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#122 - That's an interesting way of looking at it, but I think it is …  [+] (2 replies) 02/14/2014 on wise words 0
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#172 - kombee (02/14/2014) [-]
Yeah, I see what you mean but I think you've misunderstood it a bit. Like applesdontpee says, no one is really absolved from responsibility in Islam. If one decides to follow the devil it's his/her fault, meaning that the actions would also be his or her fault. It's just also the devils fault, so the two would be at fault here; the devil leading him, and the human who let's himself be lead. What the devil does is make it harder for a person to do good and avoid bad, but muslims believe it's like that for everyone so there's really no reason to treat people as incapable of doing bad, when others can do good perfectly fine.

Muslims believe that everything is on you, so every thing you willingly do, wether good or bad, is someting you'll be accounted for yourself once you die, seperately from the devil and anyone else. You'll of course be excused from everything you don't do willingly, as long as you're sorry about it. Like e.g. if you kick a puppy-dog in your sleep, it won't count as a cruel act since you didn't do it on purpose. If you willingly kicked the puppy-dog while being aware of it because you got the idea to it from the devil perhaps , it would count as a cruel act, from a muslim perspective.
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#134 - applesdontpee (02/14/2014) [-]
i think there's more to it than that, or at least that second paragraph was kombee's interpretation. My parents are Muslim, but I am not. I'm not educated in the story of it, but the first paragraph is definitely familiar.

Muslims obviously believe that a person is responsible for the bad things he/she does. I think there's just more in the story/belief system than what kombee wrote.
#180 - Agnosticism and atheism are not mutually exclusive, and anyone…  [+] (1 reply) 02/08/2014 on Bitch, write it right +5
#280 - fragman (02/08/2014) [-]
And that's why I respect agnostic theists and atheists alike while gnostic theists and atheists are both nutjobs in my book.
"I know there is a god because I read about him in a book" is just as riddiculous as "I know there is no god because there is no proof he exists".

This is why people like Ken Ham create such a vast amount of rage inside me, because they actually claim to know something that is currently un-knowable for humanity. Those people put christians in a very bad light while most of the christians I know personally are actually very decent people, just like most atheists/muslims/jews I know.