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#29 - I'll never join you lionsoil! 10/17/2014 on Like fucking granite +1
#109 - She looks and sounds like a tranny. 10/15/2014 on SJW BTFO +3
#715 - Don't question it. Just accept it. 10/15/2014 on why do you love our fj family? 0
#135 - Corey Taylor can pull it off pretty well too.  [+] (1 new reply) 10/14/2014 on The effect of fedoras 0
User avatar #137 - chiktikkavaspaus (10/14/2014) [-]
That's a trilby.
#68 - Yeah they should make a movie about that guys achievements. 10/13/2014 on Some Random Interesting... +10
#135 - In the comic is he the original nick fury or nig fury? 10/12/2014 on Logan's life 'aint easy +2
#9 - This picture is wrong in so many ways... he used a shotgun to … 10/11/2014 on I preferably would put in... +1
#30 - It's obviously blackswordsmanfan 10/11/2014 on Before the collapse 0
#12 - It's actually Varys and Khal is not a name it's a title. 10/11/2014 on Dorfs 0
#10 - Because I need to know what's inside them. 10/10/2014 on Skysouls +56
#20 - Then she didn't see the warning and burned herself and sued th…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/10/2014 on Wrong/Right number +8
User avatar #21 - reallifebutters (10/10/2014) [-]
#34 - Wait... Spoony is anti-gamergate?  [+] (4 new replies) 10/10/2014 on Funnyjunk Herald 10-4-2014 0
User avatar #45 - guandy (10/10/2014) [-]
Remember, Spoony has a girlfriend now.
User avatar #49 - roddor (10/10/2014) [-]
I love how whenever someone is anti-gamergate or pro-feminism the blame always goes to a girlfriend or wife.
Oh wait, I don't love that, because it's fucking stupid.
User avatar #58 - Nazistick (10/10/2014) [-]
Unless of course she is actually a Feminist. We must find out.
User avatar #68 - guandy (10/10/2014) [-]
She seems cool enough. I was also merely making a joke btw. I love spoony either way.
#22 - Admin needs to change his profile pic to that girl then.  [+] (1 new reply) 10/10/2014 on Coincidence? +12
#23 - reallifebutters (10/10/2014) [-]
Here she is signing some documents.
#275 - Kim jong un went missing the same time admin switched servers...  [+] (1 new reply) 10/10/2014 on FJ is back. Please help... +1
#280 - ballsofearth (10/10/2014) [-]
#126 - Does anyone remember the name of the cartoon with the animated… 09/30/2014 on Forgotten Cartoons 3 0
#61 - I like The Amazing Atheist. His videos are both funny and info… 09/30/2014 on kek +3
#24 - Ok cool. 09/29/2014 on Good ol' Luffy 0
#106 - Because it's cringe worthy.  [+] (4 new replies) 09/29/2014 on How to Get to the Front Page -6
User avatar #110 - theshadowed (09/29/2014) [-]
How is it?
User avatar #127 - liquidtux (09/29/2014) [-]
his name is trollzoll enough said
User avatar #162 - theshadowed (09/30/2014) [-]
Hes unfortunately not a troll though
Oh and don't worry, I evened the thumbs out for you
User avatar #157 - liquidtux (09/29/2014) [-]
What's with red votes? Bandwagon effect strike again?
#13 - Thanks mr skeletal 09/29/2014 on Good ol' Luffy 0
#9 - I find Usopp more annoying than Luffy. I mean at least Luffy i…  [+] (24 new replies) 09/29/2014 on Good ol' Luffy +2
#37 - kristofe (09/29/2014) [-]
i have watched every episode to date and usopp stays a little bitch by the crew standards but the crew is fucking insane. nami becomes pretty strong. i recommend spending days of your life watching this anime it is worth it.
User avatar #36 - lurifax (09/29/2014) [-]
bingo dingo dongo ye
User avatar #32 - fukkentyranitar (09/29/2014) [-]
Give him time.
User avatar #31 - knightmrku (09/29/2014) [-]
>Usopp is the most important character in this arc
>So much that they call him "God Usopp"

Not even joking
#38 - kristofe (09/29/2014) [-]
i wouldn't say most important. After reading the manga a bit because the show comes out way to slowly i think franky is more important.
#29 - tmbg (09/29/2014) [-]
#28 - shenro (09/29/2014) [-]
well this happens, so i'd say that yeah, he becomes less of a bitch
User avatar #25 - gilliam (09/29/2014) [-]
You are indeed a little early to judge, past episode 516 shit gets real on every aspect and for every character.
User avatar #22 - hadtomakeanewname (09/29/2014) [-]
he's cooler in new world he mans up
User avatar #24 - trollzoll (09/29/2014) [-]
Ok cool.
#12 - salihzzz (09/29/2014) [-]
say luffy is annoying, bitch. say it one more time, i dare you.

And yeah usopp is a little bitch, he has his role and is funny but whoever puts him above the monster trio or franky, brook or robin is a slut. even chopper is leagues above him.

Nami on the other hand is also a golddigging slut MFW people say sanji is better than zoro
User avatar #27 - adu (09/29/2014) [-]
Sanji Master Race reporting in.
Baka Marimo.
User avatar #40 - regius (09/29/2014) [-]
Sanji and Zoro are always a close 2nd the problem is sanji don't give enough of a fuck to actually try as hard as Zoro unless a woman's involved. That and the fact that Zoro was the first to join the the one who has more command over the crew after Luffy is the reason Zoro is the first mate and not Sanji.
User avatar #41 - adu (09/29/2014) [-]
As much of a Sanji fan as I am, I'd have to admit that Zoro is the better fighter. Zoro's determination is second to none, except for Luffy.
Sanji, on the other hand, is smarter than Zoro, and demonstrates this on quite a few occasions. I don't think he's make a good second in command though, due to his weakness of being easily manipulated by women, which is something that has little effect on Zoro and Luffy.

Sanji is faster and smarter than Zoro, but Zoro is a genius when it comes to swordsmanship and dueling, not to mention his monstrous strength and stamina that is second only to Luffy's. One-on-one, I don't think Sanji would win, if I'm being honest.
User avatar #21 - marioslmg (09/29/2014) [-]
Isn't usopps role a sniper? To be far away from combat and hit their weakpoints? I never quite understood why he thought he was weak. He is strong in what he does best. Sniping and making fun of others (and lieing.)
User avatar #23 - salihzzz (09/29/2014) [-]
yeah he's a well made character, always talking shit, but when shit hits the fann he runns far far away (lucky for him he's a snire and a good one) I like the way oda made him i just don't like the fucker
User avatar #39 - regius (09/29/2014) [-]
idk if you read the manga but he recently played a pretty big part in the current arc (more towards the end) but his skills as a sniper are finally fully being utilized which i'm diggin.
User avatar #14 - komoikluku (09/29/2014) [-]
In some ways nami is the most important crew member without her they'd all be dead at sea, usopp is completely useless and a lot of the time he's an annoying liability, sanji annoys me sometimes due to the fact he almost never shows any respect for luffy, robin is the most interesting character (imo) and of course, zoro and luffy are badasses chopper has his good moments but I'm kinda meh on franky and brook
User avatar #15 - salihzzz (09/29/2014) [-]
couldn't agree more, yeah nami is usefull but fuck her personality, usopp at least knows his place post water 7.

And yeah sanji needs to show some more respect compared to the newcommers brook and franky they clearly love luffy

And common man can a giant fucking beast of a cyborg thats hilarious not do it for you, him joining made the crew instantly a lot stronger. And brook is funny and entertaining thats his sole purpose, the fact that he's a badass with a sword is just a plus
User avatar #16 - komoikluku (09/29/2014) [-]
I think the one thing I need to really get me on board for franky and brook is for them to have a major fight scene (I'd like one for robin too) I know franky fought that guy on the sea train and brook fought the zombie samurai but neither were very ground-breaking fights nor were they that important in the long run
User avatar #17 - salihzzz (09/29/2014) [-]
true but they're fairly new, and franky did already prove himself fightiing in dersrossa. and brook saving the squad from the art lady.

But yeah we could really use an epic fight for the 2, altough brook doesn't really need one as he's not one of the heavy hitters
User avatar #18 - komoikluku (09/29/2014) [-]
Well heavy hitter or no there's still plenty of cool fights for him seeing as nami and usopp both had pretty cool fights before
#10 - anonymous (09/29/2014) [-]
Some say that ussop actually becomes more likable as a character than luffy later on. Without spoiling anything, he has more character development and becomes somewhat of an everyman, also his fighting style becomes quite entertaining.
User avatar #13 - trollzoll (09/29/2014) [-]
Thanks mr skeletal
#31 - This should be in the next cringe comp.  [+] (8 new replies) 09/29/2014 on How to Get to the Front Page +33
#139 - reekballs (09/29/2014) [-]
Holy fuck kill yourself
User avatar #87 - theshadowed (09/29/2014) [-]
User avatar #106 - trollzoll (09/29/2014) [-]
Because it's cringe worthy.
User avatar #110 - theshadowed (09/29/2014) [-]
How is it?
User avatar #127 - liquidtux (09/29/2014) [-]
his name is trollzoll enough said
User avatar #162 - theshadowed (09/30/2014) [-]
Hes unfortunately not a troll though
Oh and don't worry, I evened the thumbs out for you
User avatar #157 - liquidtux (09/29/2014) [-]
What's with red votes? Bandwagon effect strike again?
User avatar #63 - thegayman (09/29/2014) [-]
on it
#67 - No thanks mr skeletal. 09/29/2014 on i like these people +1
#34 - Buy the new iPhone 6 phone cover, only 499.99 dollars! 09/28/2014 on Telephone 0
#8 - Is that the cat from dark souls?  [+] (3 new replies) 09/26/2014 on fj can be hilarious* -9
#10 - felixjarl (09/26/2014) [-]
Evil answer: Google cat from dark souls you imbecile and look how much they are alike

Nice answer: No, it is the smiling cat from alice in wonderland(Tim burton)
User avatar #16 - brokenhalf (09/26/2014) [-]
to be more specific, that is the cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland, or through the looking glass. whichever you prefer.
User avatar #15 - thepandaking (09/26/2014) [-]
the Cheshire Cat from that movie in particular is still one of my favorite characters ever.
#29 - "Fire at will!" 09/26/2014 on the hole. fire in it 0
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