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#6 - Or he's not a pervert like the rest of you?  [+] (15 replies) 08/20/2012 on Focus level = Gamer -36
#34 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
Yes, we are the perverts.
Women wear tops which show half their cleavage and shorts as long as underwear which are so tight you can see the exact shape of their butt and camel-toe
Yet WE are the perverted ones for looking.
#231 - tvibe (08/21/2012) [-]
If that's what they want to wear, then let them wear it. It's no excuse to be a loser.
#238 - anon (08/23/2012) [-]
And if you around wearing a T-shirt that says "OP loves cock," it may be your choice, but you can't blame anyone for assuming you're gay.

The fact is, low cut tops and short-shorts have CLEAR sexual intention, to the point of not even serving their function. It is your CHOICE to wear them, so if you are, you are clearly displaying this sexual intention.
#239 - tvibe (08/23/2012) [-]
I agree that they do have sexual intentions if they're wearing a shirt like that, but if it's just a regular shirt that's slightly low cut, then yeah you're being a perv, but if it's like super low then I suppose there's a reason they're wearing that...or it's hot out. Idk I guess this shirt is super low. I guess I just shouldn't have commented lol
#241 - anon (08/24/2012) [-]
I agree that there are those who don't understand the overtones of what they are wearing (Some do just dress that way because everyone else does), but that doesn't change the fact that the sole purpose of clothing styles such as leggings, short-shorts, and bikinis is sexual.

And in this case, half her breasts are showing. That dress was designed, and likely chosen, with the intention of showing her breasts as a way of looking "attractive."
#20 - xnotcreative (08/20/2012) [-]
I seriously hate it when people try to act all high and mighty on the internet...

None of us are actually that perverted, it's just for entertainment and humour...
#230 - tvibe (08/21/2012) [-]
Excuse me for looking at a girls face instead of her chest. I'm not trying to act all high and mighty, but I'm not gonna be rude and disrespectful to a girl, even if it is to be funny.
#233 - xnotcreative (08/21/2012) [-]
I also hate people who put women on fuckin podiums... you're the kinda faggot that would turn your back on a friend, for the tiniest chance you'd get pussy.
#237 - tvibe (08/23/2012) [-]
Woah woah woah, Holiday, wait up. Don't assume shit like that. I don't put women on a pedestal. Haha. I treat the just as I would a guy. I'm not gonna be rude and shit. Bring that shit the fuck back. I'm not gonna fucking treat ANYONE like shit. I don't give a fuck who it is or what I'd get out of it.
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#13 - istoleyoursoxs (08/20/2012) [-]
Woman wears a top like that and expects men not too look at her boobs
#8 - LankyFrank (08/20/2012) [-]
#9 - tvibe (08/20/2012) [-]
#10 - LankyFrank (08/20/2012) [-]
#11 - tvibe (08/20/2012) [-]
#7 - karidagur (08/20/2012) [-]
we're just human
#79 - Pretty sure they're not. Does watching them make you gay? No. …  [+] (1 reply) 08/20/2012 on In my day vampires sucked... +3
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#196 - FuNuTs (08/21/2012) [-]
No, vampires used to be cool. Anne Rice started the wangsty vampires with souls thing.

Before that hit mainstream media, vampires were badass, and in some cases, they still are badass (see Daren Shan, The Lost Boys, etc, etc, etc).
#12 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 08/20/2012 on These are words +11
#44 - giygasman (08/20/2012) [-]
#46 - redsoxnbolts (08/20/2012) [-]
Oh god. This scarred me but I still need sauce (inb4 it's all over him)
#61 - Picture 08/19/2012 on >RAPE +14