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#21 - Picture 09/23/2016 on Doofenshmirtz 0
#10 - I'm on your side. But in regards to more white people getting …  [+] (23 replies) 09/23/2016 on blm -14
#113 - anon (09/23/2016) [-]
You're right racial equality. We need to bring you down a notch. Agressive quotas that favour you for a job even though I'm more qualified as the white devil.

So you were opressed, are you now? Do you know anyone that is? And what did you do with this glorious freedom that white people died for I might add? Oh yeah you turned on yourselves killing more than any white person could.

The war on drugs sure is real. You know what prevents that? Not. Having. Anything. To. Do. With.Drugs.

Goverment programs. You mean the ones that try to get you on your feet but get abused by your kind to get more?

The black family structure. Don't make me laugh man. Single black mothers outway traditional ( working ) families. by almost double if i'm not mistaken. Stop having kids this fucking early.

Absolutely genius "Make it more lucrative for a black mother to raise kids" You know what makes this realy hard apart from the "Give me free shit mentility"? That you have so fucking many so fucking early without an income or education. Use the god damn condoms for fuck sakes. Also. Don't hate the father for leaving. Tell her to understand her role. Then maybe he can do his role. Drive him out and that's what you get.

The dimise indeed is a complex issue. By your choices not mine.

I love the next one too. "Americans are more divided" THEN STOP JOINING A FUCKING MOVEMENT THAT DIVIDES YOU INTO SEGREGATED GROUPS. We're back at fucking Luther King. You want you own busses. You want your own schools. You want your own neighborhoods ( you have those, they're called ghettos. You made them like that ).

Stop acting like a victim. Thought you were a proud dindu that didn't need no white devil. Behave like it.
#109 - anon (09/23/2016) [-]
What part of "minority" and "Higher rates of voilence" for their "per capita" don't you understand?

Your whole movement is about skin colour while no one else talks about skin colour anymore. You're the racist. This isn't just a white on black problem.

You're probably talking about racism. Were your parents slaves? Were their parents slaves? Get a grip. So someone looks at you in a way you don't like. You know how to deal with that? "Hello sir, how are you?" Show that you're not living up to your damn stereotypes. Don't go full "What the fuck you looking at nigga, want me to pop yo ass?" You're #A the origin of the problem. You're #B perpetuating the problem. And joining a movement that has its origins in a (racist) cop killer that fled to Cuba and that's on the FBI most wanted list isn't going to make you for joining that movement look any better. The only thing that you show for joining BLM is that you hold thugs up for your idols, and that you´re the racist here. Wanting `white people` dead for your `heroes` that if we look back were all but 1 thugs. Look at the last 3? rushing a cop after trying to take gun. Beating up his girlfriend when the medics try to do cpr he beats them up. Tries to take gun gets killed. Can't remember the last but they were all thugs apart from the first one. You're just looking for excusses to kill white people. That's called racism.

Complex issue? Stop robbing people. Stop killing yourselves. Stop holding rap as your philosophy. Tell your whores to stay with the men they have sex with. No children before you both have a stable job. And no, drugdealing ain't a stable job.

"War on drugs" yeah so your race has a negative lense on them. You know what keeps that eye on you? Being caught with fucking drugs all the time. You can probably do the first 25 years without when you get a fucking education I hope?

"Put aside our anger" you mean how you have a game on the streets called "knockout game", how every fucking time when there's a minor difference you guys have to scream world star and start swinging? How you want to be threated specialy yet you're abusing others showing you're not worth the special attention? You want lenient sentences yet are not capable of just fucking not doing crime? You want a judge to go easyer on you? How about you stop seeing your defendant as the enemy, and then refuse to let him help you. A second chance is a last warning don't go back to selling rocks when you have one for fuck sakes.

And you even use this one which is absolutely amazing "overused statistics" Facts don't fucking lie. Stop killing yourselves. Stop fucking harming others in doing so. Who do you want to live next to?
#A White nerd who settled with his 6/10 wife and their baby. All you have to deal with is a "Hello neighbor" when you step outside to pick your paper up.
#B a ghetto rat that has 8 gangmembers in her frontporch with guns. Listening to obnoxious rap music how they're going to kill all white people and everyone who fucks with them. With the fear of a drive by happening every minute of the day. Drug dealing, drunk people in the backyard. Parties every day. Increased risc of "voilence" in the neighborhood. Increased risc of "suspicious" activities. Increased risc of "burglary".
I will stop using the statistics when you can fucking behave yourselves.

It's your culture that's the problem. Don't try to take my shit with the goverment gun. Or ironicly with your gun. Untill you can behave don't expect me to be nice to you. You brought this on yourselves.

white devil out.
User avatar
#114 - tommythecatt (09/23/2016) [-]
Hmm, it seems you missed my point, oh and I'm white btw, and I hate what BLM has become. I hate thug culture, but I don't just blame it on "lol niggers are dumb". I'm not even sure why I posted this on FJ, I should've remembered where I am
User avatar
#97 - borgcube (09/23/2016) [-]
dont bother m8, FJ is far beyond the point of reasonable thought and discussion, specially when it comes to the issues BLM and Feminism. Shame really
#71 - zerglin (09/23/2016) [-]
As you can see here by this nifty graph, the trend was overall decreasing, with two local maxima, over the scale of 25 years.

What you say has some merit.

Yes its a problem now
Yes its improving
Yes everyone is an idiot.

Also, correlation has been linked to children reared outside of wedlock, which has an abnormaly higher percent in the black community. Which is fun, because when you consider poverty and age/status when making babies, this makes alot of sense.
#60 - ciacheczko (09/23/2016) [-]
I know what you mean. Blacks are criminals because certain groups in government made them their welfare bitches and formed them into dumb, violent societies, in hopes of getting black votes. They've succeeded.

Lawless, uncontrolled children with no fathers, issues on more issues that just give birth to another issues. It should be looked past, straight to the bigger picture, and solved on a much more basic level than just enforcing the law. Society has to be fixed from the bottom, and one of the first steps should be considerably limiting welfare, and giving people better lives so they won't resort to doing drugs so much.

And the best confirmation that what you're saying is true is having people in high positions say things like "I’ll have those niggerss voting Democratic for the next 200 years."

I understand what you're pointing at and I agree with you, but you've written it in such an unclear and roundabout way, it was hard to understand with just a quick glance. And, as we know, what FJ can't understand, FJ thumbs down.
#64 - killjoyus (09/23/2016) [-]
the problem is however, that the Black community is refusing to look at the real issues, refusing to see thug culture as toxic and destroying them. The people propagating the thug lifestyle isn't tje politicians in Washington, no its the people in the hoods, and projects. Its the people, Like Alton Sterling who take pictures with his kids and guns showing them how to be good little thugs.
User avatar
#66 - ciacheczko (09/23/2016) [-]
Of course they are. That's the point. It was government's intention to begin with. Making them dumb and angsty enough to have them act beyond reason. And vote in the same manner.

To reverse it, they have to be worked on for at least a few generations. It's important to make it appealing for them to form actual families, instead of leaving single mothers with kids. Nothing good comes out of societies that don't even have a healthy model of family.

Black societies have all the circumstances to become what they are now - those circumstances must be changed. And the first step to that is dropping the veil of political correctness and addressing everything accordingly, instead of cowering under the threat of being labeled racist like spineless bitches. Political correctness is the worst plague of 1st world countries.
User avatar
#68 - killjoyus (09/23/2016) [-]
i agree that PC culture is killing the world, but what I'm saying is that its not the politicians that teach young boys how to shoot each other, or how to sling drugs. Sure it was at one point, but the only people who can really fix it is the black community, by teaching their kids its not cool to break laws, or kill each other. Help each other get out if the ghettos. I mean fuck if half the black celebrities like Beyonce or Rhianna that act like they care put their money where their mouth is and started to fix the problems in the ghettos we'd be half way there
User avatar
#73 - ciacheczko (09/23/2016) [-]
That's also correct.

The overall endorsment of violence in rap, the most preferred music in black societies, is a big factor and an issue. Every rapper is singing about things no young man should find appealing.
User avatar
#74 - killjoyus (09/23/2016) [-]
its not just the rap. its the fact that the fathers who do stick around, are often career criminals and their kids grow up thinking crime is ok if its just to support the family, and instead of going for education they take the easy path of crime because its right there.
User avatar
#75 - ciacheczko (09/23/2016) [-]
Yes. You keep pointing out the problems. Anyone can do that. I point out the solution - changing the black societies from the very bottom, starting at removing welfare and ditching political correctness. Actual things that could help.

Because, you know, standing about and saying "hey, stop doing crime and teaching your kids to be violent" won't just make it stop.

What are you on about?
User avatar
#77 - killjoyus (09/23/2016) [-]
im on about the fact that BLM is making things worse by distracting people from the problems, and that no one wants to really talk about what the real problem is. and sure i could be making more statements about how to go about it, but i don't really know, i'll think of how to solve the problem when its widely accepted as the problem, otherwise im putting the cart ahead of the horses
User avatar
#85 - ciacheczko (09/23/2016) [-]
Well yeah. And you know who's funding the BLM? The very same government that wants to keep blacks angsty and uneducated. We've come a full circle.

User avatar
#87 - killjoyus (09/23/2016) [-]
well i mean BLM and the black community are two different entities. But yea pretty much.
User avatar
#53 - killjoyus (09/23/2016) [-]
the problem is BLM, Skip Bayless, and all the hyper PC liberals are race baiting nad creating that divide. They are creating more problems by spreading a false narrative of cops targeting blacks.

More Hispanics, per capita, are killed by cops then blacks. And sure there are more whites, but blacks also commit more violent crimes then whites, around 45% of all murders are by blacks, which is 3x what they should be per capita. The issue is that BLM is ignoring the stats, and the degradation of the black family, BLM actively condemns other black people for saying they are wrong.

its not that black and white, but the issue is that BLM is trying to make it that way
User avatar
#116 - tommythecatt (09/23/2016) [-]
I agree with you. Pc culture and BLM has done nothing but stir the hive of racial tension. And boy, has it worked.
User avatar
#44 - dopeydoo (09/23/2016) [-]
idk why you're getting reds, that was a well stated and well thought out argument. And, pretty reasonable, especially by FJ standards... Sure, it might not be complete, but neither was the post, and neither was the comment before you.

FJ bein FJ I guess, if you get a handful of red thumbs people blindly thumb down watch this get thumbed down too lol
User avatar
#115 - tommythecatt (09/23/2016) [-]
I just say what I see and feel. If it resonates with someone, then I've succeeded. Obviously don't care for thumbs, rather have 100 reds if it meant more could see it. It's interesting to bring a mentality to different communities and see the reaction it gets.
And it almost proved part of my point
#16 - kmichel (09/23/2016) [-]
The more complete argument is that the arrest related kill rate between white, blacks, hispanics, and asians is the same. For every 10,000 people under arrest, 1 is killed regardless of race.
#14 - kalendric (09/23/2016) [-]
**kalendric used "*roll picture*"**
**kalendric rolled image**when black people account for 50% of crime, that affords a great many more opportunities to be shot by police than whites, yet whites are shot more. So exactly what the fuck is your argument?
User avatar
#102 - zuflux (09/23/2016) [-]
The only real argument here is white-trash and that there are more whites than nig-nogs.
User avatar
#15 - lgninjaleetful (09/23/2016) [-]
i was hoping no one would respond to him i wasnt gonna bother