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#49 - Picture 03/25/2016 on JEB IS A MESS 0
#2 - Im still playing outside of the house I lived in as a kid acco…  [+] (6 replies) 03/24/2016 on Fact comp made by somebody... +69
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#38 - bigmanfifty (03/25/2016) [-]
Google Street View tells you the exact month
#18 - anon (03/24/2016) [-]
They don't do everywhere in the world simultaneously, kiddo. Just because google don't want to go to where you live, doesn't mean they will neglect the rest of the world. the street view always has the date it was taken and most are mid 2015.
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#67 - epicralph (03/25/2016) [-]

You don't have to be rude asshole.
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#12 - radiohazard (03/24/2016) [-]
Aren't faces obscured in street view?
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#63 - icewraithking (03/25/2016) [-]
old ones arent

something made google censor the new ones
#8 - anon (03/24/2016) [-]
I am dead certain most of these "facts" are total bullshit.
#8 - Picture 03/22/2016 on Gawker is dead +28
#4 - Or you could take the Austin Powers approach and improve your …  [+] (30 replies) 03/21/2016 on /fit/izen tells how to get... +365
#72 - scandalouszander (03/22/2016) [-]
#85 - hxhmaniac (03/22/2016) [-]
#95 - aliveraven (03/22/2016) [-]
What is this madness?!? And where can i get more of it?
#96 - hxhmaniac (03/22/2016) [-]
shitbird on /co/ keeps posting this picture in every single fucking thread he can with the caption "this is literally me"

people get salt, and some start copying him, and people point out he looks like a jojo character

on /co/ there are drawthreads where artist get suggestions on what to draw from the community. One shitbird asked them to "literally draw me in a jojo pose" or something along those lines and there were some drawings of him in a jojo style

years ago guys would always post that picture of tom from tom and jerry in a construction site with a creepy smile. Some guy got mad and did an autistic fit of rage where he said "IF I SEE THAT FUCKING CAT ONE MORE TIME ..." and people used it as a copypasta.

now some guy remember that and in a thread about "Literally me Vs some image of tom in a zoot suit. some drawfriend drew an image of them both with stand names

now /co/ is having these weird threads called /co/ /co/s bizzarre adventure where they get images of characters in weird jojo like outfits and try to make something out of it
#114 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
#67 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
I really like the picture, but it bothers me that it is Anakin's body and not Obi-Wan's.
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#28 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
can confim, I'm an ugly fuck and i don't make a lot of money but I've got mojo

the dick size helps too but I mean, they don't get that until later anyways so
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#29 - wigglyjr (03/22/2016) [-]
tfw no mojo and small dick
User avatar
#30 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
it's a skill, you learn it over time

as for the dick, anything at 4 inches and above works so, if you're in that range, you're ok
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#31 - wigglyjr (03/22/2016) [-]
Well... I guess dick isn't that bad, then.. thought I'm gay, and dick is even more important to guys, sadly
#148 - bann (03/22/2016) [-]
Only if you're a top
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#32 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
i'm bi, it's not

if it's cute, it's ok, pics?
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#33 - wigglyjr (03/22/2016) [-]
I may be a faget, but I ain't gonna be sharing pics any time soon. Nice try, though, hun~
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#34 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
just trying to rate ur cock mate, nothing wrong about that
#179 - sobir (03/22/2016) [-]
mfw no one wants to rate my meat
User avatar
#180 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
send pics
#182 - sobir (03/22/2016) [-]
mfw someone wants to rate my meat how do we do this
User avatar
#188 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
add something for size comparison, also for your own safety, dont take a pic that includes your room, i wont share it, but who knows what the website you'll host it at might do with it
#189 - sobir (03/22/2016) [-]
i was just interested on how you though this was gonna happen im not really that motivated to send my dick to anyone
User avatar
#190 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
k lol
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#187 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
put picture w/e, send in private message link
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#35 - wigglyjr (03/22/2016) [-]
Maybe totallynatedrake can help you out there. I don't have a pic anymore.
User avatar
#36 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
you dont have a pic of your dick but someone else on FJ does?

wow and you didn't wanna send me a pic what a prude
User avatar
#39 - wigglyjr (03/22/2016) [-]
I can't send something I don't have. And if I was being a prude, I wouldn't have told you someone you could get a pic from
User avatar
#40 - klina (03/22/2016) [-]
well I'm not gonna get out of my way that much to help out your confidence, i'm nice, but i'm lazy more than I'm nice
#178 - sobir has deleted their comment.
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#41 - wigglyjr (03/22/2016) [-]
Well, thanks for the offer of help anyway, hun.
#140 - acemrhawk (03/22/2016) [-]
MFW this conversation
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#129 - samlusiewski (03/22/2016) [-]
Something's going on here.
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#125 - Lloydles (03/22/2016) [-]
weird conversation
#12 - The adult preschool one is a bunch of people who dont want to …  [+] (2 replies) 03/21/2016 on Autism and Cringe +4
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#19 - itskennyandjosh (03/22/2016) [-]
I once knew a kid who had a diaper fetish but before i realized it was a fetish i just thought he was a total weirdo, now that i look back on it, he was a creepy ass kid
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#14 - artyomthebadass (03/22/2016) [-]
abdl? I'm not game enough to google any of this shit any more
#3 - Except his friend made it happen. Hell, he put them in a room …  [+] (23 replies) 03/21/2016 on Gawker is dead +363
#62 - soulknitter (03/22/2016) [-]
Wait what? So hes friend was like, sure fuck my wife. its alright. And he just did it?

Im not a person who gets really bothered by cheating and stuff but this is a bit over the edge...
#101 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
People have different interests and different morals. Some people are just swingers and thats how they keep their marriage interesting. If my friend asked my to fuck his wife and she was into it, like a 3some or on my own, I'd probably do it. As long as they were both ok with it, not him just reluctantly asking.

That being said, his friend was Bubba the Love Sponge, that should tell you everything you need to know. Also his wife was way out of his league and probably didnt love him to begin with, but then again he probably knew that.
#64 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
"I was in a dark place. It was the only place that I actually felt safe. Those people made me fee like they loved me. And as weird as it felt, and as crazy as it sounds, at that time, it was the only thing that I had. It didn’t even make sense but it just happened.”
User avatar
#65 - soulknitter (03/22/2016) [-]
I... guess?

It still makes me scratch my head. It's probably just me.
#87 - presentdent (03/22/2016) [-]
He was depressed and going through a shitty divorce at the time. People be crazy.
User avatar
#108 - soulknitter (03/23/2016) [-]
Oh. That explains a lot now. People tend to do a lot of weird stuff when they are feelin' down.
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#7 - theugandanhero (03/22/2016) [-]
Soulda posted a hulk gif
#8 - thehornedking (03/22/2016) [-]
#4 - ubercookieboy (03/21/2016) [-]
Ah, I see now. I was unaware of that fact.

In that case Hulk did good by hurting Gawker

My bad
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#99 - superflyingcookie (03/22/2016) [-]
At least your heart was in the right place
User avatar
#98 - woolfy (03/22/2016) [-]
As of now, you've broken even on that disastrous thumbscalade. Well done.
#90 - gotthembarrels (03/22/2016) [-]
Not only am i thumbing this up, I'm thumbing up that shitpost-tier comment which started this. People not being assholes when told they were wrong makes me happy.
#56 - doublepzk (03/22/2016) [-]
You owned up to it and aren't closed minded. No complaints here, good on yah.
#49 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
Yeah his friend "Bubba the Love Sponge Clem" was even quoted at the end of the tape something like "If we ever need a retirement" total dick move.
User avatar
#33 - brobafett (03/22/2016) [-]
But hurting gawker is always good.
User avatar
#29 - Sperit (03/22/2016) [-]
You didn't know and now you know
Learning is fun
#55 - doublepzk (03/22/2016) [-]
I keep forgetting you switched themes, still like it.
#18 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
"Oh dang im a fucking retard oops lol"
#41 - vorarephilia (03/22/2016) [-]
#75 - lolmart (03/22/2016) [-]
anybody know what this videos from?
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#78 - aadenoto (03/22/2016) [-]
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#96 - yearofthemonkey (03/22/2016) [-]
This is fucking hilarious
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#6 - theugandanhero (03/22/2016) [-]
ur gud