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#106 - tehjman (01/06/2013) [-]
ALL of my THIS! Cool Story Incoming.

I worked at Dollar General, which all in all is higher up on the scale of "fascist employers". You see DG bags come in 3 sizes: Wedding Ring, Normal/Medium Size, and Pregnant Yak; and Corporate would only send us the minimum amount of normal bags per month/period in order to save costs I can only assume.

Anyway, each month it was like I was a survivor stranded on an island trying to ration my supplies (medium bags) so I wouldn't run dry before rescue came; because trying to practically pack anything other than said Wedding Ring or Pregnant Yack into the aforementioned bags was a tectonic pain in the arse.

I'd be managing my supply all nice and perfectly and on schedule, when there would be that SPECIAL customer with some sort of mental hyper-tensity defect that would absolutely REQUIRE fucking one item per bag.

One. Item. Per. Bag.


Picture related, the desires of my soul during those moments.
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#46 - neoexdeath (01/06/2013) [-]
Hear that Bronies? If you can get the Ponies to beat the shit out of each other, its totally fine.
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watch the season 2 finale
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