anyone. This includes your own NPC companions, who should be left outside. You should also be sure she is not sleeping in the bed at the time.
When you have done this, sneak back out and wait outside until nighttime. When she goes to bed, a message will flash up telling you of this.
When she comes back out from sleeping, talk to her about 'loyalty'. Now return to the Markynaz.

Ahead of the Game

The khajiit is in Fort Cedrian in eastern Cyrodiil (a compass marker will appear). Go there and into the second part of the Fort. You can either fight or sneak past the bandits there. Kill the khajiit Rasshka and activate him after his death to take his head. Return to the Markynaz.
You will be thrown in prison and stripped of your items. Wait a while for the slavemaster to come and talk to you, then you will be transported to the arena. The arena fight is the only levelled fight in the mod. If you are not skilled with swords, there is an axe on the ground near your starting position. Your magicka will begin to regenerate over the course of the battle. If you're an atronach mage, you're going to find it tough.
After you kill the khajiit, go to the middle level of the arena and talk with Kynreeve Astarzia. Then leave the arena. Your items can be collected from the slave caverns in the mountainside.
The mountain is the big pointy rocky thing behind the council with the volcano coming out the top. Between the council and the house next to it is a path leading up to a door in the rocks. That's the door you want to go through.
Your stuff is in a chest in the upper level, behind where the slavemaster normally stands.

Now go talk to Astarzia when she arrives in her quarters (the top level of the large apartment building).

Selling Your Soul

Go to the Anvil docks area and into the Flowing Bown tavern. You need to talk to the Redguard sitting at the table. Trade with him and buy the 'Soul of Ssladasia' from him (~20-50 gold depending on your mercantile). Leave the tavern. Three paladins will be waiting outside. Kill them (try to be careful not to harm any bystanders if you can), and you will have a 1000 gold bounty. Either pay it off (with the guards or the Thieves guild) or go back to Damarask with the bounty still on your head.
If you paid it off, Astarzia will reimburse you with an extra 1000 gold. If not, she will remove the bounty.

Diplomatic Immunity

Follow the compass marker to a small manhole in the rock on the side of the mountain (behind the Council). You will now have to fight (or sneak) your way through a large number of scamps, clannfear and daedroth. Go through to the next part of the tunnels and open the iron gate with the key. Go up and fight the two prison guards. The one in daedric armour has a key to the cell (you can also lockpick). Talk to the prisoner. You have two options: kill him or let him follow you to escape. If you let him follow you, he will grab a weapon, and when he gets to the earlier tunnels, will attack you. You have to kill him. When he is dead (either way), activate him to get rid of the corpse. Now return the way you came in and return to Astarzia.

The Path Of Righteousness

Go talk to Nyn'rak the scholar. He can usually be found in his room on the lower level of the apartment building, but is sometimes wandering the city or reading in the Hall of Magi. Talk to him about the Gilded Laurel and he will give you a book. It's probably worth reading it to get a bit of the backstory (plus it took me a while to write).
Now go to the bookshop in the Imperial City Market district. Talk to him about the Gilded Laurel and buy the book for 100 gold. Now return to Astarzia. She will tell you to hunt them and kill them in their headquarters. The directions for how to get there are in the second book. Gweden Farm should be revealed a short way south-east of Anvil. Go there and then turn south. There is a ruined fort near the shoreline called Fort Greenhold, which is where they can be found (this is locked before this stage of the quest). Kill the guard inside, then open the gate and kill the rest of the paladins (there are seven including the gatekeeper). One is just past the first gate, two are in the living area to the right, two are on the raised area of the great hall, and the last one is behind the locked portcullis to the left. The paladin in the blue armour in the great hall has the key to the portcullis as well as a note. You have to actually read the note (activate it when it is in inventory) for the quest to update. Now return to Astarzia.