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#3277 - falloutsurvivor (4 hours ago) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll picture*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolled image** what will turtle buy for me
User avatar #3278 to #3277 - turtletroll (4 hours ago) [-]
I'll send a hundred copies of Death grips albums to you
User avatar #3280 to #3279 - turtletroll (3 hours ago) [-]
Will it make you rage?
#3276 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll Magic 8-Ball*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolls Outlook not so good**
does turtle have erotic dreams about phanact
#3243 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
holy **** is turtle actually AWAKE
User avatar #3264 to #3243 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Increased uptake of treatment.[11]
Reduction in new HIV diagnoses amongst drug users by 17%[17]
Reduction in drug related deaths, although this reduction has decreased in later years. The number of drug related deaths is now almost on the same level as before the Drug strategy was implemented.[11][17] However, this may be accounted for by improvement in measurement practices, which includes a doubling of toxicological autopsies now being performed, meaning that more drugs related deaths are likely to be recorded.[18]
Reported lifetime use of "all illicit drugs" increased from 7.8% to 12%, lifetime use of cannabis increased from 7.6% to 11.7%, cocaine use more than doubled, from 0.9% to 1.9%, ecstasy nearly doubled from 0.7% to 1.3%, and heroin increased from 0.7% to 1.1%[17] It has been proposed that this effect may have been related to the candor of interviewees, who may have been inclined to answer more truthfully due to a reduction in the stigma associated with drug use.[18] However, during the same period, the use of heroin and cannabis also increased in Spain and Italy, where drugs for personal use was decriminalised many years earlier than in Portugal [18][19] while the use of Cannabis and heroin decreased in the rest of Western Europe.[20][21]
Drug use among adolescents (13-15 yrs) and "problematic" users declined.[18]
Drug-related criminal justice workloads decreased.[18]
Decreased street value of most illicit drugs, some significantly.[18]

There wont be crime lords to sell drugs and there will be significantly less drug users.

What you're saying has been tried in one of the asian countries. And it just doesn't work.

If it did I would agree with you but all statistics gathered shows that treating drug use as a crime doesn't help at all while rehabilitation and legalization not only reduces the amount of drug users but removes the need for drug dealers and because the government can regulate the amount of drugs legally sold then it's not as easy to become addicted as well as less drug users contracting STD's or getting something mixed with bad **** .
#3265 to #3264 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
youre kinda ignoring the societal problem....PORTUGAL may have had benefits because theyre not a society of assholes like england usa australia america and others are

plus stoners want their ******** usable in ******* public...its bad enough ********* who smoke tobacco do that in public without stoners smoking **** there as well
outside is for CLEAN AIR/....and most stoners dont get that....they dont get "keep their disgsting habits in their homes"

so aside from destroying the tobacco industry right down to seizure and destruction of all plants and seeds....if stoners want their ******** then its strictly inside private homes 24/7....public use of any sort is arrestable
User avatar #3267 to #3265 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Funny thing is that smoking in public is illegal here anyway
#3268 to #3267 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
yeah but dickheads still do it

ive kicked out so many ******** teenagers from trying to smoke weed in places like carparks and they wonder why theyre in **** ...too full of their own self-righteous ******** to understand public drug use is illegal
User avatar #3269 to #3268 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Funny hardly anyone smokes cigs in public now.

Get people like that at my college then when somebody tells them to **** off its "i know my rights" and all that ****
#3270 to #3269 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
yeah nice how they think their 'rights' includes substance abuse or possession / use of illegal drugs
User avatar #3271 to #3270 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Its like when you get these drunk cunts pissing everyone off in town. ******* bumping into people all the time and for some reason it's always fat girls who are the worst. constantly up in peoples faces and pushing. But then when they get kicked out its "you cant touch me i know my rights"

You clearly ******* dont. And saying using ILLEGAL substances is one of your rights is ******* hilarious.
#3272 to #3271 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
did you see that vid about feminism where oprah says women should stop expecting chivalry and if they hit men expect men to hit back
and it has clips of stupid bitches hitting men and ******** themselves when men hit back
User avatar #3273 to #3272 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
It got taken down off jewtube didn't it?

feminazis complained
#3274 to #3273 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
implying it can be taken down forever
User avatar #3275 to #3274 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Sure but still.

"WE STAND FOR EQUALITY" here's some equality " **** THAT **** "
User avatar #3266 to #3265 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
I agree totally. 100%

They shouldn't be allowed to use it in public.
User avatar #3244 to #3243 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Aye i had a test today

******* smashed it
#3245 to #3244 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
a stoner actually STIDIED?
User avatar #3246 to #3245 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
#3247 to #3246 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
gotta be a pretty easy test if stoned turtle passed
User avatar #3248 to #3247 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Yeah I finished it in half an hour

Some people found it really hard for some reason. Although they are probably retarded after all they go to this college
#3249 to #3248 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
uhhh youre living in fookin england where being bricklayers is a ******* safety net that how many kids go for?
"ey this test is 'ard......fook it i be a bloody bricklayer"
User avatar #3250 to #3249 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Most of the total chav retards who had ASBO's (government issued "stay the **** inside after 9pm or you're ****** m8 deal) all wanted to go into that or some form of construction or mechanics.

Honestly some of the people on my course couldn't do a question because they didn't know what innovation means today. AND WE'RE DOING ******* ENGINEERING
#3251 to #3250 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
the kinda kids you'd give them a bucket of lego and theyd have no ******* idea how to assemble ****
User avatar #3252 to #3251 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
They'd probably try to smoke it

I'm only in this college because I was so ******* lazy in school. Hardly even showed up
#3253 to #3252 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
> stoner
> lazy

no ****
User avatar #3254 to #3253 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
My school was total **** .

Go into a class and you can't do work because some retard chav would be loud and annoying. And because "we cant cant leave any child behind" they wouldn't be kicked out of the class unless they went in trying to get suspended.

The school had to have metal detectors because they would bring in knives. Hell they used to sell weed near the main entrance. It was right outside the head teachers office.
#3255 to #3254 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
and you stopped us weeding out retards in the 40's

now look where you ******* are
User avatar #3256 to #3255 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
RIP Third reich
#3257 to #3256 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
go back in time and make sure edward mosley becomes leader of england and makes a british reich to purge 'undesirables'
User avatar #3258 to #3257 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
**** him.

I would become leader.

Emperor turtletroll. Legalize all drugs and kill chavs and deport everyone from outside of europe. Every problem solved
#3259 to #3258 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
legalize drugs?
the germans would just march in and stamp down on that
they may have let goring dose up on morphine but they wouldnt tolerate public drug use

and deporting doesnt work...the lesser people would still exist aka germany would liquidate them no matter where they are
User avatar #3260 to #3259 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Well I wouldn't want public drug use either.

******* hate those people
#3261 to #3260 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
not in public places...public as in the general people

drug use ***** up culture...look how ******** roman culture was with sex and drugs.....and wheres the roman empire now
User avatar #3262 to #3261 - turtletroll (05/05/2015) [-]
Look at portugal.

Legalizing all drugs halved the amount of heavy drug users in less then 20 years. And it helps cut down on organized crime in a big way.
#3263 to #3262 - falloutsurvivor (05/05/2015) [-]
people shouldnt have drugs except for medicinal use

and the easy way to deal with serious criminals is **** jail...kill them
find the crime bosses and shoot them on the spot
#3241 - falloutsurvivor (05/04/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll picture*"****falloutsurvivor rolled image**   
what kind of mustache should turtlecockney get
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll picture*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolled image**
what kind of mustache should turtlecockney get
User avatar #3242 to #3241 - turtletroll (05/04/2015) [-]
Well that does scream neckbeard
#3238 - falloutsurvivor (05/03/2015) [-]
the turtletroll song

Coolio - Mary jane
User avatar #3237 - damping (05/03/2015) [-]
Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy [With Lyrics]
#3221 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
if i got Rust would you join   
< i know youd do this 			****		 as soon as you log in
if i got Rust would you join

< i know youd do this **** as soon as you log in
User avatar #3222 to #3221 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
I want it but cant afford it

I'll buy it next time it's on sale

you know thats all im going to be doing
#3223 to #3222 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
its only 20 bucks for me here...gotta be cheaper for you there

how ******* broke are you
User avatar #3224 to #3223 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]

#3227 to #3226 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
how turtle feels when he gets his welfare
#3228 to #3227 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
tfw people dont want to give me money for noting
#3229 to #3228 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
maybe if you tattooed your skin black and talked ghetto **** theyd pay more

User avatar #3230 to #3229 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
ay mang u got any of dat welfare mang?
#3231 to #3230 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
get a makeover to look like that chimp from death grips
#3233 to #3232 - falloutsurvivor (05/03/2015) [-]
including facial hair
so instead of your chav fuzz you have a real beard
#3234 to #3233 - turtletroll (05/03/2015) [-]
neckbeard 4 lyfe
#3235 to #3234 - falloutsurvivor (05/03/2015) [-]
> neckbeard

all turtle needs is a fedora
#3239 to #3235 - turtletroll (05/04/2015) [-]
jk i ******* hate neckbeards
#3240 to #3239 - falloutsurvivor (05/04/2015) [-]
chavs like you prefer your gay little peach fuzz facial hair dont ya
#3199 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll Magic 8-Ball*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolls As I see it, yes**
will turtletroll get laid before 2016
#3200 to #3199 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll Magic 8-Ball*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolls Yes definitely**
will it be rape
User avatar #3201 to #3200 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
Is it rape if they can't say no?
#3202 to #3201 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll 1, 1-2*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolls 2**

but who will be getting raped
1: turtletroll
2: the other person
User avatar #3203 to #3202 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
but who will it be
#3204 to #3203 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor rolled user evilanakie ** is your victim
User avatar #3205 to #3204 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
That would involve someone from FJ going outside
User avatar #3236 to #3205 - evilanakie (05/03/2015) [-]
im not feeling rape right now
maybe some other time
i think of you more as a stranger
sorry tu-truffle? turd? tittle? tittle
#3206 to #3205 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
no it means they can stay in their house...turtle just has to break in and rape them there
User avatar #3207 to #3206 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
but theyre probably all cheeto dusty and sweaty
#3208 to #3207 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
not everyone is phanact
#3209 to #3208 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
le fanact is gay meme :^)
le fanact is gay meme :^)
#3210 to #3209 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
he sparkles
he sparkles
User avatar #3211 to #3210 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
saying you dont?
#3212 to #3211 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
no im goth
im the opposite...i emit darkness
User avatar #3213 to #3212 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
but you like traps so that makes you half gay atleast
#3214 to #3213 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
quote turtletroll: "any hole is a goal"

do i smell hypocrisy
#3215 to #3214 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
implying that I would even get traps
#3216 to #3215 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
implying you can tell

england has what...the highest count of women that look like men out of all european countries
hell i met a brit girl i thought was a guy till she spoke and it looked like a boy with a girls voice
User avatar #3217 to #3216 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]
I've not even seen a girl that I thought was a boy lol
#3218 to #3217 - falloutsurvivor (05/02/2015) [-]
well youre born there so its you know how to tell the difference

like how asians can tell each other apart but westerners think they all look alike
User avatar #3220 to #3218 - phanact (05/02/2015) [-]
You guys are fags
User avatar #3219 to #3218 - turtletroll (05/02/2015) [-]

Then they say "all westerners look alike" its like listen here chink we have 4 different hair colors and 3 different eye colors and if you look at a italian or a spaniard and compare them to some scandinavian then I want them to stand behind the whole we all look the same ****
#3184 - rageblade (05/01/2015) [-]
**rageblade used "*roll Magic 8-Ball*"**
**rageblade rolls Concentrate and ask again**
should turtletroll make a vocaroo singing death grips
#3185 to #3184 - rageblade (05/01/2015) [-]
**rageblade used "*roll Magic 8-Ball*"**
**rageblade rolls Yes**
should turtletroll make a vocaroo singing death grips
User avatar #3186 to #3185 - turtletroll (05/01/2015) [-]
Thats not happening

Shouting like that crazy ****** will rip my vocal chords apart
User avatar #3188 to #3187 - turtletroll (05/01/2015) [-]
I dont see you doing it
#3189 to #3188 - falloutsurvivor (05/01/2015) [-]
in comes the logical fallacy

turtletroll counters inability to do it by pointing a finger at someone else
User avatar #3190 to #3189 - turtletroll (05/01/2015) [-]

#3191 to #3190 - falloutsurvivor (05/01/2015) [-]
turtle has no balls

i can sing
oddly enough one of the songs i do best is frank sinatra - fly me to the moon
User avatar #3192 to #3191 - turtletroll (05/01/2015) [-]
Thats life best song
#3193 to #3192 - falloutsurvivor (05/01/2015) [-]
and on another angle...another one i do is Manowar - fight until we die
User avatar #3194 to #3193 - turtletroll (05/01/2015) [-]
My ******* horrible accent forbids me from singing at all

Some dirty manchester accent crossed with a chavvy preston one.

#3195 to #3194 - falloutsurvivor (05/01/2015) [-]
****** chav
betty boo and siouxsie sang past their british accents

hell the corrs sang past their ******* scottish accent
User avatar #3196 to #3195 - turtletroll (05/01/2015) [-]
Mine is too strong

I have never met anyone else who sounded kind of like me
#3197 to #3196 - falloutsurvivor (05/01/2015) [-]
let us sing the song of your people

I'm A Chav OFFICIAL VIDEO 2009 (LIKE Group On Facebook - SingingSmithy)
User avatar #3198 to #3197 - turtletroll (05/01/2015) [-]
Fookin chavs.

I remember in school the chavs used to go on about how they knew these hard lads around where I lived for a while and could get them to shank people and all that **** . They didn't know I played football with them by a youth center and not only were these people not ******* criminals who go around stabbing people but they didn't know anyone of those people who went around saying they could get them on you.
User avatar #3177 to #3154 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Well by all definitions they are human.

The definition of human isn't your opinion of societal mindsets.
#3178 to #3177 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
well by scientific definition most thing under the genus 'homo' are "human"

blacks are an offshoot called homo sapiens idaltu....a primitive branch that is a couple steps behind sapiens sapiens just linked because of common ancestor and interbreeding between species

User avatar #3179 to #3178 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
In the Genus Australopithecus?
#3181 to #3179 - falloutsurvivor (04/30/2015) [-]
well thats the thing with chronospecies

having a couple exist at the same time raises questions about both and if they interbreed then trying to sort out the differences
User avatar #3173 to #3154 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Also funny that Takyon was the first DG song I ever liked
#3159 to #3158 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll cah answer*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolls Sunshine and rainbows.**
how ****** up is turtletroll
User avatar #3160 to #3159 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Holy **** that reminds me.

This person really is ****** up. I just got back from college right and in the middle of the class (we didnt have a teacher btw he was off doing some **** ) this random guy in his 50s walks in and asks us if we need help. We say no and ask him if hes a teacher and he says no. He proceeds to sit where the teacher was and use his laptop and then everynow and then just starts shouting and then tries to cover it up by pretend coughing. Like he will just shout loud as **** then pretend to cough. This was going on for like 10 minutes and we were all laughing. He comes over and asks us if we need help and we say no again and he straight up says "bastards" sits back down and starts saying "I dont want this job. I hate this place. **** this" and **** like that for the next 3 hours.

I honestly felt like this guy was about to snap and kill us

Also have you actually found a death grips song you like?
#3161 to #3160 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
was about to like that song with the bear then i looked it up and found it was death grips sung by an oogabooga now doubting it
User avatar #3162 to #3161 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Difference between ******* and black people.

He's actually very literate www.clashmusic.com/feature/death-grips-x-alec-empire

#3163 to #3162 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
implying personalities define genetics

an oogabooga is an oogabooga
User avatar #3164 to #3163 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Well you should judge a person based on their own personality and achievements

Saying "I don't like black people because they're ignorant, commit crimes and are a ******* menace" and then when one of them isn't you just say "too bad you're black"

Never made any sense to me
#3165 to #3164 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
i didnt say anything about crimes you sill cockney

my stand here is that ******* and black people are still just less evolved monkeys behind the curve

huamns came from th middle east
سلحفاة قزم هو فاسق القليل كسول
User avatar #3166 to #3165 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Again though you should praise people for their own achievements.

It's like that arab girl who got shot for standing up for women's right to be educated. And then saying to her "lol **** off sexist all you muslims are the same shouldn't you not be allowed outside with your husband? everyone can see your ankles"

It's just nonsense
#3167 to #3166 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
> african
> people


User avatar #3168 to #3167 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Well the point still stands

There are a lot of blackpeople smarter then both of us. Don't see why you think you're better then them and those who have achieved so much more just because they're black
#3169 to #3168 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
a lot?

do tell how a tiny number of freak chances of intelligent black people balance out a bunch of countries of MILLIONS of their people who do a total of **** all in life and expect international aid to live

hmmm arabs....hispanics...whites...asians....all built civilisations....

blacks built stick huts and waited till other races showed them how to do things then turned it all to crap because theyre dislike too much modernization
User avatar #3170 to #3169 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
Well we tried to take them from ******* stoneage to modern age in a matter of years then you wonder why they wouldn't adapt.

Again though you still haven't explained why a black person doing something of note is somehow forfeit if he's black. It's like "Neil deGrasse Tyson might be a world renowned astrophysicist and cosmologist but he's black so he actually doesn't know anymore then I do about the subject"

#3171 to #3170 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
holy ****

theyve been in contact with humans for thousand of years, its not like they havent had time to adjust they just choose not to.....and if left alone they slide back to primitive

i dont doubt that there are a small number who have higher education but theyre still biologically backwards
User avatar #3172 to #3171 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
So again praise those who have done things you can appreciate.

Been a good member of society isn't relegated to race alone
#3174 to #3172 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
i praise humans who have done good for humanity
User avatar #3175 to #3174 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
There you go then.
#3176 to #3175 - falloutsurvivor (04/29/2015) [-]
stupid turtle
cant read between the lines
i dont consider blacks human

turtle is autistic
#3151 - rageblade (04/28/2015) [-]
what turtle the stoner looks like when he dances

Gir Dancing to Mr. Wonderful (DDR) Extended Version ~DVD QUALITY~
#3152 to #3151 - turtletroll (04/28/2015) [-]
what yuo dance like
what yuo dance like
#3153 to #3152 - rageblade (04/29/2015) [-]
more like this

Eisenfunk - Pong
User avatar #3155 to #3153 - turtletroll (04/29/2015) [-]
I hope you don't dress like that
#3180 to #3155 - rageblade (04/30/2015) [-]
no im a bit more conservative...somewhere between that and german uniform
User avatar #3182 to #3180 - turtletroll (04/30/2015) [-]
That I need to see.

Imaging a neon SS uniform
#3183 to #3182 - rageblade (05/01/2015) [-]
more a black ss uniform with some spikes and chains
#3150 - falloutsurvivor (04/26/2015) [-]
perfect music for a stoner like the turtle

Labyrinth - Chilly Down David Bowie
#3147 - rageblade (04/24/2015) [-]
practice your arab so you can sing along to your masters music
practice your arab so you can sing along to your masters music
#3142 - rageblade (04/22/2015) [-]
allahu akbar

put on your turban and welcome your arab overlords
User avatar #3143 to #3142 - turtletroll (04/22/2015) [-]
People are starting to wake up.

55% of people agree with UKIPs policies on immigration
#3144 to #3143 - rageblade (04/23/2015) [-]
yeah but since when do politicians listen to the people unless its a revolution and their lives come under risk
User avatar #3145 to #3144 - turtletroll (04/23/2015) [-]
True. Only UKIP want's to do anything about immigration the rest are too scared that it will be political suicide.

and theres no chance UKIP will win. Theyre WAY too right wing economically
#3146 to #3145 - rageblade (04/24/2015) [-]
simple solution
kill the members of the opposition parties

User avatar #3148 to #3146 - turtletroll (04/24/2015) [-]
**** that.

UKIP would be exactly like Australia's government right now. The australian government got rid of all renewable energy programs even though all reports suggest that they would start saving huge amounts of money for the people of australia in a matter of years the government thought "thats money being taken away from big oil companies! we cant have that". UKIP wants to do the exact same thing and they are just as ******* corrupt and will be a ******* disaster if they got anywhere near parliament. I'd be glad to kill those bastards off.
#3139 - rageblade (04/21/2015) [-]
**rageblade used "*roll cah answer*"**
**rageblade rolls Pterodactyl eggs.**
how stoned is turtle
#3140 to #3139 - rageblade (04/21/2015) [-]
turtletroll is STONED all the way back to the STONE age
User avatar #3141 to #3140 - turtletroll (04/21/2015) [-]
To become stoned you must first become stone aged

and 420blaze it feggit
User avatar #3137 - slashtrey (04/18/2015) [-]
hey do you care about items
User avatar #3138 to #3137 - turtletroll (04/19/2015) [-]
no not really

you can have my points if that's what you're after
#3122 - rageblade (04/16/2015) [-]
**rageblade used "*roll Magic 8-Ball*"**
**rageblade rolls Very doubtful**
will turtle ever get to sleep
#3123 to #3122 - turtletroll (04/16/2015) [-]
&gt;going to sleep
>going to sleep
#3124 to #3123 - rageblade (04/16/2015) [-]
implying you'll sleep
youll lay there...toss and turn...swear alot...and beg for death just to keep your eyes closed
User avatar #3125 to #3124 - turtletroll (04/16/2015) [-]
Implying i'd ever leave FJ

Sleep is for normies and the weak
User avatar #3127 to #3126 - turtletroll (04/16/2015) [-]
spending eternity in the dankess of space
#3128 to #3127 - rageblade (04/16/2015) [-]
space turtle

or just so high it feels like youre floating
#3129 to #3128 - turtletroll (04/16/2015) [-]
ever been so high you became a towel?
#3130 to #3129 - rageblade (04/16/2015) [-]
turtletroll is so high that AA guns track him as a bogey
#3131 to #3130 - turtletroll (04/16/2015) [-]
I often get mistaken as a UFO   
The US government keeps kidnapping me
I often get mistaken as a UFO

The US government keeps kidnapping me
#3132 to #3131 - rageblade (04/16/2015) [-]
its not aliens anal probing people

its police doing cavity searches on drug addicts
#3133 to #3132 - turtletroll (04/16/2015) [-]
So i'm the UFO and the person getting probed   
So i'm the UFO and the person getting probed

#3134 to #3133 - rageblade (04/16/2015) [-]
**rageblade used "*roll cah answer*"**
**rageblade rolls Putting an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the VCR.**
what does turtle think about then police have fingers up his ass
#3135 to #3134 - turtletroll (04/16/2015) [-]
I can't make that make sense
I can't make that make sense
#3136 to #3135 - rageblade (04/16/2015) [-]
inserting things into other things

#3121 - rageblade (04/15/2015) [-]
*plays Betty Boo up loud to stop turtle from sleeping*
#3116 - rageblade (04/14/2015) [-]
i see the stoner decided to wake up
User avatar #3117 to #3116 - turtletroll (04/14/2015) [-]
#3118 to #3117 - rageblade (04/14/2015) [-]
becoming a real FJer huh

never sleeping
User avatar #3119 to #3118 - turtletroll (04/14/2015) [-]
my sleeping schedule is ****** .

Went out on saturday and got back about 9am.

And I've got college today
#3120 to #3119 - rageblade (04/14/2015) [-]
implying college students ever sleep properly
#3115 - rageblade (04/13/2015) [-]
**rageblade used "*roll Magic 8-Ball*"**
**rageblade rolls You may rely on it**
is turtletroll so stoned that every time he looks out his window he thinks hes watching life on youtube
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