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#23 - "Ringo isnt even the best drummer in the Beatles" …  [+] (3 replies) 10/17/2016 on Beatles banter +30
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#48 - kevinipples (10/17/2016) [-]
sadly that's a fake quote
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#70 - cthumoo (10/18/2016) [-]
makes sense, it always confused me why anyone would think he is, considering any time Ringo's not alone he's probably not even the best drummer in the room
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#55 - fatminion (10/17/2016) [-]
is it really? I mean, the story goes like this:

Pete Best was their drummer when they were the Quarrymen.
They got a gig in Hamburg, but the booker thought Best was too loud and not in time, so he kinda fired him when he was on skiing holiday and hired Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr). Starr was good for the echoey halls of Hamburg, and they had great success.
But when they went into the studio, Starr couldn't do the beats McCartney wanted, so McCartney would play drums or at least show him what he wanted. I think on some tunes they just grabbed a drummer from a nearby session.

So... even if the quote is false, it's not entirely untrue.

sauce: biography of the Beatles' engineer en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Here,_There,_and_Everywhere:_My_Life_Recording_the_Music_of_The_Beatles
#18 - what's going on in this vid?  [+] (1 reply) 10/16/2016 on car kek +3
#21 - corporations (10/16/2016) [-]
Mainland Chinese.
#56 - for a private company yes but i dont feel like u can negotiate…  [+] (1 reply) 10/15/2016 on grad students 0
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#57 - xdiabolicx (10/15/2016) [-]
Ohhhh that could be true and yeah that's a huge difference.
#54 - well that's what the website showed, vast majority of Engineer…  [+] (1 reply) 10/13/2016 on grad students 0
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#55 - xdiabolicx (10/14/2016) [-]
The problem with most salaries now-a-days is you get those people that settle for the job they have. They increase the amount of experience they have yet their companies don't compensate them adequately. Typically the mindset of the company is "why should we pay this guy more if he's not asking for it or threatening to work for someone else? let's see how long we can pay him less than he's worth until shit hits the fan and he tries to do something about it" and that throws off the average for 5-10 years of experience (I think). People don't realize that their self worth is actually MUCH greater than what your employer wants you to believe. The best way to figure out your self worth is to throw out updated resumes until a company sends you an offer. Take that offer to your current employer and be like hey I'm worth this much, this company will hire me right now with this salary. And then you can leave or not depending on if you like working for the current company IF they try to match the competing salary. People should be doing this trick once about every 3-5 years to consistently increase their salary when their self worth increases.
#31 - Their website is still up with the "red alert&q…  [+] (1 reply) 10/13/2016 on Morbid Classic 9: Heaven's... +4
#35 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Went through it a bit. Yeah, those poor idiots. Oh well, they will be replaced.
#52 - I bumped it up to Transportation Engineer III which is 5-10 ye…  [+] (1 reply) 10/12/2016 on grad students 0
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#53 - xdiabolicx (10/13/2016) [-]
Oh engineer III is 5-10? Honestly that 87k is probably closer to 10 years. Don't expect to be making 87k with no masters and only a PE at 5 years of experience.