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    Joke tells itself. Joke tells itself.
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#56 - Never been mentioned outside of random user thingy. P… 3 hours ago on When I get mentioned 0
#44 - Frank Miller, ignore that, I meant Alan Moore 3 hours ago on I swear to god 0
#42 - I don't necessarily agree with that, in the Joker graphic nove…  [+] (1 new reply) 3 hours ago on I swear to god +1
#43 - fellatio (3 hours ago) [-]
I can see your point and I agree
#36 - >Heavily implied He stripped her to highlight her …  [+] (4 new replies) 3 hours ago on I swear to god +1
User avatar #44 - thegamegestapo (3 hours ago) [-]
Frank Miller, ignore that, I meant Alan Moore
#39 - fellatio (3 hours ago) [-]
^^^^ if there was rape, it wouldve been shown. I believe frank even came out and said "even the joker could never bring himself to rape a person. Torture them relentlessly for days just for a gag, but never rape"
User avatar #42 - thegamegestapo (3 hours ago) [-]
I don't necessarily agree with that, in the Joker graphic novel by Brian Azzarello and the Dark Knight Returns that Joker isn't above rape but his whole character is based around what he considers to be funny. In Joker it was to have a gag about the designated hero cheating on Joker with his own wife (it makes sense in context) and in DKR it was about winding Bats up about his romantic history. In both (admittedly non-cannon) cases there was a very definite 'humour' involved within the clear parameters of a twisted joke. There was no reason for Joker to rape Barbara because she was just build up for the 'punchline' that was Gordon's mental breakdown.

TLR, Joker didn't rape Barbara because it wasn't 'funny'.
#43 - fellatio (3 hours ago) [-]
I can see your point and I agree
#97 - Compensating for something 'Murka? Other than w… 4 hours ago on Nordic Masterace 0
#79 - Are you... buying affection? 6 hours ago on Franku-san +7
#80 - You got dub-dubs, not bad. 6 hours ago on 4 chan +1
#69 - Hey, don't apply pressure to the joint of your left thumb with… 9 hours ago on Some pretty spooky shit... 0
#106 - That's fair enough although I used the word "magic" … 03/29/2015 on original joke 0
#104 - Right here, guy was ice cold. Basically I'm trying to…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/29/2015 on original joke 0
User avatar #105 - krobeles (03/29/2015) [-]
Not all systems needs to be balanced exactly to each other. In our system, people who have control of magic will be unquestionably more powerful than those who dont. Of course, even a powerful Wizard will die to a sword to the face, but the dude with the sword will probably never get close enough to do that. You need to consider what kind of story you want your system to be telling. You could always make it so that there are shields and other things that make ranged weaponry highly unreliable? Like; Laser weapons are only really useful in a near vacuum where the beam isn't scattered by the atmosphere and everyone has personal electromagnetic force-fields that make conventional firearms next to useless?

The system we started working off of - The World of Darkness - had a fairly decent system for handeling mental illness. Since that system was fairly alright, we haven't really gotten to that stage yet, as we implement systems into our game as we develope them, and replace the World of Darkness systems otherwise in use.

That said, one of my biggest hunks of work thus far, has been in the developement of our take on the Warlock archetype. I wanted the Warlocks to be dangerously unstable and borderline insane. To insentavise the player who might create a Warlock to actually be insane, I tied a Warlocks insanity directly to how powerful he is in the form of a system I called Delirium. Without going into lengthy detail: As a Warlock uses his powers, he'll accrue Corruption. Too much, and he'll die. To get rid of this, he can either Mutate himself into a monster, or try to internalize the Corruption, developing a Delirium. A Mutation is neat because it might be an extra arm or wings or some shit, and a Delirium is neat because by internalizing this corruption, the Warlock becomes slightly more powerful at the cost of his sanity.
This way, I am hoping that players will gladly pick several handfuls of Deliriums - because players wants neat powers, right? - without feeling like the insanity is the Game Master beating them with a stick, which they might otherwise feel.
User avatar #106 - thegamegestapo (03/29/2015) [-]
That's fair enough although I used the word "magic" lightly, it's more telepathy and telekinesis which are a legacy of the stuff that ended the old world. I really wanted guns to be unquestionably superior but rare and with limited ammunition. I like the shields idea, that could be a great equaliser versus the gun-heavy faction.

The sanity being linked to level of power is also a great concept (which I hope you don't mind if I steal). Do you mind suggesting how it might fit in with my current fluff?
The justification for psionics in my setting is that they're descended from super-soldiers that were created to fight in the war that ended the world. The psychic "psykers" can read and interfere with the electrical signals in the brain and as the become more experienced (level up) they become better at interfering (new powers). The telekinetic "TKs" have nodules of organic material distributed throughout their nervous systems which can can increase or decrease the mass content of space-time. As they level up they develop larger nodules and can do more with them.

Any thoughts?

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