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#87 - I don't understand banning the flag. I'm not super heavily pat…  [+] (3 replies) 11/12/2016 on AMERICAN BLOOD +1
#93 - deutschblut (11/12/2016) [-]
Where does this shit even come from?

#92 - deutschblut (11/12/2016) [-]
But but but....you do not want to offend the "undocumented immigrants" do you? They are loyal to Mexico and Mexico alone.

It is insensitive of us to display the US flag in THEIR neighborhoods!

I am being sarcastic for those than cannot tell...
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#94 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
See and I don't understand that. I love my homeland and shit, but I live here. I like it here. There's nothing wrong with maintaining a connection with your homeland, but if you're that psycho about it, then.. go back? If it's so great, then... leave?
#65 - .....Dude. In all seriousness though, the people in t…  [+] (2 replies) 11/12/2016 on More fresh 4chan +11
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#84 - thesguy (11/12/2016) [-]
#85 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
....I can explain
#144 - Not to mention, if Trump is impeached, they're left with Mike …  [+] (9 replies) 11/12/2016 on ignorant crybabies btfo 0
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#191 - psychologyxplain (11/12/2016) [-]
Why is he nuts? You're the second one I've seen to say that. Did I miss something?
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#193 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
He's very, very, very right wing. Beyond even this site. He believes in conversion therapy, anti-abortion, religious influenced government, anti-climate change, is for discrimination of LGBTQ+, anti-evolution and is for the teaching of creationism in schools, doesn't believe that smoking kills, anti-environmental, slashed funding to planned parenthood because he blamed it largely for "the outbreak of HIV", and just a whole lot of nuttery.
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#194 - psychologyxplain (11/12/2016) [-]

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#195 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
He's... extremist right wing. Like almost too right wing for the right wing.
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#197 - psychologyxplain (11/12/2016) [-]
That's just....how....what? Like, I'm a Christian, but I'm the "You do you, I'm gonna do me, let's just respect each other" type of Christian. But I vary a little bit from others I swear, no super special mary sue snowflake . If it's true that God created the universe and everything within it, that means he also created science. And if God created science, then that implies he wanted us to discover it and use it. Therefore, any sort of scientific studies are righteous in the eyes of God as long as they are truthful.

But holy fuck, this is just completely beyond all sort of logic or reason. Like...fuck. I swear to you, we're not all batshit crazy like that
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#198 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
Oh I know, I have very similar beliefs. If God created the universe, he also created science and medicine, as well as free will, which means that people can do as they please. Besides, people are going to do it anyways, so why make yourself the bad guy by trying to regulate? Live and let live.

This poor dude that is now our VP hasn't quite grasped that yet. He still thinks that it's his job to regulate people because they can't regulate themselves, and if he doesn't do it, this will be a nation of sin and he personally will be blamed.
#153 - anon (11/12/2016) [-]
Not to mention...

He literally fucking mentioned that.
Do you not know how to read or are you just a complete cock gobbling faggot.
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#199 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
(cock gobblin faggot bit confirmed tho)
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#155 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
>figure of speech

Do you not have something to do or are you seriously just that bored?
#46 - Since it is a bloodline, it is arguable. It's passed down thro…  [+] (2 replies) 11/12/2016 on Oh my what a situation 0
#47 - anon (11/12/2016) [-]
israelites =/= jews
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#48 - thecharliesheen (11/12/2016) [-]
Don't ask me, ask every teacher I've ever had that claims that's how it works. I disputed it to, since a religion doesn't make a race, but I guess there's some fuckin' component in there that makes it a race somehow.