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#18 - who is ******* child is this? 12/13/2014 on One R.O.B. and a Jiggly +2
#331 - A, I, No 12/09/2014 on Who are you 0
#23 - One is a gross monster hell bent on taking over the world, the… 12/04/2014 on Spot the differences 0
#1 - My friend got it for me i swear 12/04/2014 on Steam reviews for Sakura... 0
#70 - then he dies from breathing Carbon Dioxide gas  [+] (2 new replies) 12/04/2014 on Hide and seek +15
User avatar #131 - xtwinblade (12/04/2014) [-]
you do know that there is already a lot of CO2 in the air, so you wont die from breathing it, you will just suffocate if you keep breathing it and you dont get any oxygen in your blood.
#128 - funbaggy (12/04/2014) [-]
If he is down there for a little bit it won't be too bad but if he like fell asleep or something he would be pepsi max.
#1056 - **thismightbesparta rolled image ** 11/12/2014 on Let's play 0
#1047 - Comment deleted 11/12/2014 on Let's play 0
#48 - It's just TF2 its basically the same  [+] (25 new replies) 11/09/2014 on i think im in love. 0
#114 - adhdtookmyaccount (11/09/2014) [-]
Some characters are straight out of TF2, I mean mecha--gimli Torbjorn literately IS the engineer, but other than him, Mercy who is just a flying medic , Pharaoh the soldier with jetpack instead of rocketjumping and Widowmaker the sniper with gadgets and tits the other characters are original.
User avatar #68 - valyn (11/09/2014) [-]
Eh, its closer to a MOBA like league of legends or Dota 2. Each character has a full kit of abilities, instead of pretty much just having a different weapon. There's a pretty serious distinction between "class based" and "character based"
User avatar #51 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
also their skills are totally different. Tracer, for instance, has a recall ability that reverts her to where she was and how she was 3 seconds prior + a blink ability.

Name a tf2 character that does that?
User avatar #54 - vladhellsing (11/09/2014) [-]
User avatar #56 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
Scout can blink now? What item?
User avatar #57 - vladhellsing (11/09/2014) [-]
User avatar #61 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
did some snooping.

gimmick skills from an event in 2013 =/= core game mechanics.

Also, none of those spells reverted you three seconds in the past. Even the blink was more of a sandman skill with movement attached to it than a true blink.

Seriously dude, if THAT'S what you're calling copying then you're impossible to satisfy. Enjoy TF2
User avatar #62 - vladhellsing (11/09/2014) [-]
Will do. At least TF2 is free. Don't think the idea of a subscription fee hasn't slithered across Blizzard's mind.
User avatar #64 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
subs are stupid. Everyone is already subbed to WoW who is a fan of Blizzard. No one really wants to pay for more than one subscription.

My guess is they'll find a way to make microtransactions a thing.
User avatar #69 - valyn (11/09/2014) [-]
I'm honestly on the fence about subs. I hate having to pay one, but i kind of like playing games with a sub just because having to pay does wonders to filter out a lot of the 12 year olds, trolls, gold farmers, and general faggots since the sub makes it so much harder to make a new account when they get banned
User avatar #74 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
but it also means you feel obligated to play or you feel like you wasted your money.
User avatar #76 - valyn (11/09/2014) [-]
Thats why I'm on the fence lol. The main thing in favor of it is this- log into WoW and GW2 each for an hour, and compare the amount of gold farmers and trolls you get spammed with.
User avatar #78 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
not as bad as when maplestory decided to compete with private servers... God... pre-big bang culture was so much more pleasant...
User avatar #79 - valyn (11/09/2014) [-]
Another thing is that Blizz puts most of the subscription money back into the game in the form of server maintenance and stability fixes. GW2 craps out all the time, sometimes even bluescreening my PC in the process. I literally can't remember the last time WoW crashed on me.
User avatar #58 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
gonna need to be more specific, spells =/= a scout item.

Are you talking about !rtd?
User avatar #60 - vladhellsing (11/09/2014) [-]
There's a certain spell (2 charges) that allows the player to teleport short distances. In combination with Scout's manoeuvrability, he can travel quite a distance without ever touching the ground (kind of like combining double jump & Blink as Corvo/Daud in Dishonored).

In any event, aside from the Recall mechanic (famously used in the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy) Tracer is basically the equivalent of Scout in TF2 - a lightweight mobility specialist.
User avatar #63 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
omg a class based shooter where one of the classes moves quickly! WOW COPYING TF2! Next you're gonna say battlefield was copying tf2 by having a medic class that heals, right?

C'mon, you're ignoring core mechanics and blaming the dev team for using a bloody archetype of the genre. What, you think class based shooters shouldn't have a point man? There's always gonna be a stringy runny guy. It's how they do the runny guy that's unique. The fact that you're comparing her to prince of persia, a single player fantasy adventure game indicates how unprecedented her revert skill is in the genre of class based shooters.

Just admit it. Overwatch is fuckin' cool.
User avatar #66 - vladhellsing (11/09/2014) [-]
I never said it wasn't cool and I was only comparing one mechanic to PoP. Her two defining mechanics (Blink & Recall) are the core powers in two existing games (Dishonored & Prince of Persia respectively). As comment #28 points out, each new hero represents one of the archetypes in your average TF2 game.
User avatar #67 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
#1 those games are both single player adventure games. Finding a way to implement traditionally single player mechanics into an fps is unique in and of itself.

#2 the guy was literally just bullshitting how they look similar to tf2 classes. Alone we've found out that tracer is already pretty unique from scout. I'm willing to bet every class has their own unique abilities that make them completely different from the tf2 classes you're casually pigeonholing them into.

You may not have said it isn't cool, but your casual denigration of it as unoriginal is kind of annoying to me. Seriously, how are you supposed to make a class based fps without a sniper class? That doesn't mean it's a cut 'n paste of sniper from tf2, that just means they share a bloody archetype. I'm sure their sniper handles completely differently because they're completely different games. Even if they were trying to make a shiny copy-paste of tf2, being a completely different dev team probably makes it friggen impossible for this to be a copy of tf2.

Are you started to get the gist of my frustration here? Everyone is dismissing this game as a tf2 knock-off just because it's a class based shooter. Jesus christ, all you've seen is a single reveal trailer and some flavour background videos. Reserve your judgment for when the shit is actually released.
#117 - adhdtookmyaccount (11/09/2014) [-]
Responding to #2, there are actually about 4 characters in overwatch who are arguably ripoffs of TF2. The biggest offenders are Torbjorn who is almost exactly the engineer from TF2 His weapons are a gun that has a pistol mode and shotgun mode, which is effectively the same as the engineer's pistol and shotgun and he has a sentry gun that has the same design as the TF2 sentry gun, right down to how it's upgraded and Mercy Who is basically the Medic with wings and a group revive instead of a targeted one . Also, Widowmaker is somewhat similar to the sniper in that she uses a sniper rifle and sub-machine gun, though she does have some cool gadgets which are different enough. Pharaoh is quite similar to the soldier, a rocket launcher using class with great mid-air mobility the main difference being that the soldier rocket jumps and Pharaoh uses a jetpack

Also, all the game modes that we know about right now are straight out of TF2, right down to the names. I can forgive control points, seeing as how it's a FPS staple, but Payload is copy/pasted right out of TF2.
User avatar #70 - vladhellsing (11/09/2014) [-]
One could say the same to you for buying into the hype. Reserve judgement for when it's released. In the meantime, let's see how Chroma turns out (another class-based multiplayer FPS with music as a core element).
User avatar #73 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
>buying into hype.

Thinking something looks cool and not immediately dismissing it is not buying into hype. It's being a curious consumer instead of a cynical pedant.

Probably won't buy it, but that doesn't mean I think it's fair to shit on it.

Why does chroma deserve any more love than overwatch?
User avatar #75 - vladhellsing (11/09/2014) [-]
Never said that, what I said was "let's see how Chroma turns out". If you're so concerned with originality, then Chroma seems to be doing more in that department.
User avatar #77 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
My concern is with giving everything a fair shake.
User avatar #50 - Sethorein (11/09/2014) [-]
except no.

It's like a mash up of tf2 and sanctum.
#126 - Feels like i'm wearing nothing at all 11/01/2014 on She gets my vote for best... +8
#27 - yeah that blue box is gone 10/31/2014 on see the difference? +1

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