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#105 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 08/26/2016 on Dank Compendium Pg 2 0
#106 - tigermisu (08/26/2016) [-]
Metal Gear Solid V  Sins of The Father

welp, I can't into embeeding videos
#51 - They're from Two Steps from Hell, but I can't pinpoint the son…  [+] (1 reply) 07/03/2016 on dads +1
#59 - floyingonion (07/03/2016) [-]
Thanks Tigermisu
#119 - I don't get it, is the joke that he's so fast by the time the …  [+] (2 replies) 05/13/2016 on Best Moment from an SR-71... 0
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#124 - gggeee (05/13/2016) [-]
The aircraft was above 80,000 feet, something your average aircraft can't really do.
I guess ATC had never head of a Blackbird and thought it was some chad being cool in his Piper cub when in fact it was not.
#125 - tigermisu (05/13/2016) [-]
I get it now, thanks!
#3 - I'm not entirely sure what this means...  [+] (1 reply) 03/13/2016 on Can someone translate this? +2
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#4 - roxasftw (03/13/2016) [-]
If it helps context at ALL.

He invaded me in Undead Parish and stood next to Solaire trying to get me to hit Solaire.

I ended up killing the dude and messaging "Lol"
#46 - I'm not sciencexplain but probably is because the bullets are …  [+] (1 reply) 02/21/2016 on Double barreled 1911 handguns +1
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#47 - nalkir (02/21/2016) [-]
oh well, thanks bruh
#58 - Why wouldn't it? I'm not an expert on the subject.  [+] (22 replies) 12/31/2015 on It's that time of year... +1
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#61 - goobyman (12/31/2015) [-]
repeated, easy use = long, thin muscle fibres
short, hard use = thick, short muscle fibres
the reason Usain bolt has thick calves is because he does sprints a lot. the reason Long distance runners like Sergey kirdyapkin are fucking lanky is because they go long distances.
Lifting a 5 kilogram weight 50 times isn't nearly as hard as lifting a 150kg weight 5 times. Fewer reps with more weight = results
User avatar
#62 - goobyman (12/31/2015) [-]
now, that's just how i was taught it. if i'm wrong, feel free to correct me.
User avatar
#84 - thelastpaco (12/31/2015) [-]
That depends as to what you are going for. If you are looking for gainz, then yeah less reps more weight. If you are going for endurance than more reps less weight.
User avatar
#107 - vortexrain (01/01/2016) [-]
I can't lift for shit. How many reps would you recommend to do with 20 lbs hand weights? My parents got them for me for Christmas, and I want to use them. I've been doing 25 bicep curls, 25 things where I hang my arms at my sides, and lift them so they're parallel with my shoulder, and 25 things where I hold both weights so I have my arms straight out to my sides, and then bring them in towards my chest. Are those fine to do?
User avatar
#108 - thelastpaco (01/01/2016) [-]
It depends as to what you are going for. Do you want to go for strength, or endurance?
User avatar
#110 - vortexrain (01/01/2016) [-]
Strength, definitely.
User avatar
#119 - thelastpaco (01/01/2016) [-]
What I would really recommend is getting a gym membership, as varying in weight is very important, and crucial for training.
User avatar
#190 - vortexrain (01/01/2016) [-]
I'm very self-conscious, so going to a gym is hard for my. I know, I know, nobody is there to make fun of me, but knowing that doesn't help at all. Ever tried telling a depressed person to "just cheer up"? It doesn't work, and it's the same way with self-conscious people. I did have a friend who was going with me, but life got in the way of both of us, and we just couldn't go together anymore.
User avatar
#192 - thelastpaco (01/01/2016) [-]
Don't worry, I understand. I was the exact same way when I started lifting. Try to find a 24 hour card gym. (One where you get a key card and you can go whenever you want). Then go late at night or early in the morning. I personally go around 9:30 or 10:30, just because of my schedule, and usually, either I'm alone or there are one or two more people.
User avatar
#118 - thelastpaco (01/01/2016) [-]
Alright, so what you want to do to train your biceps a good thing to do is sit on a chair or bench, feet wide apart. Plant the elbow of the arm that you are going to be using on the same thigh (so right arm to right thigh). Without moving your upper arm, raise your forearm up in a regular curl style. This isolated the bicep. Do that in 10 reps 5 times. If you notice your form starting to decrease, lower the amount of weight (if you can) or reps. Take adiquete rests between sets, 40 seconds to a minute 30. For shoulders you can do shoulder presses. Sit in a chair slightly leaned back or rested against the chair. Lift the weights so they rest on your shoulders. Press the weights up over your head. Repeat that 10 times, for 5 sets. You can also do lateral raises, however that may be to much weight. For lateral raises, keep your arms at your side and raise your arms, keeping them straight until they are parallel with your shoulders. Again 10 reps for 5 sets. To work your back, lay on a bench, with weight in one hand, hang your arm down, and slowly and in a controlled motion, pull it up to you, keeping your arm tight to your body. To work on thighs, hold the weights on your shoulders, and do a squat. Add shoulder presses if you want a dynamic exercises. Again 5x10. For chest, lay on your back with both weights in your hands, and press the weight above your chest. Hold at the top for a moment, and when the weight is resting at your chest, pause again, 5x10.
User avatar
#189 - vortexrain (01/01/2016) [-]
I tried doing lateral raises; I've got no problem doing it with just one arm, but fuck me if I could do it with both at once. Do you know why that is?
User avatar
#191 - thelastpaco (01/01/2016) [-]
Not sure, however that might mean that you aren't using proper form. Make sure to keep your body still during the motion, only moving your arms. Yours should stay straight the entire time. You don't want to lean your body into it to help your arms up.
User avatar
#193 - vortexrain (01/02/2016) [-]
I finally got them down. I only did 3 sets, and I had to really push myself to do that.
User avatar
#194 - thelastpaco (01/02/2016) [-]
Hey man, great job. Its the effort that matters not the action. The fact that you pushed yourself through it is really fucking good. Keep with it. Try to work out 5 days a week. Work in some cardio, go for light runs. Push yourself. If you stay consistent you will begin to notice you are getting alot stronger, and you will start to really like the way you look. Keep pushing, you can always make yourself better.
User avatar
#195 - vortexrain (01/02/2016) [-]
What about fat loss? I weight 300+ lbs, and I do do some cardio stuff, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, and sit-ups...crunches, whatever the one is where you go all the way up, and your knees are flat against the ground, not bent. I'd like to get stronger, and lose weight. From what I understand, muscle burns energy, fat = energy. I'm not saying that I'll lose a shit ton of weight from building muscle, but do you know how much it would help? Also do you think I should be doing more than what I've said?
User avatar
#199 - thelastpaco (01/03/2016) [-]
btw, I think you might have forgotten to have logged in, if you were the one who asked about subway. I answered that question too.
User avatar
#200 - vortexrain (01/05/2016) [-]
Thanks, for whatever reason, I guess i got logged out.
User avatar
#196 - thelastpaco (01/02/2016) [-]
Building Muscle and loosing fat are two different goals, and they kinda have to be done at different times. To build muscle you need to take in more calories than you expend (that is bulk muscle, muscle that looks big). You can build lean muscle without taking in more calories but you won't get as big. To loose weight you have to take in less calories than you burn. The best way to burn fat is Long Slow Duration. Long Slow Duration is what it sounds like, its doing an exercise, running, hiking, swimming, rowing, walking, whatever, for a long time (3+ hours) at a pace that you can keep steady for that long. Once a week do something for 3 or more hours, go for a nice hike, a long walk, maybe kayaking with friends. During those 3 hours you should be comfortable, so if you were to call a friend they might not be able to tell that you were excising. You also have to keep track of what your eating. Easiest way to do that, cut back on breads and sweets (not cut out, cut back). Here is a good video that should break it down. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FGee4kQHEY When you really look at it, its not that hard, its just a mind set that you have to get into. So here is a quick sort of check list to do each week.

Check List:
3+ hours of continuous gentle exercise
5 Days of resistance work out Body weight (push ups, sit ups ect) or weighted
3 Days Cardio (jogs, hiking, whatever gets your heart rate up and makes your lungs burn a bit)

So that could something like this,
Monday: resistance
Tuesday: cardio and resistance
Wednesday: cardio and resistance
Thursday: rest
Friday: cardio and resistance
Saturday: Long Hike/Walk
Sunday: resistance

Now I know that might seem a bit intimidating, but the cardio doesn't have to be much, just an easy 20 minute jog, do what you can do, and the long slow duration doesn't feel very intensive, its gentle and is usually a fun way to get outside, bring some friends, have fun with it.

The absolute most important thing to do throughout all of this, is to have fun with it. Enjoy what you do, and what you eat, because if you have fun with it, you will stick with it, and you will start to have a lot more fun with everything else you do. I know it sounds corny, but take it from me, I used to be wicked depressed, always self conscious, and never really enjoyed much. I decided to start working out, and taking better care of myself, and everything started to get better, because I was happier. So just stick with it and have fun. If you have any more question, feel free to ask, I love to help people.
#197 - anon (01/03/2016) [-]
How is Subway for carbs? Is it an okay thing to eat, taking carbs into account?
User avatar
#198 - thelastpaco (01/03/2016) [-]
Honestly subway isn't that great, their meat isn't very good quality (ie not much protein). Its mostly salt and carbs. If you can avoid it, do so, but its better than other fast food places. If you have to eat there try to keep it to twice a week or less. Non chain restaurants usually have better meats, and often, in my opinion, taste better. The best option would be to cook it yourself. Not only is it a really good skill to learn, you know what your eating, so its easier to stay on track. If you are going to go with subway, try to avoid putting on a lot of sauces, as those tend to be where the calories really start to pile on.
#69 - drcow (12/31/2015) [-]
The way I understand it. Larger reps with lower weights will provide the same result as lower reps with more weight.
User avatar
#78 - ilcecchino (12/31/2015) [-]
Depending on how your body is. Some people have more Fast-Twitch muscle fibers, others have Slow-Twitch, and depending on which you have more of determines if you'd get better gains off of, like 2 sets of 5 at as high a weight as possible, or if you need like 4 sets of 10 or super-sets, either way you're not doing 5 sets of 50 or anything
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