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#36 - Sorry  [+] (1 reply) 02/11/2016 on Our Hero Has Returned +6
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#37 - oodlesandoodles (02/11/2016) [-]
Yeah, so was I
#3 - Obligatory 02/04/2016 on yay! we did it! +8
#14 - I've got em all except for the story related ones; minus the b…  [+] (1 reply) 01/04/2016 on Finally Did it 0
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#15 - EffBeeTwentytwo (01/04/2016) [-]
best way Ive found is to follow through with all of the factions missions but stop before starting the massfusion mission, save, backup the save and then pick one of the factions. once you finish the story for that, go back to the save from before massfusion.That mission is the turning point where you betray one of the factions.
#14 - My favorite  [+] (1 reply) 12/24/2015 on Vsauce Edits +8
#19 - anon (12/24/2015) [-]
Dont let the NORM IE[greenish-gray]S[greenish -gray] in
#10 - Spoiler just in case people don't already know: …  [+] (40 replies) 12/06/2015 on SAVAGE! +222
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#66 - computerlife (12/07/2015) [-]
In case anyone is curious, he commissioner's daughter gets paralyzed in The Killer Joke an excellent read
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#12 - jeffthellamaking (12/06/2015) [-]
Wait, is there still a Batgirl?
#83 - adriaan (12/07/2015) [-]
she recovered in the latest batgirl series, during her time paralyzed she wass oracle
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#27 - baditch (12/06/2015) [-]
In some universes like the New 52, she gets a surgery to fix her spine and becomes Batgirl again. In other universes she stays paralyzed and someone else becomes Batgirl while Barbra becomes Oracle, helping Batman from a computer by hacking and shit.
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#28 - jeffthellamaking (12/06/2015) [-]
Oh, neat.
Thanks man.
#13 - Tyranitar (12/06/2015) [-]
There have been a few after Barbara. My favorite being Cassandra Cain, a mute assassin.
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#76 - michaeljones (12/07/2015) [-]
i thought she gained back some basic speech?
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#77 - Tyranitar (12/07/2015) [-]
Eventually, but it took some work.
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#59 - cantfindausername (12/07/2015) [-]
Can she even be Batgirl if she's an assassin? Doesn't sound like Batman would approve.
#67 - anon (12/07/2015) [-]
wasn't damien brought up to be an assassin by his assassin grandfather and assassin mother?
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#69 - cantfindausername (12/07/2015) [-]
I have no idea. comicexplain
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#71 - comicexplain (12/07/2015) [-]
Indeed he was! He was taught the many ways to kill as a child, and Bruce eventually tempered him down.
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#72 - cantfindausername (12/07/2015) [-]
And how about Cassandra Cain being an assassin? Did Bruce allow that?
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#73 - comicexplain (12/07/2015) [-]
After a time, and not without testing her mettle first! She did become Batwoman, after all - He trusts her. It helps that her father was just a major jerk, to put it lightly.

I'm really glad she came out of all that okay.
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#74 - cantfindausername (12/07/2015) [-]
Thanks! You're great.
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#75 - comicexplain (12/07/2015) [-]
Cheers! Just glad to help!
#68 - nooblyz (12/07/2015) [-]
forgetting to log in is always good
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#42 - Sethorein (12/07/2015) [-]
Nothing like a hot chicks who kicks assistance and doesn't talk.
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#43 - Sethorein (12/07/2015) [-]
Yes autocorrelation. We kick assistance and doesn't afraid of anything :I
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#44 - misfitprince (12/07/2015) [-]
you fucked it, Seth
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#33 - dorfdorfdorf (12/07/2015) [-]
what a rack
#78 - bakagaijin (12/07/2015) [-]
**bakagaijin used "*roll picture*"**
**bakagaijin rolled image**What a country in the middle east?
#79 - bakagaijin (12/07/2015) [-]
I meant Iraq, not syria damn it
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#14 - jeffthellamaking (12/06/2015) [-]
Good good.
I know that traditionally the mantle is always passed down, but I didn't know if Batgirl was "important enough" for it to happen.

I don't into comics, but I need to.
One day...
#34 - anon (12/07/2015) [-]
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#23 - megaton (12/06/2015) [-]
dont worry, somehow narnra gordon/batgirl got use of her legs back when no one was paying enough attention to her character for people to give a shit about story telling.
User avatar
#24 - jeffthellamaking (12/06/2015) [-]
Nice proofreading there, mate.
And good, what I saw of her in the Batman cartoons I liked.
Not that I don't appreciate the development opportunities something like that would bring along with it...
Not sure if they did anything after the initial shock value milking.
User avatar
#25 - megaton (12/06/2015) [-]
yea she changed secret identities to something called the oracle and she handled all logistics for all of the people in the "bat family" at the same time. i think she was dating nighwing for a mojority of her time as oracle, or at least they were doing some awkward will they wont they type bs for the whole time
User avatar
#26 - jeffthellamaking (12/06/2015) [-]
So, did anyone in Gotham ever wonder why Batgirl's costume changed again?
Did she get a different name?
Or did no one on the writer's staff care enough to mention it?

And that kind of bs happens with any story that goes on long enough.
The universe decrees that these two characters, of opposite genders, and similar age must be together.
But not really, because drama!
User avatar
#47 - hirollin (12/07/2015) [-]
yall bitches need to stop using spoilers. it makes it difficult to read input about comics. it's also been implied a billion times that they end up together. They probably do at some point.

comicexplain can you think of any canon instances where nightwing and batgirl end up together like married or something.
User avatar
#49 - comicexplain (12/07/2015) [-]
They do indeed get together from time to time! There's a fairly renown instance in the Batman Beyond comic, where a flashback shows they were together. Barbra was expecting a baby, even.

Sadly, it turns out to be Bruces, not Dicks! She has a miscarriage fighting crime, and that's how Dick and Bruce had their falling out. Beyond that, they do do the do in the main verse, and Jason also wants a part of that.
User avatar
#52 - jeffthellamaking (12/07/2015) [-]
Damn, Bruce cucks his own adopted son.
Superman's the man of steel, but Batman's the man of ice.
User avatar
#51 - hirollin (12/07/2015) [-]
Dude... what the fuck Bruce.
What the fuck Barbara.

Isn't there a nice happy canon where they end up married without weird cucking or psychological trauma or necrophilia?
User avatar
#53 - comicexplain (12/07/2015) [-]
Nope! Starfire was Dick's true love, and she's kinda, you know, a bit of a nemph. Or she lives 'freely', anyway!
User avatar
#55 - jeffthellamaking (12/07/2015) [-]
See, that's what got me confused there.
Figured that universe kind of ignored the TT stuff.
User avatar
#54 - hirollin (12/07/2015) [-]
Dick needs better options. Also it's not letting me thumb you up and I don't know why.

That makes the episode of teen titans go where nightwing and batgirl come back and show that being adults suck cas they have to take care of their baby much more crippling.

Also, that baby couldn't end up worse than damien though, so there's that.
User avatar
#48 - jeffthellamaking (12/07/2015) [-]
Maybe I like spoilers.
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#19 - cheatman (12/06/2015) [-]
No you don't, it's a clusterfuck right now, don't worry about it.
User avatar
#30 - toosexyforyou (12/07/2015) [-]
Glad it isn't just me that thinks that. All I want is for Marvel and DC to say "this comic line will be the official version and everything else will be canon" and the New 52 kinda does that but not really because it deals with so many multidimensial shit from worlds that aren't supposed to be canon but now they're canon because they happened to find a way into the canon dimension?
User avatar
#88 - cheatman (12/07/2015) [-]
To me it's more than that. During the new 52, they've taken things that made characters awesome and shit all over them. Mr Freezes origin story is changed so that he was working for wayne industries when his accident occurred, and that he was never married to nora, just became obsessed with a person he never knew, Superman is near enough completely disconnected for me because the writers write him as an alien trying to fit in, instead of a man trying to make sense of his godhood. Marvels just as bad, trying to push these 'one year events' along to try and create interest in their stories rather than buckling down and thinking about an actual good story to write. Personally I think both companies should step back a slight from what they're doing and look at the older works to see what it was that captured the imagination of people in the first place.