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#4 - Thank you for your criticism, but I feel you may misunderstand…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/10/2016 on Shep-Shep, 12-year-old... 0
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#16 - angrybacteria (05/10/2016) [-]
Gotcha. He looks perfectly fine for that purpose. Glad you put so much thought into this.
#520 - **titletaker used "*roll picture*"** **titletaker rolled image ** 05/08/2016 on ADMIN ATTACKS YOU, ROLL FOR... 0
#31 - From a biased standpoint, I say this: The katana wasn't design…  [+] (8 new replies) 05/03/2016 on raifu +5
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#54 - phawsy (05/03/2016) [-]
Also I find it funny how people use the arguement "katanas are made form folded metal to make them stronger!" Yet european countries did that 600 years earlier cause they didn't know a better way to forge back then before the katana, the katana was like a cavemans club to europeans when the katana was around
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#147 - velcharis (05/03/2016) [-]
Except both Europe and Japan had shitloads of cheap weapons made by simply spilling iron into molds because there was no possible way to outfit whole armies with the badass stuff.

In fact I can confirm some places in typical medieval eras with typical knight armor and weapons did not know about folded steel, there's more than enough medieval castles and their recorded history around my place.

Don't spit on the Katana just because you want to be against a hype, the truth is both in the east and the west if you were a medieval soldier chances are you ended up with some shitty cheap leftover weapon, and both the east and west had a -rare- few impressively well made pieces of weapon and armor, but these were usually reserved for nobility or similar.
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#172 - cowinspace (05/03/2016) [-]
Oh my god the ignorance... First, no civilisation used cast iron weapons as cast iron is incredibly brittle and cannot be tempered easily. Even the cheapest arrowheads were forged. You might be mistaking it for bronze, but that would make you even more of an idiot.

If we are talking about a period of knightly combat then, yes, Europeans no longer used folding (forge welding) in forging. Not because they hadn't discovered it, but because they were able to produce higher quality monosteel weapons due to actually advancing their iron smelting and forging technology. Oh Europeans were forge welding weapons anything up to 2,000 years before the Japanese (Celts in Gaul and Iberia appear to have been the first). And if you want the best possible crucible steel then you want to go to India for Wootz (often wrongly referred to as Damascus Steel).

This is because for the most part all the Japanese had access to was iron sand, regarded as the worst possible source of iron due to extremely high levels of impurities. Indo-Europeans had access to high quality ore in large amounts which let them experiment and advance. Why do you think Europeans were able to make fully enclosed suits of plate armour that would have allowed them to walk over the Japanese if they had ever encountered each other (oh and plate didn't weigh that much, a modern soldier carries more).

You can look at #17 for why the katana was a sub par weapon for the battlefield. It was fine for close quarters work in an enclosed space though due to its lack of length.
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#178 - velcharis (05/03/2016) [-]
Stuff your "ignorance" into yourself for I am only talking about things I have actually seen for myself, not things I made up / imagine / hype.
The castle under "monument protection" only 15 minutes by car from here literally has molds on display which were once used on common soldier weapons.
It also has full armor suits on display which consist of iron/steel that was not actually made by a folding technique.

You're applying intelligence and logic into past history, blatantly ignoring that in actual history, some people and some ages were not really acting intelligent at all.
"Even the cheapest arrowheads were forged" <= that is just a plainly wrong information, so excessively wrong it asks me to refuse taking you serious and skip this whole comment.

Thanks for the trivia but I already knew and did not ask what the japanese actually used, I also did not side with the katana-hype like you seem to assume, I only posted some of what actually happened.

ATM you're the only one displaying ignorance here, not posting any references to your "knowledge" at all.
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#181 - cowinspace (05/03/2016) [-]
Wow, you are actually a retard, I kind of feel sorry for you('re family).

You are correct that medieval and later plate was not made with folded steel/iron. You only fold the metal if it is crap, it evens out impurities. Indo-Europeans were smelting high carbon steel in high enough quality that folding was no longer required (folding also weakens the metal, so it isn't a desirable method).

Yes arrowheads were forged, a cast iron warhead would disintegrate on contact with armour. Forging arrow heads requires some skill, but not a lot and you can make vast quantities relatively easily. Do you think every smithy had access to a smelter for producing liquid iron/steel for casting? It seems you know even less about medieval/renaissance metal production than your initial stupidity let on.

Care to link to this mysterious "castle" with these "molds"? Given that you use American spelling I am more than a little suspicious.
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#188 - cowinspace (05/03/2016) [-]
Guess I'll have to reply to myself seeing as velcharis decided to block me:

Where did I say that you were American? I said that you're use of American English made me suspect that you might be (and your lack of links is only deepening that suspicion).

And you still haven't linked to this mysterious castle with cast iron weapon molds. Although I would agree that your general ignorance and blatantly false claims do give a legitimate reason to end this "converstation".
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#183 - velcharis (05/03/2016) [-]
Hah. Since you think I am American, all your ignorant insults against me, and ignorant assumptions about European medieval times are excused and forgiven.

From what you say, I see no logical reason to continue this conversation though. (deleted and reposted due to a small typo)
#182 - velcharis has deleted their comment.
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#221 - Turns out, the fairy was actually the servant of a world-eatin…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/29/2016 on spoilers 0
#233 - anon (04/29/2016) [-]
dragon's dogma
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#241 - titletaker (04/29/2016) [-]
Bravely default.
#1171 - **titletaker used "*roll picture*"** **titletaker rolled image ** 04/28/2016 on Your girlfriend pulls down... 0
#5 - I think it has to do with how Venom is part Peter, and since P…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/19/2016 on Random Facts +32
#9 - anon (04/19/2016) [-]
youre on the right track