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    Stop Snitching Stop Snitching
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    What does Marcellus Wallace look like? What does Marcellus Wallace look...
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    Everything in general... Everything in general...
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    Bitches Bitches
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    the Walken dead the Walken dead
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#4 - Picture 11/21/2016 on Not again 0
#2 - If you had to choose between sticking your dick into a bee hiv…  [+] (41 replies) 11/21/2016 on Current Year Man +441
#119 - anon (11/22/2016) [-]
I'd watch John Oliver.

The circle jerk around Trump is ridiculous. Sure, Hillary is bad, I get it.
But Trump's view on climate change, trade policies and Russia are not only laughable, they're dangerous.
Climate change is happening, and man-made emissions are significantly contributing.
Protectionism won't bring back US jobs.
Russia will keep testing NATO, the whole "restoring relations" scheme was tried after their invasion of Georgia, and look what happened next.

I agree that Hillary was a terrible choice, but you won't fix shit by electing a clown instead.
#133 - anon (11/22/2016) [-]
Climate change is Always happening though. We should be focusing on adapting to all climates instead of stopping it cause regardless of what we do a new Ice age is coming so we should spend our Resources on protecting ourselves from the day after tomorrow.

Neither candidate wanted to do that though so in that aspect they are both just as bad.
User avatar
#127 - alecsucks (11/22/2016) [-]
Ia this bait? Or i dunno man just not kept up to common knowlegde? He released his 100 day plan with atleast 2 adresses to climate concern but since you dont seem to know that id suggest you look it over before complaining like a normal lefty
#129 - anon (11/22/2016) [-]
Ok, see I have read the 100 day plan, so i've got a question... What has he said he's going to do, and do you actually think that'll help when he's removing ALL limitations on coal, gas, oil, and fracking. Yes fracking.

Here's a hint... no. He's fucking the planet.
User avatar
#106 - askafj (11/22/2016) [-]
Just give me the worst you got and I'll shove my fucking head in there.
User avatar
#102 - thesinful (11/22/2016) [-]
Is the size difference similar to that of African and European Swallows?
User avatar
#123 - icedpyro (11/22/2016) [-]
well the actual name for Killer bees is Africanized bees so...
User avatar
#91 - catburglarpenis (11/22/2016) [-]
Have you watched Steven Colbert recently? At least Ohn Jolifer brings up points, Colbert has resorted to just making noises and calling the new president a poop head. I thought Seth was doing decent with his closer look series but the facts started slowly seeping out like a silent fart and now his show is 98% over reactions about shit people say

It's fucking garbage water
User avatar
#89 - advice (11/22/2016) [-]
I think European bees are more gentler? My brain is telling me something about the climate being less harsh so the bees became sissy bees that don't do shit.
#85 - Daeiros (11/22/2016) [-]
User avatar
#131 - talldumbdork (11/22/2016) [-]
Depends on the airspeed velocity
#134 - anon (11/22/2016) [-]
And whether they were laden or unladen
User avatar
#71 - titanfallshill (11/22/2016) [-]
Have you watched his show? What makes it so bad for you?
User avatar
#125 - alecsucks (11/22/2016) [-]
I have and its like whatching a more anti white protest than blm except hosted by someone who is white
User avatar
#135 - daniboyi (11/22/2016) [-]
I don't get how he is anti-white.

From what I see, and I watch most of his episodes, he is more anti-bullshit.

It is mostly when he gets involved in politics that his bias heavily shows, but let's face it, everyone is biased as shit when it comes to politics, so nothing to get mad about.
#65 - anon (11/22/2016) [-]
both if it would mean i would never have to see him again.
User avatar
#64 - poruku (11/22/2016) [-]
I would watch his show, bang my head in a wall and puke, then comfortably go to sleep with my perfectly healthy penis
User avatar
#51 - dasbrot (11/22/2016) [-]
euro because they typically are smaller and less aggressive.
#49 - dappershark (11/22/2016) [-]
BEES, you fucking normies how about a bullet ant nest
#104 - meuk (11/22/2016) [-]
jesus does this fucker have predator jaws? goddayum.
User avatar
#141 - dappershark (11/22/2016) [-]
and it doesn't even use its teeth to sting you
User avatar
#66 - thewizsam (11/22/2016) [-]
you fucking no life weeb, eagle wasp is the way to go withe the dick sticking.
#140 - dappershark (11/22/2016) [-]
HAHAHA educate your self, one bullet ant sting is the most painful insect sting IN THE WORLD, now think about a whole nest of them.
#74 - ponchies (11/22/2016) [-]
#80 - anon (11/22/2016) [-]
fucking cazadores
User avatar
#73 - jasohazard (11/22/2016) [-]
Everyone on this site are idiots, jumping into molten lava is the best way.
#54 - marridreg (11/22/2016) [-]
See, you don't even need to tell someone those are bullet ants, just looking at them you can tell they are serious assholes.
#42 - xnotcreative (11/22/2016) [-]
Not all episodes are bad.

His Last Week Tonight show regarding patents was pretty cool.
User avatar
#41 - jamesten (11/22/2016) [-]
i'd take stingerless australian bees
User avatar
#40 - hastric (11/22/2016) [-]
I'd choose japanese hornets, so I would never again be at risk of having to watch his show.
User avatar
#37 - lazysans (11/22/2016) [-]
thats like asking between being shot with a bb or a bazooka

african bees are made of hate, not even once
#26 - shepshifter (11/22/2016) [-]
I would fuck a nest of these fucking things before watching that shit show
User avatar
#21 - barakakaka (11/22/2016) [-]
User avatar
#19 - anonymouswombat (11/21/2016) [-]
Honestly, he's not that bad when he's not talking about politics
#59 - anon (11/22/2016) [-]
It's true. I couldn't watch him on tv but I loved it when he was on the bugle with Andy. Simpler times back then.
User avatar
#16 - SoraDono (11/21/2016) [-]
john oliver show

he's an idiot but fuck man I ain't gonna have bees in muh dick
#14 - anon (11/21/2016) [-]
season 1 was ok with only a few problems (I was still 'lib by default' due to being at uni in STEM)
Stopped watching mid season 2 because shit went dogma wicked fast, as in so fast I was actually redpilled just watching it happen. To this day I maintain season 1 was just there to try and seduce fence sitting people like me.
#13 - fragman (11/21/2016) [-]
I sometimes watch it. Made it a drinking game. Whenever he's wrong or presenting opinion as fact, I drink. Really gets you wasted.
User avatar
#8 - rosehip (11/21/2016) [-]
European, I don't wanna get bee aids or bee ebola or something
#9 - anon (11/21/2016) [-]
#4 - dayrek Comment deleted by
#1 - BURN INBOUND! 05/25/2016 on Margaret 0
#13 - Well a estimated 1% of Americans suffer from schizophrenia, an…  [+] (1 reply) 05/09/2016 on Men 0
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#21 - nuclearfishin (05/09/2016) [-]
Yeah, unfortunately, we often respond by sending them to jail, having them get minimal treatment, transferred elsewhere to prepare for a trial while they destabilize, and when they are found not to be competent for a trial, sent back to the beginning of the cycle.
#3 - *Austinism  [+] (1 reply) 05/01/2016 on Austin 3:16 0
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#4 - wltwitch (05/02/2016) [-]
I'd be proud to be diagnosed with Austinism.