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It's Britney, bitches

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#5 - "Oh my God, one of the other students on my floor called …  [+] (7 replies) 12/04/2014 on we're done here +259
#21 - testaburger (12/04/2014) [-]
I keep reading it in his voice!
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#32 - wigglyjr (12/05/2014) [-]
I like his voice.
#34 - testaburger (12/05/2014) [-]
#20 - burgerfart (12/04/2014) [-]
I laugh every time
#12 - sanitarysan (12/04/2014) [-]
when C&H is the voice of reason
#9 - treeandmonkey (12/04/2014) [-]
You are kidding right.....right?
#1 - Apparently, we misunderstood the fundamentalist preachers sayi…  [+] (1 reply) 12/04/2014 on Gay Protected Area +2
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#2 - friedgreenpomatoes (12/05/2014) [-]
I agree with God. Figs are gross.
#4 - Social Justice Warriors aside, I'm heartened by some of the ad…  [+] (2 replies) 12/04/2014 on Why the SJWs love you guys 0
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#5 - scorpidea (12/04/2014) [-]
I agree, But these SJW's are hijacking any cause they can just so they can try to be the "face" of it. I also agree with you about the economic in equality being about to erupt... I feel the biggest issue with THAT however is that it is SO ingrained into our political system now that it will take something close to s revolution to change things, and with the "globalized" market of today, those people that have the wealth in this country now, are not worried about that prospect because they can easily move their wealth overseas and "jump ship" with their money as a contingency ... and they will all do so en-mass as soon as there is ANY wind of such happening, which will only exacerbate the issue here.
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#6 - twistedwoodthing (12/04/2014) [-]
So true. And it's hilarious that people (in my country it's particularly the Conservatives) scream "class warfare!" and "populist politics!" any time someone brings up the possibility of legislation that benefit the poor rather than the rich. And people believe them! I'm Canadian and it's not quite so bad as in the states, where socialism itself is a bad word.

It's possible to have policies that involve *gasp* taxing people to provide helpful services without the country turning into the goddamn USSR, you know.
#3 - The difficulty I have with that is that I find twitter tends t…  [+] (1 reply) 12/04/2014 on Seriously though 0
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#4 - kothaex (12/04/2014) [-]
Tis why I use both
#3 - "Whole Grain Donut" Who could create such …  [+] (7 replies) 12/04/2014 on tfw u eat a whole grain... +1
#4 - buddahudda (12/04/2014) [-]
Maybe some one who doesnt want a completely empty and carb filled donut
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#6 - Anonomousthirteen (12/04/2014) [-]
It's a goddamn donut. Adding one gram of fiber ain't gonna fill that nutritional void.
#9 - buddahudda (12/04/2014) [-]
Your right, but there are places that actually serve whole grain, low carb, and high PROTEIN donuts. They are pretty damn good and are a hell of a lot healthier than regular donuts.
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#5 - twistedwoodthing (12/04/2014) [-]
That's what a donut is for. You don't ask for a lobster sandwich without lobster because you don't want all that seafood.
#7 - buddahudda (12/04/2014) [-]
Well maybe there has to be more options for donuts. Donuts is one of the worse foods, the main reason is the low amounts protein. Im a guy who wants protein in his food so it will fill me up quicker and it will actually stay with me through the morning. Its like rice, white rice is nothing but empty carbs that the body doesnt need and theres a different option call Quinoa, which actually has complete proteins and it taste like white rice and feels like it too.
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#8 - twistedwoodthing (12/04/2014) [-]
Yes, I can appreciate that it's important to evaluate the healthiness of one's food, but you don't eat donuts for health reasons, you eat them because they taste good. This is why they should only be eaten infrequently, as a treat.
#10 - buddahudda (12/04/2014) [-]
Yes, but many people do not have self control anymore, have you ever heard of someone who only eats one donut in one sitting? It just pisses me off to see people complain about a alternate way for a way to make a certain food, because when I use to eat this "garbage" i wouldnt care, but then I had a heart attack scare. I was 17 at the time, mind you that im 18 now. So maybe I would want to have a donut, but im gonna go for the one that wont clog up my heart.