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#2 - It is for this reason that I'm in love with the fact he named …  [+] (25 replies) 02/01/2016 on UK on suicide watch +97
#11 - Glitched (02/01/2016) [-]
He didn't
you're retarded
That is his wife's name.
#28 - stepank (02/02/2016) [-]
Im from czech republic where his ex-wife is from, and having a wife named Ivana and naming your daughter Ivanka is equivalent to being named "Rick" and naming your son "Ricky", it's basically one and the same. Since you can name your kid "North" in the U.S. of A. this probably doesn't seem weird to you. You're correct though, of course.
#33 - Glitched (02/02/2016) [-]
Funny you should say that....my fathers name is Rick and my name is Ricky
#57 - stepank (02/02/2016) [-]
Yes but the point is someone might call you Rick and someone might call your father Ricky right? Maybe not, i don't know... Such naming is forbidden by law in Czech Republic though, didn't know people do this kinda stuff often somewhere where it's not forbidden. If you want to give your son a similar name, you just give him your name, and on messages and official stuff he will be called "Rick the younger", "Rick the older", or, in a 3 generation scenario - "Rick the middle" - not even joking. Now that i think about it your system might be better.
#60 - Glitched (02/02/2016) [-]
Im called Rick.
My father is called Rick.
Its an age thing.
As a child i was called Ricky.
In my late teens people started calling me Rick.
I have never heard of names being passed down as forbidden
#61 - stepank (02/02/2016) [-]
"my fathers name is Rick and my name is Ricky" - well why say this then if both of you are named the same? Its exactly the same in Czech Rep. then. If your wife and daughter are both named Ivana, you will probably call your daughter Ivanka - which is why naming her Ivanka is weird, since you could call her that anyways. What is forbidden in Czech Republic is distorting, mutilating, or shortening names. You can't name your daughter Ivanka in Czech Rep. you can call her that, but it can't be in the documents that way.
#62 - Glitched (02/02/2016) [-]
They are not the same.
You seem to not understand.
But you don't need to understand since you live in the Czech Republic.

This is America and the argument is about American's Ivana was made American
So this stuff you continually say. Means nothing and makes little sense.
#63 - stepank (02/02/2016) [-]
Yes i know, i was merely stating why it feels weird to me.
User avatar
#34 - Dropkicksxxx (02/02/2016) [-]
Big dick and little dick...I have this issue also
#36 - Glitched (02/02/2016) [-]
Dick is short for Richard.
My name is Ricky.
Rick is short for Ricky.
User avatar
#37 - Dropkicksxxx (02/02/2016) [-]
Oooh, I see I get called Rick, and the full name is Richard.
#15 - anon (02/02/2016) [-]
>>#2, Fucking fuck I meant to reply to
#14 - anon (02/02/2016) [-]
It's Iwanka
Iwanka Trump

Truly a republican name.
User avatar
#39 - reallifepolandball (02/02/2016) [-]
It's Ivanka. How about you learn what you're talking about before you type shit
User avatar
#45 - elcreepo (02/02/2016) [-]
Consider that in many countries the V is pronounced as a W and treated the same.
User avatar
#54 - reallifepolandball (02/02/2016) [-]
I don't give a shit about that, she lives in America. I've never heard her or anyone else introduce herself as "iwanka" and you don't pronounce jalapeno with a hard J , it's common sense. Anyone who calls her iwanka is literally retarded.
User avatar
#46 - captchakid (02/02/2016) [-]
Well you don't pronounce different based on country. You pronounce them how the person wants you pronounce it.
User avatar
#48 - elcreepo (02/02/2016) [-]
Say you're from some country where pronouncing v as w is the rule and you've never heard this woman's name spoken aloud. What then? And keep in mind, not everyone knows how to even MAKE a "v" sound, similar to how you probably have no idea how to pronounce the zh sound that people in China make. All that matters then is how YOU pronounce it.
#58 - stepank (02/02/2016) [-]
It's Ivanka and although we have the "w" in our alphabet, i don't think we use it. Can't think of a single word. And no we don't pronounce "v" a different way than english speakers.
User avatar
#64 - elcreepo (02/02/2016) [-]
I'm not talking about your country/language though.
User avatar
#50 - captchakid (02/02/2016) [-]
But I do know how to pronouce the zh sound because League of Legends taught me. One of the champs is Xin Zhao. It's Shin Jow, soft j.
User avatar
#4 - creepydudewatching (02/01/2016) [-]
Isn't his wife Ivana?
#5 - jaythreetee (02/01/2016) [-]
"If Ivanka wasn't my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her"
Ivana is his exwife and Ivanka is his daughter
#6 - creepydudewatching (02/01/2016) [-]
**creepydudewatching used "*roll picture*"**
**creepydudewatching rolled image** cheers bro, that's cleared shit up
User avatar
#53 - ayumu (02/02/2016) [-]
I bet that thing doesn't even have a flight module
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