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#35 - So... why are we getting another Steve Jobs movie?  [+] (4 replies) 07/28/2015 on Steve Jobs - Official Trailer 0
#37 - anon (07/28/2015) [-]
because the last one was shit
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#38 - trogdorrules (07/28/2015) [-]
Didn't see it, and don't really care to. And I'm not going to see this one. I just don't get the Steve Jobs hype, people act like he was Jesus or something.
#39 - anon (07/28/2015) [-]
did you even watch the trailer? This movie isn't about how good he was...
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#40 - trogdorrules (07/28/2015) [-]
I get that, but like I said I'm just not interested.
#55 - Too soon. 07/28/2015 on Keep em close +1
#92 - Alright, so as a person who has been to the gym a maximum of 3…  [+] (9 replies) 07/28/2015 on Adman's workout routine 0
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#134 - lotengo (07/28/2015) [-]
Crossfit is a meme and people take the meme serious
#117 - anon (07/28/2015) [-]
People who take exercise way too seriously see that you can just throw some heavy shit around and get results, and it's threatening. To people who try to perfect their stance when doing a squat, and look up the perfect exercise routine to have absolute control over their body, anything that upsets that sense of control is disconcerting. But they live in dilusion where the human body's reactions vary from person to person so much that for all intents and purposes they have no idea what they're doing.

More or less of any exercise will effect most people differently. To avoid the obvious example, there's no denying that some people are too thin and don't gain weight no matter how much they eat. This principal is the same for all aspects of body transformation - but when you want to transform your body, that's not what you want to hear, as it surrenders all control over your own figure to circumstance.
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#116 - magnuskasparov (07/28/2015) [-]
it promotes bad form and people's excuse is that it still works because they have noticed gains even though the truth is that you could punch yourself in the arm a lot of times and also get gains
there's always at least 1 injury in the crossfit games and it's not even impressive weight, in wsm and powerlifting you can understand because each of them triees to push themselves too much and it;s a ridiculous amount of weight, but crossfit games is pure pussy weight and shit form
there's always that story of "i used to be a crossfit coach but i injured myself"

those people in the crossfit games not only do crossfit, but are also marathon runners, cyclists, etc. other stuff that builds up their body and lowers their bodyfat, however people see them compete in the crossfit games and give crossfit full credit for molding their bodies thus further promoting crossfit
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#103 - jzwangpk (07/28/2015) [-]
Not that it doesn't do anything at all - any sort of exercise will give some results - but generally speaking it's just a lot of bad ideas. Forms aren't necessarily correct, so people do get injured. People combine shit that isn't meant to be combined because they think it's a more effective workout that way. It focuses a lot on numbers (do X reps in Y time) as a way of keeping score and making people feel accomplished, which raises all kinds of potential risks - form goes out the window when you're worried about time; overexertion happens really easily, etc.

Also it does look pretty dumb.

Not to mention the fact that because of this sense of accomplishment people get out of it, a lot of the Crossfit hate stems from the simple fact that people who do Crossfit always somehow have to let the world know that they do Crossfit.

I feel less strongly about the last two (although I do hate people who rub it in my face) than about the first ones. If it looks dumb but it works, it ain't dumb. But if you just do this sort of shit because you want to feel good about yourself or because everyone else is doing it, and not because you actually have/want to have an actual understanding of how your body works and what you reasonably/physically can and can't do, then you can go fuck yourself. Otherwise you're just like those idiots who refuse to eat gluten because other people are doing it, not because they actually have a gluten allergy.
#111 - mikeoxlong (07/28/2015) [-]
Not only that, but 99.99% of the people that do it look like shit. The people you see doing it on TV are the absolute best of the best and a lot of them were jacked before they started doing crossfit.
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#112 - jzwangpk (07/28/2015) [-]
Personally, I don't see why physical appearance matters. I don't have a problem with people looking like shit, as long as they're trying to improve themselves. If they're doing Crossift because they want to get into shape, good for them, although I still think they'd be better off doing their own research and designing (perhaps with a personal trainer) the workout that works for them. Doing Crossfit if you're not in shape can lead to injury very quickly. But if they're doing Crossfit just because they want to feel good about themselves and/or because everyone else is doing it, then that's what gets my goat.
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#105 - trogdorrules (07/28/2015) [-]
I see. Yeah if I were to actually work out I'd rather it benefit me, not injure me. Thanks.
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#95 - imakejewburgers (07/28/2015) [-]
I've heard that it can be really dangerous and seriously hurt because the forms are incorrect. I also assume it doesn't work as well.
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#99 - trogdorrules (07/28/2015) [-]
Alright, that makes sense. Thanks.
#82 - Still doesn't change the fact that it's never going to release…  [+] (2 replies) 07/27/2015 on Half Life 3 Mystery Solved 0
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#84 - huntergriff (07/27/2015) [-]
Chances are they'll release it eventually. For now we've got tons of games to keep us busy.
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#95 - trogdorrules (07/27/2015) [-]
Yeah, in 31XX