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#75 - I hate to be this guy, because i have been brought up to belie…  [+] (13 replies) 12/02/2013 on HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 0
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#115 - hudis (12/02/2013) [-]
And then you realise that women could barely even write without using male pseudonyms until the mid 20th century, for example. Past inventions, most of which are from a time when women were literally considered incapable of doing anything other than giving birth, taking care of children and cooking, are not evidence of male intelligence. You may think that many things feminists say is wrong, but one thing that is absolutely true is that in its very base, our world is a man's world. That's largely what feminists try to change, for the prosperity and equality of all.

I say this as a guy, if you need to know.
#145 - tedge (12/03/2013) [-]
but at some point down the line, men became dominant. not women. i never meant to say that this is right, or fair, or just, it's just true. Men were the ones who became dominant. something allowed us to assert authority. and it's not just because of our physically larger stature. if that's the way the world worked, elephants would be at the top of the food chain. I understand that every deserves to be treated equal, and that no one person is more important than another. i get that, i agree with that. And i feel like women make up for being less intelligent. they have their virtues, and in the end it's pretty even. Men just win the intelligence part.
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#147 - hudis (12/03/2013) [-]
Well, first of all I don't agree, and secondly it isn't true. This isn't a matter of opinion. Men have always dominated both academics and the arts, yes - men have dominated many things. Everything, really. Recently, however, there have been years when women have statistically scored above men in terms of IQ, so that strikes biological reasons right off the table. Which leaves social causes, and we've already covered that bit.

You say that "they have their virtues", but that statement doesn't even apply. Virtues are not programmed into our DNA. They are taught to us. Women are not more virtuous than men by default, and men are not more intelligent than women by default. If you're basing your observation on women being stupid in public or acting like sluts in the club or whatever, there are just as many men who are exactly the same and there are numerous explanations for both.

Either way, I'd recommend actually reading up on reliable, as-objective-as-possible research and studies when it comes to these things if you care enough to label women less intelligent than men and men less virtuous, because right now it sounds like you are just making things up as you go based on vague bits you've heard about humanity's history.
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#114 - hoponthefeelstrain (12/02/2013) [-]
You mean these men made all these scientific discoveries when women were not allowed in the work force? That means men MUST be smarter.
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#78 - biker (12/02/2013) [-]
You are judging one whole gender vs the other. I don't believe one gender is smarter than the other. That one guy was smarter than that one girl. I have guy friends who are smarter than me and guy friends who I am a lot smatter than. I would bet my left arm that Lisa Randall is way smarter than you are. Even IF men as a whole are smarter than women (which there is no evidence pointing to) that doesn't mean that every man is smarter than every woman.
#79 - tedge (12/02/2013) [-]
i certainly didn't mean to say that every man is smarter than every woman. that would be a ridiculous claim. It's just that... historically the important people were mostly men. and i know some feminist is gonna say "It's only that way because oppressive male pigs in power made it that way" and maybe that's so, but they were able to make it that way in the first place. so on some level they outsmarted women. i'm not saying that it can't change, and i'm not saying that it shouldn't change, i'm just saying that that's the way it seems to be.
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#86 - biker (12/02/2013) [-]
Admittedly, there are times when I wished I was a man.
#83 - biker (12/02/2013) [-]
It isn't so much that they outsmarted the women, it's that they were stronger. I love boasting about how strong I am, but I am well aware that if somebody is bigger than me then they are probably stronger. Seeing as men are genetically engineered to be larger than women, it is not a great leap to say that men are generally larger than women.
Men weren't all a bunch of oppressive pigs. People were raised to believe that men were better than women. Women also oppressed women.
Everybody wants to be higher up on the totem pole than somebody else. Men, being bigger and stronger, generally felt that they were better than those that were smaller than them (this would also include other men). Trends such as this will continue to the end of time. I like to think that I am not a judgmental person, but I will always find somebody that I can think "At least I'm better than them". I hate that about myself, but I understand that is how humans (and many other species) thrive and continue.
We want to mate the the person who is higher up in the pecking order and we find others to be above. There are exceptions. Those who are weak and don't climb, and people who are low on the pecking order who want to climb jump on them.
Many great men in history believed that women were intelligent (not all), because they had plenty of people that they were better than that they didn't feel the need to push down all the people they could.
To keep down a group of people you lord over them and deny them education. This has been done to women and men. In those pushed down everybody will find somebody to spit on. The men will spit on some men and most women. The women will spit on other women. The cycle will never truly end, but we can work on it.
One of the greatest examples of this is written throughout the book "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn".
I'm sorry this is taking so long to write out and I'm almost sure that I've repeated myself, but to make it better I've added a picture for you.
#109 - tedge (12/02/2013) [-]
I'm just saying that at one point, it was determined that males were the dominant ones. That males were the leaders. It wasn't this way everywhere. there are places where women are the more dominant ones, you seem well-informed so i don't need to tell you where. I'm a man, and despite the fact that i do think we have had a larger impact on history, and are on the average smarter, i don't think we're any better than women. Women typically have a lot of traits men lack. and while these may make most women bat-shit crazy (just a joke) on the average i'd say women are better people. they may get catty, and fight with their friends, but i feel like, on the average of course, women have a stronger sense of morality. I knew a girl who was kind of a bitch. she was a 9/10 on a bad day, and she knew it. she wouldn't give people like me much thought. she was too jesusy. This girl volunteered several hours a week to help with special ed students. not during school hours, outside of school, and evenm throughout the summer. so even though i didn't much like her, that was an incredibly admirable trait. i don't think it's any better to be one than the other, i just think it's different.
#116 - biker (12/02/2013) [-]
I hate to do this to you, but you can look at as many of the articles that have come out in the last few years and they will support this.
Men used to have higher average IQs but now women do.
You let us have an education and now we shall conquer the world!!!!!
p.s. lots of women who appear to be doing nice things are total assholes. I used to ride horses with a girl (she was a few years younger than me) and I was always nice to her. She gave a lot of time to charities but she was a total jerk. She was rude to a lot of people and at one point she screwed me over and told everybody that I hadn't sold some raffle tickets that she was supposed to give me (which she hadn't). People like that just do charity work so people will tell them what a good person they are.
#146 - tedge (12/03/2013) [-]
like i said, they can be catty. I still like to think she helped the mentally disabled children because she felt like it was the right thing to do. I had no idea about the IQ tests, but honestly i believe it. Intelligence isn't just IQ. Intelligence is one's ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills to real life situations in a way that will best benefit you. if you argue that Men are Dominant, then that means they best used those acquired skills and knowledge. that's just my opinion i'm sure plenty of people disagree, but i feel like i approach the topic with a firm grip on reality.
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#151 - biker (12/03/2013) [-]
What's your name?
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#150 - biker (12/03/2013) [-]
That is a part of the IQ test, but women historically have a short list of accomplishments in comparison to men. In that sense your argument is valid.
It's the view point of traits to be considered gender oriented. I believe one of the main issues is that we still see things that are "feminine" as inferior. I like knitting and buttons and people call me "domestic" (as in people have actually told me that to my face, not that I think people think that way of me). I also do wight lifting and ride horses that try to buck me off. I have issues with my tendons and ligaments that cause my muscles to lock up and I am in pain almost everyday of my life. But because I like buttons people see me as feminine and submissive. My ex-bf thought that because I handled things calmly and kindly that he could easily push me around (he couldn't and it pissed him off to no end).
People still believe the "fairer traits" to be weak. That is one of the beliefs we need to change as well as the idea that one gender is better than the other.
Thank you for listening to me prattle on.
I understand the are very slight differences in each of our arguments that we will continue to disagree on, but it is important that such things continue. It is the exchange of ideas that allows each of us to grow (whether or not we agree it still makes one think).
#66 - can't yours?  [+] (2 replies) 12/02/2013 on HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 0
#69 - aherorising (12/02/2013) [-]
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