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#19 - Locals are ******* stupid. **** them intelligence wise.  [+] (1 reply) 14 hours ago on moana 0
#35 - shao (7 hours ago) [-]
To be fair, I dont blame my state for voting hillary. The republicans have a bad rep here for being complete fucktards the last time they were in charge (state-wise, and that was just 2 elections ago). A lot of people hold a lot of salt over how shitty linda lingle was, cuz trust me she WAS shitty.

That being said, I dont think our people voted for the right president but when all is said and done... allʻs well that ends well.
#194 - Get your ******* ponies out of here.  [+] (1 reply) 12/04/2016 on How Nightcore is made 0
#195 - darkjustifier (12/04/2016) [-]
Make meh
#35 - I think you just knocked yourself there pretty bad. Like, you …  [+] (2 replies) 12/03/2016 on Chipotle 0
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#37 - captnnorway (12/03/2016) [-]
Maybe, who knows. However, if I actually gave a fuck about thumbs I'd be as autistic as I pretend to be.

Maybe I'm not thinking about Tofu, who knows. But there's some meat substitute that I thought was named Tofu that tastes delicious
#54 - uhhyeahfmebaby (12/04/2016) [-]
>Implying I care about thumbs more than the validity or your argument.
>Was actually implying your self described shit-tier cooking skills probably correlate to your taste for something as bland as tofu resulting in basically shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to the point you suggested.
#140 - No worries man, its a broad horizon, and one we inevitably hav…  [+] (2 replies) 11/27/2016 on "You know you want this Dick" 0
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#148 - existance (11/28/2016) [-]
#162 - uhhyeahfmebaby (11/29/2016) [-]
thanks m80