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#21 - I don't think so, it really depends on whether or not your par…  [+] (19 replies) 09/01/2013 on Have a gay day made my day +17
#154 - Nameloc (09/01/2013) [-]
"They receive less money for the same jobs."

Depending on what type of job you're at, this may be false.
Especially in lower jobs, like fast food and working at grocery stores, everyone is paid roughly the same...

Although in my experience with my single job at a fast food restaurant, the females were able to start off at $8.20+ an hour....
I started off at $7.25 and it took me almost two years to get to $8.20.
All the while I never use my phone whilst on the clock, never stopped working to talk to others, and I never left my position to talk with a friend for 1-2++ hours.
The repeat offenders who did such things, gained raises much quicker because they can simply throw on a giant fake smile towards every guest.
Meanwhile I worked my ass off, picking up their slack.

During my first summer, on an extremely busy Saturday, I was the ONLY cashier, of 6, that took orders. All because my co-workers didn't want to do their job. (With our entire staff being primarily females.)
My register pulled $1,600 that night. That's more than what Drive-Through made.

I hate it anytime I see people throw up the "less money for jobs" bullshit.
Unless the female in question is mentally grown up, then this is irrelevant.
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#130 - undeadwill (09/01/2013) [-]
Al but the last ne is true.
#80 - anon (09/01/2013) [-]
They don't receive less money for the same jobs anymore, thats... That was a while ago
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#79 - legayunicorn (09/01/2013) [-]
The dressing up part is somewhat true.

If you try to be pretty when you're young, you gotta try to be pretty when you're older.
Because people get use to your perfection.

I mean, if you always wear eyeliner and mascara, then people expect you to have pretty eyes. Because they are used to it.

But if you don't wear eyeliner and mascara, people get used to your eyes.

Plus, you don't have to wax if you are use to shaving. I mean, waxing doesn't make sense unless people expect you to be a doll.

You can also keep your body and stuff healthy by just being healthy.

Women are expected to smell pretty, but I like smelling like vanilla and lavender.
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#116 - VIsForVendetta (09/01/2013) [-]
I think some girls just wax because it's more convenient than having to shave everything from the neck down every other day
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#126 - legayunicorn (09/01/2013) [-]
I'm pretty sure most women only shave things below the belt.
Excluding their underarms.
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#133 - VIsForVendetta (09/01/2013) [-]
That'll be below the neck then?

Its not fun shaving your legs/pits/bits/whatever in the morning and then having sandpaper the next day. I'd wax if I wasn't a wuss tbf
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#163 - legayunicorn (09/01/2013) [-]
I don't find shaving that difficult.
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#65 - mondominiman (09/01/2013) [-]
They don't HAVE to wear makeup and dress up but it's expected of them because no one wants to see a women going around in pajamas and bed hair.
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#91 - srskate (09/01/2013) [-]
which pretty much translates to yes they have
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#93 - mondominiman (09/01/2013) [-]
If they want to live by social norm then they can but sometimes people can be unique in there own way that isn't that bad.
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#95 - srskate (09/01/2013) [-]
Then prepare to be out bred
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#96 - mondominiman (09/01/2013) [-]
Because strange people never have kids/get married.
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#206 - srskate (09/01/2013) [-]
bateking, you're just a fucking hater.
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#304 - bateking (09/02/2013) [-]
Bite me
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#97 - srskate (09/01/2013) [-]
well its certainly harder to for strange people to exist within society
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#108 - mondominiman (09/01/2013) [-]
I want to believe it's fake but I know there exists people like that. Not people who fap to MLP r34 there are tons of them, but people who admit to it in public.
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#110 - srskate (09/01/2013) [-]
sure as heck are. It's hard to understand how these people exist, at first. Then you realize that they don't share the same social fears or don't always think things through when saying them.

I know because I have a mild case of aspergers. I think I've mostly overcome it though medication, hard work, and good parents.
#120 - I agree with this guy.  [+] (1 reply) 08/30/2013 on Playstation Plus vs. Xbox Live +1
#123 - chrislee (08/30/2013) [-]
#107 - They are relaunching fable 1 soon, I'd rather wait, the game h…  [+] (8 replies) 08/30/2013 on Playstation Plus vs. Xbox Live 0
#108 - thenamecreator (08/30/2013) [-]
I was unaware of that... Thank you sir
Take this as thanks
#124 - chrislee (08/30/2013) [-]
If you live near a gamestop, they would most likely have a used copy for about $3-5.
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#121 - tulioandmiguel (08/30/2013) [-]
Cute! ^^

No problem, and thanks.

#117 - chrislee (08/30/2013) [-]
In the meantime, buy Fable 2!
Not as good as 1 but 100x better than 3.
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#197 - hydraetis (08/30/2013) [-]
I have no idea what the fuck they were thinking when they removed basically every decent feature of 2 going into 3, then added a bunch of awfully executed ideas.

*The weapons that actually do this are the weakest in the game and you'll never use them

*This also includes random npc quests. Have fun holding hands with random men as you lead them out of the forest with your male character!

I could continue, but I'd probably run out of characters.
User avatar
#281 - curtkobain (08/30/2013) [-]
my only real problem with the game that it wasn't funny. I loved fable 2 because the in game content was funny as well as the achievements.
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#120 - tulioandmiguel (08/30/2013) [-]
I agree with this guy.
#123 - chrislee (08/30/2013) [-]
#6 - Crows usually follow wolf packs waiting to eat the rests of th…  [+] (1 reply) 08/28/2013 on Dog +3
#20 - danruaul (08/29/2013) [-]
that's awesome.
#75 - Impostor! 08/25/2013 on Fabulous. 0
#9 - 1/10th of the population of the world is gay, the ones you not…  [+] (3 replies) 08/25/2013 on Fabulous. +1
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#53 - scelesticfish (08/25/2013) [-]
You look familiar.
#75 - tulioandmiguel (08/25/2013) [-]
#30 - anon (08/25/2013) [-]
And like I said I have no problem with that. I just don't like the loud minority like you said.