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#39 - it does but not in the image in the post. if you notice the bo…  [+] (1 reply) 12/14/2015 on Things that are as deep as... 0
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#40 - angelious (12/14/2015) [-]
which is just a faulty use of a photo since this post clearly talks in presence terms.
#6 - captain Sweden 2.0  [+] (9 replies) 12/10/2015 on NEW +14
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#7 - enlightednatzie (12/10/2015) [-]

Could you elaborate...? Cus how is my country (sweden if you havent noticed) related to leftism an multiculturarism at all?

If you had any sort of self respect at all you should jump off a bridge because quite frankly, how do you succeed in writing such a stupid comment and still thinking its a good ideah to press the post button...?


As if you havent understood yet, i am waiting for an explanation.
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#14 - hetzerdk (12/10/2015) [-]
Maybe not in the country, but if you get closer to the bigger cities you country has been cucked by vänsterpartiet or whatever they have for a name.

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#15 - enlightednatzie (12/10/2015) [-]
>danish sources

Sorry, cant accept shit as source son.
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#16 - hetzerdk (12/10/2015) [-]
If you scroll down you can see part of the original swedish letter
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#8 - fourfangedferret (12/10/2015) [-]
6/10 bait. A little on the obvious side, what with the ..? shit and the over the top "look at me, im intelligent" words and stuff. If you dial it back a little, i reckon you make a good baiter.
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#10 - enlightednatzie (12/10/2015) [-]
#11 - anon (12/10/2015) [-]
You either have severe autism of you live in a predominatly white neighbourhood in Sweden.
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#12 - enlightednatzie (12/10/2015) [-]
My only neighbours are cows and i dont know if they are counted as just whites or non whites.
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#9 - fourfangedferret (12/10/2015) [-]
*sentence structure, not words.