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Lonely weeaboo who likes video games and music.

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#9 - Picture 10/15/2015 on So +1
#25 - "Women aren't attracted, in general, to feminine men"…  [+] (3 replies) 10/11/2015 on Milo being awesome part 2 +5
#333 - anon (10/12/2015) [-]
If that's what women really wanted, they'd date women.

But they don't, because they don't.

If you don't want to be "manly" or whatever, that's all fine and good. . But I'd just think about if that's how you actually feel or if that's what you've been conditioned into
#284 - genasi (10/12/2015) [-]
Sure they like those guys, which is why they enjoy hanging out with their bestest hipster friend, talking about their feelings and stuff. And then their square-jawed hunk of a boyfriend arrives on his motorcycle to pick them up. That's just how things are. No matter how advanced our society becomes, it won't erase those parts of the female DNA that makes them feel all tingly inside when motorcycle dude arrives and silently waits for her to hop on his bike while staring stoically into the sunset.

also, basically everything kristovsky said
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#28 - kristovsky (10/11/2015) [-]
"In touch with his feminine side" is women code for a guy that will sit and listen to them talk about their feelings.

And if you think any society is better than 600 million years of evolution then not only are you foolish, but you are also arrogant. Every action we do as humans comes as a result of our instincts, whether consciously or subconsciously. That means that our societies are dictated largely by these same instincts. No, we don't "need" every man to be the epitome masculinity, that won't happen anyway. The point is that men strive to be that, even if they know they will never achieve it. Desiring to better one's self is also a masculine trait, and it's what keep us moving forward technologically, culturally and politically. In other words, a less masculine society is one which slows down. Like I said, both femininity and masculinity are needed, but when one gets heavily skewed in favour of the model breaks down. And this is exactly what you propose, unless you also want women to be less feminine, in which case we will have a society of clone like people where females are indistinguishable from males.

Now, I'm a liberal, and I believe that people should be able to do what they want. However, don't be silly and try to think there will ever be a utopia. When societies get less masculine and become feminised, which is what you are proposing don't deny it, they become weaker. Look at Rome, once they stopped fighting their own wars and filled their legions with mercenaries because they wanted the easy life, the mercenaries sacked Rome and destroyed their empire, along with barbarians that the Romans also couldn't stomach fighting because they had become soft. Look at Sweden and how feminised men are there, why do you think every Swede girl is looking to immigrants for babies? It's because Swedish men are viewed as timid and weak.

Ultimately the more feminine men get left behind anyway, male feminists sure don't get any loyalty from their girlfriends.
#6 - I cant seem to figure out what the double tap G does. Does it …  [+] (2 replies) 10/11/2015 on Youtube Magiks found +2
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#10 - yudodat (10/12/2015) [-]
It's the youtube gaming thing. It activates the "earth defense" game. (can't remember the name right now)
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#9 - mcassio (10/11/2015) [-]
My guess is it makes the video fullscreen. However, since you cant do that here, it doesnt work. Try doing it on a real Youtube video.
#22 - Like I said, masculinity itself is not the problem, it's how s…  [+] (1 reply) 10/11/2015 on Milo being awesome part 2 +3
#408 - drewjitsu (10/12/2015) [-]
but society doesn't do that as much as feminism claims it does.
#7 - Feminism, anti-feminism... it's always the ******* same **** b…  [+] (5 replies) 10/11/2015 on (untitled) +41
#41 - vymastenaochechula (10/12/2015) [-]
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#22 - vorarephilia (10/12/2015) [-]
we're gonna circlejerk until the cocks bleed.
#73 - anon (10/12/2015) [-]
And then we'll blame it on the feminists.
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#68 - tarabostes (10/12/2015) [-]
#16 - anon (10/12/2015) [-]
No. We have to feed their delusional fantasies.