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#8 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 10/08/2011 on I'm so baked +3
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#11 - Jaluigi (10/08/2011) [-]
#150 - What is the deep web exactly? I've heard quite a bit of talk about it.  [+] (6 replies) 08/29/2011 on If you Printed the Internet +1
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#156 - agx (08/29/2011) [-]
Human experiments, assassination forums, cp sites, murder sites. A lot more
#289 - agx (11/30/2011) [-]
Hello jordan, jericho
#290 - agx (11/30/2011) [-]
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#153 - kittywithclaws (08/29/2011) [-]
"For those who don't know, the deep web represents a gargantuan part of the internet which is not accessible through regular searches via google or other search engines.
Searching on the Internet today can be compared to dragging a net across the surface of the ocean. While a great deal may be caught in the net, there is still a wealth of information that is deep, and therefore, missed. The reason is simple: Most of the Web's information is buried far down on dynamically generated sites, and standard search engines never find it.

Here are some facts on The Deep Web:
· Public information on the deep Web is currently 400 to 550 times larger than the commonly defined World Wide Web.
· The deep Web contains 7,500 terabytes of information compared to 19 terabytes of information in the surface Web.
· The deep Web contains nearly 550 billion individual documents compared to the 1 billion of the surface Web.
· More than 200,000 deep Web sites presently exist.
· Sixty of the largest deep-Web sites collectively contain about 750 terabytes of information — sufficient by themselves to exceed the size of the surface Web forty times.
· The deep Web is the largest growing category of new information on the Internet.
· Deep Web sites tend to be narrower, with deeper content, than conventional surface sites.
· Total quality content of the deep Web is 1,000 to 2,000 times greater than that of the surface Web.
· Deep Web content is highly relevant to every information need, market, and domain.
· More than half of the deep Web content resides in topic-specific databases.
· A full ninety-five per cent of the deep Web is publicly accessible information — not subject to fees or subscriptions.
What lies beneath the surface is a who's who of hackers, scientists, drug dealers, astronomers, assassins, physicists, revolutionaries, Government officials, Police, Feds, terrorists, perverts, data miners, kidnappers, sociologists, etc. "
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#167 - Aspirin (08/29/2011) [-]
Well, the scientists, astronomers, phycisists part sounds cool but DEFINITELY NOT the rest
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#155 - kittywithclaws (08/29/2011) [-]

Read more here, it also briefly explains how to get onto it
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