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#6 - Took me a moment. 14 hours ago on livid +3
#21 - Trump is definitely not with you. And he's nowhere near a good…  [+] (5 replies) 10/26/2016 on 4chan makes Hillary memes +56
#33 - dudulli (18 hours ago) [-]
Trump is a meme. I'm going against the bandwagon and agree with you.

But Hillary Clinton is one of the worst people ever. Personally, I'd vote for that dog in a hat over her.
#118 - thecrayzeeman (13 hours ago) [-]
Hey man if I could vote, I'd vote Trump. But I'm not from the USA.

Plus like the anon below said, if anything, he's a good business man, and might just put America on the right track. And he isn't openly tilting Russia. That's a big fucking plus in my book.

All the memes and comedy that come with him are just a bonus.
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#99 - battlebrotherlayn (15 hours ago) [-]
This is why we need vermin supreme.
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#35 - dgurevich (18 hours ago) [-]
When he is able to effectively beat the entire government, special interests, the mainstream media, SJWs, BLM, and even his own campaign managers who betrayed him, If he can win the presidency despite all that, I think he deserves it.
#24 - anon (21 hours ago) [-]
He's a business man that sees how the country is being screwed by politicians . At the very least , he can get the country back on track financially and throw a good fuck into those that are raping it .
#12 - No no, this one is on another level of ******.  [+] (1 reply) 10/26/2016 on Forbidden year +2
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#15 - reiksman (15 hours ago) [-]
So was 2015. So was 2014.
1. Hillary Clinton did not magically appear overnight. She's been awful since forever
2. Many great heroes are dead. Death is not a reason to be sad.
3. The Syrian refugee crisis is most heavily felt by Europe. I know it's wrong to say but it's not my problem yet.
4. There have been so many shitty years throughout time that far outweigh this year. Maybe the worst year in the decade, but not some sort of tragedy