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#41 - alexandervascus (02/05/2016) [-]
Whilst I agree, the Imperial Army was fucking horrible, by comparison the Navy was tame and even more so the Japanese civilians had no choice in the war. Near the end, they began to truly have little hope there would be an OH SO GREAT DIVINE VICTORY, and were pretty ready for it to end. Don't get me wrong, those crazy fucks were ready to Nippon Banzai right at American rifles with pitchforks, they were the most courageous people I can think of, but had a backward mentality, uncivilized even. I don't think dropping the Atom Bombs on large civilian centers like cities was a just action.

Part of being an American is that we're supposed have a strong moral center, to place ourselves above them, to show justice and mercy in equal measure,instead we just ended up committing genocide like them. It was an act of cruel vengeance on people that had nothing to do with their government's actions or their military. We brought ourselves to their level, and worse. We unleashed nuclear hellfire upon the world, granted it probably would have happened anyways, and sure it highlighted the horrors of radiation sickness. But it also gave many an evil man wet dreams. So I can say without a doubt, I think the A-bombing was far worse than it was better.
#36 - mastervule (02/05/2016) [-]
All war have seen horrors. But it was war crime. No to say any of those cities had military bases. Its nothing better then something Hitler would do. Im just sick of USA being shown as knight in shining armor but yours history is filled with inhumane cruelty. Now say whatever you want but you know that is true. USA is a billy nation. That will eventually end and then history will remember you as they should
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#32 - tropenthatshtup (02/05/2016) [-]
War makes all of us monsters, but dammit japan that was pretty fucked up of you. We at least apologized for our racist ass internment camps, maybe you could apologize for glorifying our deaths and turning POWs into vodoo dolls.
I don't know a shitton about 1945 but even from an outside perspective, it usually makes us look like "the good guys"
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#62 - tehavatar (01/19/2016) [-]
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