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#20 - but the teachers had to get up much earlier than you and …  [+] (11 new replies) 12/09/2012 on Title +11
User avatar #28 - SubjectThree (12/09/2012) [-]
If they didn't want to be kept up at night because of all the work they make us do, they shouldn't have made us do it, or is there another reason scantrons and minimum page requirements were invented?
#32 - curbed (12/09/2012) [-]
That's probably the kim jongistration. Teachers are basically required to have students write a certain amount and take a certain number of tests or else they can't keep their jobs.
User avatar #38 - eight (12/09/2012) [-]
Nobody is holding a gun to their heads forcing them to teach. There are thousands of other careers to choose. Some teachers don't mind the long hours, they love their job.
#42 - curbed (12/09/2012) [-]
I'm going to be a teacher, but it's because it's my calling. I absolutely love kids and want to help them in the best way I know how. I know there are going to be long hours and little pay but I know in the end I'll be doing what I love. And what do you expect to happen? No more teachers? No one is holding a gun to my head, but every career has difficulties because of the terms higher ups make, teachers want to teach in a certain way, but because of the kim jongistrations, they can't do that. The way to measure if you are successful in your career is if at the end of the day, through all the stresses, you love what you do and feel you are making a difference.
User avatar #45 - eight (12/09/2012) [-]
American public education is terribly flawed and often times unnecessary. You would be better off as a professor at a local college, but even then, it isn't much different. At least the pay is better.
#48 - curbed (12/09/2012) [-]
Yeah... because kids having no education will certainly help them when they get into college... American Public Education is flawed, but so is every other system, especially when funded by the Government.
User avatar #51 - eight (12/09/2012) [-]
If you decided to follow a different path this very second, your job would be filled by the end of the week. Don't act as if you are changing the world as the sole teacher that everyone needs to pass...Flaws need to be corrected. As it stands, children k-12 don't get the true value of an education that other countries provide(this reflects in our world standing of education). Teachers often fixate on meaningless topics that the children will soon forget and won't ever use throughout their entire lives. Curriculum or not, if there is a problem, go on strike, protest, do whatever must be done. Currently, I theorize that if school hours per year were cut in half, they would receive the same level if not a better education because all of the meaningless garbage would never be taught. Also, the hours would much better suit teachers who in my opinion, are vastly underpaid.
#54 - curbed (12/09/2012) [-]
I'm not trying to change the world, so don't try to put words in my mouth. If I can help just a few kids in my career that would be enough. If you think that this is so, go and prove it. Find out how much kids remember instead of just complaining about it. As far as I can tell you're just sitting there complaining and not doing anything to change the system for the better. Yes I realize the system is flawed, but I'm going to do my best to change it while working in the system to fix what I can. You seem to believe that taking education completely out of the system will make us a better country as a whole but you have no proof to back this up. As for me seeing the kids bloom in my training and witnessing how much they use their education, I see that there is still hope yet. So go and sulk there and complain, I'm going to work towards my career and actually do something.
User avatar #74 - eight (12/09/2012) [-]
1. I am recognizing an issue and discussing it, this is the only way words spread. I do not have kids, it is not my problem. I am not a teacher, it is not my problem. But that does not mean I would not fund an organization whose primary goal would be to fix education in this country. It is the teachers, staff and other educators of America that need to address the issue and lead the movement. It is the parents of children or other benefactors that need to support it.
2. "Taking education completely out of the system". Read back over my comments, where did I say such things?
3. That "bloom" you see does not last long, especially in older children. Basic education is needed, The first years of a child's education are certainly the most important. This time develops the fundamentals of language and problem solving. It is beyond that; later years of elementary and all the way to their senior year where information becomes increasingly pointless. Children should be able to choose their path through school more so than they can now. Some of the most wasted education sits with math. Calculus, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry all are useless forms of math to learn. Most of the children who take such courses will not ever use it again and will inevitably forget it. The time wasted was precious tax payer dollars, money that could have been put to better use. You might say "Students seeking a career will have been glad to learn those specific math skill sets." You would be wrong. High school students will most likely change their career path several times before graduating college. And if they still happen to seek a career in such a field, they would still be trained on the job regardless of education level. Not to mention, with modern day technology, it is no longer necessary to learn. Basic math skills are all that is needed. I could go on all day long and I did in my thesis.
#81 - curbed (12/09/2012) [-]
1: I am also recognizing the issue, yet you keep speaking to me as if I haven't. You can try to fix it your way, I'm going to try to fix it my way. And unlike you I have worked with several teachers who are trying to change the system, just because you haven't recognized the effort doesn't mean that an effort isn't being made.
2: You keep saying that education is useless like you would much rather it be non existent.
3: Even though you may not see the bloom yourself later in life, kids still do have it, they have passions that they want to pursue, they find a passion in writing, in electronics, in music, in art, in math, they just don't show it because they want to act "cool" in front of their friends, and they most likely wouldn't discover those passions without school, public or private. The level I am teaching is that basic elementary level that they most certainly do need. But because of my career education I do have experience with those kids where they reveal to me their passions. Of course the education system introduces them to things they may not use, but it depends from state to state. As for me. I never learned trig, or calculus , or really anything past geometry and college algebra, but that was my choice. I decided to work towards the career I thought I was going for, to dip my feet into the water so to speak. Even in college you are forced to take classes that may not be towards your career like the pre-reqs you have to take. The school system wants to expose you to all sorts of different things so you can make a definitive choice towards your career. And of course highschool kids and even college kids change their minds a lot, that's what they're supposed to do. Even I changed my major in college from psychology to education.

I don't even know what we're arguing about, we both have the same goals, we just have different ways of looking at it and different solutions.
User avatar #27 - uncalledforgiraffe (12/09/2012) [-]
They chose that job. We didn't make them. We HAVE to, by LAW, go to school.
#14 - no 12/01/2012 on suprise motherfucker -1
#13 - Picture  [+] (4 new replies) 12/01/2012 on suprise motherfucker +37
#44 - jumpinjohosefat (12/01/2012) [-]
#23 - Userjames (12/01/2012) [-]
#20 - shinkaia (12/01/2012) [-]
User avatar #19 - herculespower (12/01/2012) [-]
lick dat puss all day err day
#53 - Picture 12/01/2012 on sugar gliders in a box +8
#64 - no 12/01/2012 on Remember This -12
#2 - i love seeing torchwod content  [+] (1 new reply) 11/30/2012 on Torchwood +2
#13 - worstposter Comment deleted by toonlinktwentytwo
#58 - jesus christ what the **** 11/29/2012 on AMP 700 0
#6 - fixed 11/25/2012 on YOLO 0
#6 - its still one of the best zombie games you could get  [+] (2 new replies) 11/25/2012 on expectations +7
User avatar #20 - reaperssprint (11/25/2012) [-]
Even though i don't care for the show, the game had me hooked the whole time. The show has too many plot holes for me, the game had a few but not any I couldn't get over.
User avatar #71 - jinjo (11/25/2012) [-]
wanna just name these plot holes? I'm not dagreeing, just curious
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can I have you FJ points? pls
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Thanks for the add!
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we are going to start a picture dump
we are going to start a picture dump
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hey faggot get on facebook we need to talk about that little manuscript you wrote, young man
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I WANNA BE A PART OF THIS **** !!!!!!!

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