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#10 - Comment deleted 12/02/2014 on Trashy 0
#132 - ****. 12/02/2014 on That one bounced. 0
#26 - Apple computers are really nice for making music. So there… 12/02/2014 on Console War Casuals 0
#105 - My favourite match was the day I got Kolobanov's Medal in my K…  [+] (19 new replies) 12/02/2014 on That one bounced. 0
#128 - anon (12/02/2014) [-]

this is Girls Und Panzer/

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#132 - traks (12/02/2014) [-]
#122 - snohball (12/02/2014) [-]
One of my games from last week.
#170 - lancasthor (12/02/2014) [-]
Take the smallest of small and roll like a boss.
Some temporary mental illness makes me actually enjoy light tanks in WoT.
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#174 - toncheky (12/02/2014) [-]
15k exp, what the fuck? How? Even with the x5 wtf?
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#173 - snohball (12/02/2014) [-]
Wow, that's an awesome x5 dude! I hate trying to shoot you lot in the ELC's!

But that is a nice game even if it's a x5

I'm looking forward to the new UK TD line.
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#159 - toncheky (12/02/2014) [-]
sick shit bitch nigga
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#165 - snohball (12/02/2014) [-]
Cheers mate, it was a nice tank and I had a pretty decent game!
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#167 - toncheky (12/02/2014) [-]
Yeah it's my favorite branch in WOT but I never kept a tank below Tiger I. Spent more time on VK 36.01 H but sold it to get the Tiger I.
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#168 - snohball (12/02/2014) [-]

You got any favorites? I think I have to say Cromwell / Comet and Rhm Borsig
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#172 - toncheky (12/02/2014) [-]
StuG III G, JPanther, Tiger I, IS-3
I am starting to like Crusader a lot, so I guess I will like Cromwell, too.

Oh that RHM, I started that branch just because of it but stopped at Pz SF IVc or whatever, the tier V bathtub... Maybe I will start it again in the future.
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#175 - snohball (12/02/2014) [-]
The bathtub is awful and so is the tier 7 until the top gun (tier 9 gun 490 DMG with 20 pen ouch!)

But if you like punching IS 3's and other tier 8's in the face, go for the borsig, even it's stock gun is phenomenal.
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#177 - toncheky (12/02/2014) [-]
I know they have sick guns, but I don't have time to grind them now. I have to grind Japanese, Chinese and British tank to tier 6. There's a mission for a premium tank, T-34-85M, starting December 24th. You have to grind 50k xp with every nation with a tier 6+ tank. I'm on Crusader for Britain, Chi-Nu for Japan and Type T-34 for China. About 10k/30k exp on each of them and 1mil/3mil creds to buy all of them.
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#179 - snohball (12/02/2014) [-]
Oooo nice!

I'm guessing NA server? Because I don't think I've seen that on the EU servers anywhere.

I know we're getting more premium tanks though:
Panther mit 88
Amx chasseur char
FV4202 (brit medium tier 10 moving to tier 8 premium replaced with centurion action x)
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#182 - toncheky (12/02/2014) [-]
It will be on EU, I'm from Croatia.
Yes but I don't think there will be missions for them, right? I don't spend money on the game. I just hope to earn a good premium tank for grinding credits, as it's the biggest problem for me. I will soon unlock a couple high tier tanks and I need a shit ton of credits.
If I ever do buy a premium tank I think it's gonna be either SU-122-44 (sick gun, D-25-T with less than 7 sec reload) or JagdTiger 8,8cm, (great armor and fast firing, accurate gun).
#186 - snohball (12/02/2014) [-]
That's what I did. I needed soemthing to earn credits. The SU 12244 is amazing.

I've played nothing like it, you can pull off games dealing 4-5 k damage and earn 50k without premium. I have a 6.9 second reload on mine and it's so fun to play, because you can play aggressively in the tank.

Hmm I'll have a look at the t34 85M and see if it is worth grinding for.

A good site is this: ftr.wot-news.com/
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#192 - toncheky (12/02/2014) [-]
Yeah, crazy TD right there. I'll have to research premium tanks a bit, never looked into them really, but since I'm considering buying one... I'll have to get something like that. For now, a good earner is JagdPanther or Tiger I, but it has to be a good match with very little damage taken. Best earner for now that I've got is Crusader.
Well I hope T-34-85M will be better for credits than anything I have. It will also come in handy to train crew for when I decide to grind the Soviet mediums, unlocked T-34-85 but still didn't buy it.
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#117 - aldkai (12/02/2014) [-]
Glorious tank nerds.
#154 - **traks rolls 5,416** no biggy 12/02/2014 on I did a thing 0
#51 - Slutty Miku is ****  [+] (2 new replies) 12/02/2014 on Waifu Laifu +2
#65 - marioisbestpony (12/02/2014) [-]
>not liking loose pussy
You're shit.
#55 - frenzyhero (12/02/2014) [-]
Need elegant Miku
#17 - This is exactly how I feel every time I open up FL Studio …  [+] (6 new replies) 12/02/2014 on Creative idea generator +7
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#32 - duedum (12/02/2014) [-]
>fl studio

ew fucking gross dude.

the only correct DAW to use is Ableton Live mang
#31 - hairibar (12/02/2014) [-]
I use Reaper... I tried FL, but for some reason I didn't like it at all
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#21 - JonathanNowFuckYou (12/02/2014) [-]
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#29 - indonesia (12/02/2014) [-]
"ayy lmaoo check out my mixtape"
dude, srsly?
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#35 - JonathanNowFuckYou (12/03/2014) [-]
yeah sorry about that man but did you at least check out my mixtape?
#30 - rihardololz (12/02/2014) [-]
#10 - Why kind of onomatopoeia is Zack? Thats my name =D  [+] (2 new replies) 12/02/2014 on first time in the forest 0
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#16 - ludislavonac (12/02/2014) [-]

It's spoken differently, listen here
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#11 - pickaxe (12/02/2014) [-]
It's used for a fast and sudden movement
#42 - Picture 12/01/2014 on Fuutuuure +1
#8 - ahhhh, generic comment bitching because he browses another web…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/01/2014 on Peacocks +2
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#18 - racistwhiteboy (12/02/2014) [-]
lol k