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#277 - Women weren't allowed. And after that fight they were. Not jus…  [+] (3 new replies) 07/09/2016 on cat tara 0
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#278 - falbwuh (07/09/2016) [-]
#275 above for my reasoning.

I can't stop you from personally thinking that her display of skill impacted his decision, but there's absolutely nothing in the scene that suggests that.
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#279 - toensix (07/09/2016) [-]
I just find it rather unlikely that he changed his mind after such a long time just because of that necklace. Had he absolutely no clue when she left, why she did that? If they were intimitely involved then I reckon he'd know or at least suspect she left because of those restrictions on women.

I find it much more likely that he actually was impressed with Katara's skill (especially because she had no previous training except for that one scroll) but still clung to his cultural believes. But that necklace pushed him over the edge by reminding him of why he lost his love: because of the same shitty customs.
#280 - falbwuh (07/09/2016) [-]
It was an arranged marriage; it was stated that he had affections for her, but it was implied that she didn't feel the same way. They weren't in a real relationship in that sense, and they likely didn't even spend very much time together before the incident, so it's unlikely that he had insight to her inner feelings and motives or that she would even be willing to share these things with him - so for him, her abandoning the tribe was a legitimate surprise and mystery, one that broke his heart and turned him into the cold, cynical, sourpuss he still is when the aang gang arrived.

Finding the necklace and realizing that the same sexist ideals he's been upholding all this time are the very things that drove the love of his life away was a seriously jarring emotional experience, and the realization of that fact compelled his decision to dismantle the patriarchal system that caused him and the woman he loved so much heartache.

It's not like he didn't believe women could be powerful waterbenders and Katara proved him wrong; the practice of disallowing women into combat training was based completely in tradition. He was impressed by Katara's skill but it wasn't a surprise to him that she could be a skilled fighter, the women's' capabilities had nothing to do with his reasoning for not teaching them.

This is what I got from the episodes and it leads me to believe that the necklace and resulting revelation was the sole factor behind him allowing women to train in fighting, but I'm just some random asshole on the internet so ya know whatever take what you will just fuck me up fam.
#97 - New Vegas had 4. I'm just saying.  [+] (1 new reply) 07/08/2016 on I TOLD YOU! 0
#100 - anon (07/08/2016) [-]
NV vanilla is better than Fallout 4 with all possible DLCs.
#66 - Apparently M. Night Smalamadingdon is gonna make a sequel 07/08/2016 on About Movie Remakes 0
#283 - You can't really see it from the other angle either. It's conc… 07/07/2016 on Alton Sterling 0
#278 - also >> #23 07/07/2016 on Alton Sterling 0
#277 - Check the link in the description 07/07/2016 on Alton Sterling 0
#275 - Because he got convicted for possesion once? 07/07/2016 on Alton Sterling -1
#238 - Haha yeah. Or maybe a praying mantis. 07/06/2016 on cat tara +1
#198 - Well it was more about the mating of female lions. Which you s… 07/06/2016 on cat tara 0
#193 - Well excuse me for getting things mixed up. Then flip… 07/06/2016 on cat tara -1