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Suck it.

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    It works! It works!
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    Removing Vowels Removing Vowels
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    Sickipedia Sickipedia
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    Dumb Bitch Dumb Bitch
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    Whale whale what do we have here? Whale whale what do we have here?
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    Uploaded: 11/06/11
    The internet stole my innocence The internet stole my innocence
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latest user's comments

#93 - 7x3=21 hours a week. 21>20  [+] (1 new reply) 22 hours ago on But have you tried having... 0
User avatar #107 - dancingdoggy (22 hours ago) [-]
Yea I know, I was adding all my hours. 20+20+hw is more than 21.
#6 - Do you know what the word "melted" means?  [+] (24 new replies) 04/18/2014 on Assholes annual meeting. +64
#11 - mollike (04/19/2014) [-]
Usually when it snows people use the tractors with snowplow to push them to the not needed area which there would be grass and since there is absolutely nothing I'd suggest they are assholes.
User avatar #14 - muffintime (04/19/2014) [-]
or you know... The sun melts it... I snowed here last night in Edmonton and now it's almost completely gone and it was +1 all day.....
#17 - mollike (04/19/2014) [-]
If it's a light snow then you wouldn't miss park since cars and people move it enough to get the general idea of the parking spot. if it's been snowing every other day at winter and then you get a weather warm enough to melt the non plowed snow at the parking spot you would still have a large pile of it on the edge.
User avatar #18 - muffintime (04/19/2014) [-]
If it snows at 3' o'clock in the morning and nobody gets the office/ parking lot till 6 the whole parking lot would be covered in snow.... Then throughout the day when these people are inside the building the snow slowly melts till it's completely gone.... this is not a hard concept to grasp...
#19 - mollike (04/19/2014) [-]
Yet the most of the bottom and left row are doing quite fine.
User avatar #20 - muffintime (04/19/2014) [-]
Well cars have this amazing feature where people can get in and drive off..... Actually, now that I think about it I think parking lots where designed so people can enter and leave whenever they need too....
#21 - mollike (04/19/2014) [-]
So just like 6 cars have stayed in the wrong place forever then
User avatar #22 - muffintime (04/19/2014) [-]
I give up trying to explain this simple concept you.

#23 - mollike (04/19/2014) [-]
When you park and there is let's say 3 inches snow from snowing what to you do?park randomly and be an ass or go out of the car push a lil snow with your feet to know where the lines are so you can park properly? If you park randomly congratulations your an ass which would be my point
User avatar #24 - muffintime (04/19/2014) [-]
You follow the leader... You line up with the first person to show up....
#25 - mollike (04/19/2014) [-]
I'd rather not cause if he miss parked I will too and that can get me a ticket.
User avatar #26 - muffintime (04/19/2014) [-]
If it's a private parking lot cops can't give you tickets.
#27 - mollike (04/19/2014) [-]
Don't know where you live but where I live if there are designated parking spots then you get a ticket for miss parking.
#30 - gregduro (04/19/2014) [-]
brutal, obviously a trace amount of snow fell right before parking time, people, being people, parked in what they though would be the best spot, then the others lined up beside him. And no you cant get a ticket from the police for parking bad in private lot. However the private lot has the right to tow you.
User avatar #7 - ScottP (04/18/2014) [-]
It just seems like there should be at least a bit of it. Some signs of snow
User avatar #12 - Missdomayuset (04/19/2014) [-]
Where the heck do you live and are you old enough to drive? Sometimes snow will have covered EVERYTHING in the morning, but by noon all the snow would of melted. This is a common thing.
User avatar #13 - ScottP (04/19/2014) [-]
I live in Florida and I am old enough to drive. Been driving for about a year or so. Never seen real snow in my life. Would like to sometime though.
#34 - anonymous (04/19/2014) [-]
move to pennsylvania
the snow here is ridiculous
User avatar #15 - Missdomayuset (04/19/2014) [-]
Makes sense. I used to live up north most of my life. I suggest taking a vacation up to a colder state at least once in the winter.

Honestly it's not as nice as the movies make it out to be. Sometimes the snow is too dry to make snowballs, or it all melts before school lets out, rain ALWAYS takes it all out. But when it's nice, it's niiiiiice.
User avatar #61 - greensofa (04/19/2014) [-]
What do you mean rain always takes it all out? Where i live rain just motherfuckers the snow even more
User avatar #67 - Missdomayuset (04/19/2014) [-]
Really? The rain always just guarantees to melt away the snow- or at least it did in Iowa.
User avatar #68 - greensofa (04/19/2014) [-]
It may be quite different from Iowa to northern Norway though. The snow has been motherfuckering since autumn/fall, and still not all of it is gone.
User avatar #69 - Missdomayuset (04/19/2014) [-]
Norway? You waaaay up North aren't you? Hope things warm up soon over there!
User avatar #70 - greensofa (04/19/2014) [-]
if you have a map, you can compare where you live, to Tromsø, in northern Norway
#2 - Picture 04/18/2014 on Now i'm falling asleep +2
#3 - Picture 04/18/2014 on bball skill 0
#17 - HFW 04/18/2014 on Orangutan +1
#24 - Picture 04/18/2014 on oh god why +10
#49 - One was made 16 hours ago and the other 11 hours ago. 04/16/2014 on I wish you the breast of luck +2
#123 - >Day 7, I am still watching this damn .gif 04/16/2014 on never stop dancing 0
#406 - But Phanact's already been eliminated so... -1 jmezm 04/15/2014 on FJ Elimination Game +1
#73 - It was inevitable. 04/15/2014 on God damnit Jackie +11
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#1 - polfish (10/05/2012) [-]
You did smell correctly !
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