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#1 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
Hello there ^.^
User avatar #2 to #1 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
heyo! what's crackin'?
#3 to #2 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
I'm just trying to remember how we ended up being friends (don't kill me since I don't remember!)...
User avatar #4 to #3 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
I have no exact reason, but i think it had to do with picture post, we might've started talking and you probably complimented me so i added you, and that is the story of our friendship :D
#5 to #4 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
Ahh. Awesomeness!

Hmm... Since this was all started by a picture, do you want me to do any tonight? ^.^
User avatar #6 to #5 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
I have no preferrence, i do not even know if i has seen a picture of you, it happens internet. If you would like to, sure, i'd be flattered. I just realized i should get an avatar picture for this site, xD
#7 to #6 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
Lol, I should probably get an avatar, too, but I suck at choosing them (I have a ******** account, and I was extremely lucky to find one that I liked)
User avatar #10 to #7 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
i don't do ****, lol, and if you're horny, use this ****, or if you like hentai, shoopdawhoop has some fun ****. and i really don't remember your piece, idk. we randomly were friends and it happens. i don't really know what to say after that
User avatar #8 to #7 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
Ah, okay, and yeah, i don't have a lot of pics of myself on here, but i do have pictures of myself as a pony that i created, so yeah, xD
#9 to #8 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
Obviously you didn't want it... sorry! I should have asked first... >.<
User avatar #11 to #10 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
Yeah, i don't really like having a PENIS just chillin' on my profile, lol. Sorry i can't help you, good luck, you have plenty of interwebs to search on xD
#12 to #12 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
It's cool... It's just your profile name and the assumptions I made and my male mind being stupid...
User avatar #13 to #13 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
It's okay, i just am a nerd, like i know way too much about it, and it happens. Men think with their PENISes, it's whatevs, lol. I'd love to be able to be more horny today, but i honestly just started my aunt flo, and it sux. Dx
#14 to #14 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
Okay... I would try to carry on a normal conversation, but both my heads can't seem to work at the same time...

I do have a question involving it, though... I want to know just how much an average girl does through insertion while playing with themselves to be satisfying. It's always been a question on my mind...
User avatar #15 to #15 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
I don't understand, rephrase, and vaginal bleeding
#16 to #16 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
Put very bluntly - while masturbating, how much insertion does a girl usually need to be satisfied (one finger, two fingers, a giant 10 foot stick, what?)

And I feel sorry for you having to be on a period. That's one of the things I'm very grateful for being a guy...
User avatar #17 to #17 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
You definitely should be, and i do not know, i never used my fingers, i always used something, and it varies with the girls, all i know is girth is way better than just length. and yeah, i'm too sophisticated for my own hands, xD
#18 to #18 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
It's just that I think it's pretty obvious what pleases a man, but it's kind of a mystery how much it would take to fill an average woman... :/
User avatar #19 to #19 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
i'd say, 6 in and 1.5 thick, that's an average not too whore'd out lady maybe, or if she hadn't been playing too much with herself, it all really depends, and you gotta know how to use it, i'd assume
#20 to #20 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]
Ah... And just how important really is foreplay? (oral before and fingering and what not)

Tell me if I start asking too much!
User avatar #21 to #21 - thesexnurd
(10/24/2011) [-]
You are asking someone who knows cold hard facts, i'd say that foreplay is significantly important unless the girl just wants to go at it, idk. I would say it is important.
#22 to #22 - anotherunusableacc
(10/24/2011) [-]

Well thanks anyways ^.^
(I'd love to return the favor if you ever think of any kinds of questions)