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I'm bistre and I don't like star-nosed moles. I've robbed a few people on a canoe in the Schuylkill.
What else do you need to know about me?

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#44 - here. 12/03/2013 on damn nigga 0
#6 - Had to be the ******* guy. Aye, I goof'd  [+] (1 reply) 12/03/2013 on Everytime I Try to Talk to... +6
#7 - silvertongueddevil (12/03/2013) [-]
Good content and can admit you are wrong.

You're a good guy.
#1 - 3 questions I revert to if I really want to know someone, beca…  [+] (14 replies) 12/03/2013 on Everytime I Try to Talk to... +75
#91 - spidermau (12/04/2013) [-]
Hey! I also use 3 questions to get to know people!

for the ones that don't know them:
1. How many walkers have you killed?
2. How many people have you killed?
3. Why?

stuff & things
#103 - triggathepirate (12/04/2013) [-]
I knew this was coming
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#59 - lasmamoe (12/03/2013) [-]
Girl: "Wow this party is great"
You: "Yeah, im really glad i didn't just stay home"
Girl: "..."
You: "..."
Girl: "..."
You: "..."
Girl: "..."
You: "So how would you describe space in under a minute or less?"
#62 - triggathepirate (12/03/2013) [-]
Ight i'll break this down for you.
These questions mean a lot to me. I'll explain why, and 70 percent is delivery.
Depending on the delivery, they can feel like silly questions, or a deep discussion.
Sometimes a mix of both.
I don't really need to work on mine too much because I created them, and the fact if a black guy starts a conversation with you about space you may or may not be almost completely interested just to figure out what his end game is, it's odd.

Asking about space is determining this person's depth of thought, how deep can they go, how strange are they? How serious can they be about random topics?

Asking about their fears is trying to compare likes and dislikes, this may even lead them into telling you how they feel about their future. Among other things.

Asking them about their first fight skims their views on violence, morality and humility.
They may say they don't like fighting.
They may have been protecting a friend, and it's a long interesting situation.
They may have even STARTED it, and will tell you this if your are trusted enough. And the fact they admit to this means they may have good sense of accepting wrongs and dumb shit they've done.

All of these are base, but there's tons of things to pop out of these.
I haven't even skimmed gaming. Also I hate small talk I made these because I like to hear things I like to hear, I don't like listening to politics or the weather, or talking just to keep the conversation going, though silence can be equally as grating. I'd rather actually want to hear and reflect on what's coming out of your mouth rather than space out and give you the satisfaction of thinking someone is actually listening.

Sorry for the essay, matey. Hope this cleared it up.
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#45 - theincrediblegoose (12/03/2013) [-]
That's 4 questions, nigga.
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#46 - triggathepirate (12/03/2013) [-]
Nigga that last jawn was like the twofer questions they give for open ended problems.
But I suppose they would tell you what it was about if they can remember it, so you get it.
#25 - lastweek (12/03/2013) [-]
1. Space as just any area or outside of the earth's atmosphere? Either way I don't really understand what you're asking for.
2. I have no irrational fear, I can back up everything I fear with reason, altough I can't back up all things I'm disgusted and not disgusted by with reason.
3. I remember, vaguely, when I was a kid, fighting with another kid who was rude and trying to take something from me, it was more about the principle he didn't ask and me and my friends were actually using it, on top of which he acted rude after being caught, leading to the fight than wanting whatever we were fighting for.

So, do you hate me?
#87 - anon (12/04/2013) [-]
If that's all you think space is... you're sad.
#5 - silvertongueddevil (12/03/2013) [-]
Not to be that guy, but isn't it worst?
#6 - triggathepirate (12/03/2013) [-]
Had to be the fucking guy.
Aye, I goof'd
#7 - silvertongueddevil (12/03/2013) [-]
Good content and can admit you are wrong.

You're a good guy.
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#2 - coookiecrisp (12/03/2013) [-]
Great ideas! Thanks!

I have a first date tomorrow night.
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#58 - rakuraimasuta (12/03/2013) [-]
Good luck little nigga. Just be relaxed and nice.
#3 - triggathepirate (12/03/2013) [-]
#29 - Picture 12/03/2013 on Dancing 0