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#109 - They had a part two of that. She actually lost a lot of the we…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/22/2014 on foreshadowing +7
User avatar #131 - playerdous (03/22/2014) [-]
I hope they used the skin to fix fifty burn victims
#7013 - Hah, well when you put it that way.. 03/22/2014 on Hottest Girls on FJ Submission 0
#6969 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 03/22/2014 on Hottest Girls on FJ Submission 0
User avatar #6980 - TheOldOakTree (03/22/2014) [-]
not thats anything wrong with that, gotta love those big muscles ;))
#7013 - swiggityswoner (03/22/2014) [-]
Hah, well when you put it that way..
#509 - Comment deleted  [+] (4 new replies) 03/21/2014 on Hottest Girls on FJ Submission +12
User avatar #6954 - TheOldOakTree (03/22/2014) [-]
looks like pontius
#6969 - swiggityswoner (03/22/2014) [-]
User avatar #6980 - TheOldOakTree (03/22/2014) [-]
not thats anything wrong with that, gotta love those big muscles ;))
#7013 - swiggityswoner (03/22/2014) [-]
Hah, well when you put it that way..
#10 - There's a difference between an obsession over celebrities who… 03/21/2014 on Natalia Poklonskaya Wikipedia +1
#8 - Take it easy, it was only a joke.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/21/2014 on old people 0
User avatar #9 - brobafett (03/21/2014) [-]
Joke is a trigger word for me. Check your privileged.
#33 - Actually, not really. I'll take your word for it. 03/21/2014 on takin' a bite +2
#12 - I guess you could say her opinion was pretty ****** … 03/21/2014 on supermarkets are shit +1
#33 - Picture 03/21/2014 on Oops! +2
#24 - Okay then... 03/21/2014 on Fighting +1

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#149 - kombee (12/30/2013) [-]
Lol alright, we can continue from here then, if that's fine with you. << pic was probably the way OP felt, just replacing the word ****** with "not for you" or something along those lines
Ah well, next time then. Well you could say that it's atleast two weeks of looking forward to it, and the important thing is that you had fun. When it come to rp's any kind of progress is a definite plus

The comic would definitely be good content, I'm sure of it. And the expactation vs. reality thing is a pretty neat idea Despite D&D being more apparent lately, I've also seen FJ supporting good OC especially. Who knows, maybe you'll even get a heavy chunck of subscribers from it.
#213 to #149 - swiggityswoner (01/14/2014) [-]
Reply limit again, Yeah I haven't even really had it in my mind that ps3 games are gonna get a whole lot cheaper soon. Probably could've guessed eventually, but you're right. Oh, the advantages to still being stuck playing an older system, eh? It doesn't actually seem all that old anyways so I really don't mind. Plus, with no backwards compatibility, keeping the ps3 is probably going to be a must anyhow, even if my family wasn't broke as a joke and could afford the ps4, lol. We keep all our systems, so I don't think this would have been a real question in the end.

Yeah, vanilla Skyrim could probably be enough to tide you over until you get a nicer computer. I'm kind of in the process of this myself, because eventually I did want to go for mods so I got it on the computer too during a sale, but surprise surprise, my computer can't run it right. Can't even run minecraft after trying to install that, without the bottom of my laptop practically melting, soooo... I'm currently trying to save up to go halves with my mom on an alienware laptop (the cheapest one, but it'd be a tremendous upgrade to mine right now). As for Far Cry 3 however, I'm not really sure there's a lot you can do different on the computer than you can on a console, so unless things look as much better as people say they do on a pc, then I'd say go for that too. (I personally don't see a difference, but I don't really have a bias towards any platform, lol.)

Also that's a good idea... taking Rochelle so she can't **** things up... but it would mean playing as her. Ah, what a hard decision to make... you know the funniest thing that ever happened with her while me and my friend were playing once. We'd just slid down that hill on one of the swamp levels, I think it was? Well, apparently we left a smoker up there, and he got rochelle and dragged her on up where we couldn't shoot her back down or even get to her, so we just had to watch as she was dragged away to her doom. And ah, the famous chocolate helicopter, who could forget that? Rachael also has to take meds quite often so she likes to use the 'grabbin' peelz' whenever she can.

Well, I like to think there's an underlying message to them that somewhat makes up for it, but overall, you're definitely right. They are intentionally sickening. Like most things though, if it's well done, I'll try not to mind it, and I think anything that can make you feel something, kinda like how I've just gotta figure that whoever plays Joffrey must be a damn good actor for being able to make people hate a character that much, not because he's a bad character as in poorly designed and written, but his personality, as if he were a real human being, is so terrible. Kind of the case as in Silent Hill, however, I imagine it's their goal to try to make you feel disgusted and disturbed, and they, for most people, do a good job of that. So if anything, I can applaud them for this. And yes, I probably do mean Agent Smith 2.0. Now it's my turn to say 'don't hurt me', because I've never really sat down and watched the Matrix. Only bits and pieces, not enough to know the character names... :C

And there's more than five stars?? Oh my, I've been slacking off. I might just have to dig up an old GTA game and try again, hehe.
User avatar #215 to #213 - kombee (01/14/2014) [-]
2... It's meant for those who can stomach it, like you say. If anything, it's a good thing the medium can expand itself to such a diverse selection of games. I personally wouldn't gain much from Silent Hill though, unless I played it with someone or watched a playthrough. My friend Dennis has played them before and understand their concepts quite well, so playing it with a friend like that who could tell me what's going on would be great. Joffrey is a pig, lol, but the guy who plays him is abolutely brilliant. This is actually one of many reasons why Game of Thrones is a great series despite the blatant nudity. The actors are superb, and they suck you into the world quite well. And dragons... just dragons. God I love dragons (though I've only seen a glimpse of them in GoT). You haven't watched it?!!? Lol, don't worry. The Matrix was a good movie, especially for it's time, but it's not a must see. Even if it was, it would just mean you had something to look forward to. It kinda started the trend of films with hard to understand and convuluted plots (especially because of it's sequels) which is both good and bad

Just checked, and there were six heads in total (they used heads instead of stars at the time). Never could get up to the sixth though
User avatar #214 to #213 - kombee (01/14/2014) [-]
There are actually still plans for newer releases on the ps3 this coming year. Things like Watchdogs, Dark Souls 2, Dragon Age Inquisition, Persona 5, Metal Gear Solid 5, Destiny, Thief, Tales of Symphonia and a great deal of fighting games (though some of them are just updates) like Persona 4 Suplex besides the indie/retro game releases, so people with a ps3 are quite set for about a year or so. I'm also perfectly content with having a ps3, and as you say keeping it would probably be the best with or without a ps4. We still have our ps1 and 2 hidden upstairs, so I see what you mean

Yeah, I feel your pain. My computer is actually quite alright despite being around 5 years old. 4gb ram and a fairly good processor, though the graphics card is integral so it's a no no for gaming, but it's been a great computer for everything else over the years so I can't compain. I might actually be able to afford a reasonable computer in the near future myself, if I'm lucky, so I might become part of the "masterrace" lol. I've heard alienwares are perfect for gaming, so you and your mother would probably do a good investement in buying one. It's a bit pricy, but if I'm sure if you treat it well (like keeping it cool and not overclocking it) it will last you for a long time. I also think Alienware is easier to upgrade than other laptops if you get the urge to do so. Cool, guess I'll lookout for Far Cry 3 the next tie I'm thinking of buying a game. (Me either, consoles and pc's are just two sides of the same coin to me.)

Lol, that's happened to us a few times as well. Smokers can be quite excrutiating if you can't find them. Unless it's a human controlling the zombie, we always aim at the toungue, so to release the trapped player fast and then retaliate. Now you mention it, it always seems like it's Rochelle that get's trapped by them. Weird.

I think you're right. There's a reason why Silent Hill is so well known, and that's because it does the horror well....1
#216 to #214 - swiggityswoner (01/24/2014) [-]
Jesus, haven't had any time to myself these past few days, been so caught up with school. Logged on a few times but couldn't stay for long,... guess I should have saved my late reply apology for here and now, lol.

Yeah I figured there'd be new stuff coming out for the ps3 and all that, (ya know, cause not everyone can afford the new system of this we are well aware, lol. Would be a terrible judgement call on Sony's part if they decided not to, and we all know bad judgement calls of that caliber are reserved to Microsoft, haha. Still though, with some of the focus on the ps3 taken off, some things should start to get cheaper... isn't it odd to think that one day, games that cost us $60 now are going to be about as inexpensive as a ps1 game some day? and just as outdated as them too (but still classics, I'm sure).

Yeah mine started out all fine and dandy, probably could've run Skyrim back in it's heyday, but I think it's just worn down and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Had a plethora of things on there before, one and a major being WoW. Installed that on here in about two hours when I first got it. Took my desktop about a whole day to do that Still was a damn good desktop either way, but somebody took a vacuum cleaner nozzle to it to clean some dust out of the tower and ****** it up. Oh, I was pissed... Not much to do about it now though. Don't have the money to repair.

Either way, I wish you luck in your financial planning for getting a new comp, be it a laptop or a desktop. Probably won't get mine by my birthday, haven't gotten mine off the ground yet lol That's alright though, gonna keep working for it. I have a MIGHTY NEED for a new computer.

Yeah, I'm usually good about smokers. Got a good reaction time so I can usually side step or hide behind something before they really get the chance to get me, same thing with hunters but they're definitely a little trickier. Special infected certainly Do seem to have their favorites, don't they? I think you're right about smokers and Rochelle, and I've seemed to notice a pattern with Nick and spitters... gross. (Also Ellis and Jockeys. Poor Ellis.)

Haha, I wouldn't be able to play Silent Hill on my own either, trust me. I'm not just saying it either, like, I bought Amnesia with a good intent to play it on my own but holy **** . I can hardly even play it when I do have friends with me, and even then we're freaking out the whole time. Kind of like the '11 drunk guys play _____', if you will... Actually, that's pretty inaccurate, but it would be funny.

That's what I hear about GoT, which for it I think I may be able to put up with the nude scenes. The acting can make or break a show for me In fact, that's one of my favorite things about Walking Dead. I should probably go ahead and try out Breaking Bad for this reason too. Heard great things about the actors, and the show all around really. Also, who doesn't love dragons? ***** , I spent like half of my dandelion-puff ball wishes on wishing those were real when I was little, lol. and that I'd have a pet wolf by now, but nooo... I feel like I got gypped, haha. and hooray! I quite enjoy convoluted plots. One of the reasons I was so into Death Note for a while... (if you don't know what that is, it's an anime. I know not everyone is into them, lol.)

Damn though, still slacking. Good news though, I just found LC a couple days ago rooting around in some unpacked boxes. Along with Sphinx and a couple spyro and tomb raider games, which had all been missing for a while, and I about tore the house apart looking for a few months back. Wasn't even looking for them, but hey! Now I can't even remember what I had been looking for in the first place. Felt like I dug up my childhood, lol. Of course I've barely had any time to play. Schoolwork and all...
User avatar #219 to #216 - kombee (01/25/2014) [-]
Also, have you seen the influx of D&D related topics lately? It's becoming really popular and the stories are really great, lol. You should check it out if you haven't yet.
User avatar #218 to #216 - kombee (01/25/2014) [-]
I haven't been able to look at spitters properly since I've watched the Left 4 Speed 2 parody gross indeed .

Just watched a "11 drunk guys play slendermand video" and it's freaking hillarious It kinda reminds me of my friends' and mine old playthroughs together when we were young, though that only happened when we had eaten or drunk too much food and sugar. I get how you feel, Amnesia can be pretty freaking scary at times, though I can stomach it much better because it isn't as intentionally repulsive as SH is, just scarier at times. I actually had a friend who threw his laptop on my lap and told me almost desperately screamed to hide for him, cause he couldn't handle the fear anymore, lol. Was kind of an adrenalin shock cause now I had a monster chasing me, but I did manage to keep my cool, get away and hide, luckily. My friend couldn't play the rest, so my other friend, Dennis had to take over for him, while he carefully peeked beside him.

Yeah, GoT i definitely a well made series. Both the actors and the story makes for a very interesting world. Haven't watched the Walkning Dead or Breaking Bad yet because of lack of time, though I've always wanted to check them out . Lol, I used to squish all the dandelion-puffs because I was told that they were bad for the garden. Darn, I guess I'm to blame for dragons not excisting. Ah well, pet wolves and dragons would probably our deaths anyway. But what a glorious death. An anime? You mean one o' dem japanese cartoons? I love them! (No seriously I've watched anime since I was a kid, and watched quite the lot since then). Death Note is definitely one of those up there, and I'd even say DN does a convoluted plot better than the Matrix

Nice! Glad to hear you found a part of your childhood. As my brother always says; "Why would I go to school when I can become the Pokemon master?"
User avatar #217 to #216 - kombee (01/25/2014) [-]
Lol, no need to apologize. I know the stress school can give and how much time/brain juice it takes to reply to long comments like these. If you ever feel stressed, not in the mood or pinched on time, don't feel you need to apologize for it. It's a friendly chatter after all, and I'd only like for you to comment back if you feel like it

Yeah, wow didn't even think about that. The fact that the games now will maybe feel like Ps2 games in the near future. I'm sure they'll still feel as awesome to play later as they do now though, like you say. Heck I just hope my Ps3 can hold on for so long, 'cause it kinda makes me excited to be able to get whatever game I want for the system. Y'know like take chances with obscure titles I haven't heard before and such. Then again, a new/used Ps3 in the future would probably also be really cheap, so it's not too bad though I'd prefer mine to keep running for years still.

Thanks, and I wish you the same luck with your new computer. Right now I'm thinking desktop, but that might change with the options that I'll be presented with. Laptops are after all easier to manage physically. Man, the days when you had to let the computer run all night to install WoW. Never had the game myself but I once helped a friend set everything up, lol. Had to come back the next day to find out it was still installing. I'm sorry for your loss on your computer I'd definitely feel the same in your shoes. May your mighty need flourish to reality, or something. Heck, as long as you get a new computer

I can manage most things in l4d besides the hunter. It's probably my favourite special but man it has beaten me badly over the course of me playing. Maybe because I tend to either be the rear or at the front of the group and always looking without too much backup which is really dumb, lol. I always get caught by a hunter when the others can't reach me or are occupied. Yeah, it's always Nick and the spitter, Ellis and the Jockey.
#220 to #217 - swiggityswoner (01/31/2014) [-]
Yeah, I know, I just like to answer people as soon as I can. I hate going off for days on end, and it's not exactly helpful to keep in mind that school is the reason why I have to. I recognize it's definite importance, but I have no qualms when I say I have an extreme dislike for school. Only have I ever went to one school I enjoyed above the others, be it public or non, and I left that one for online schooling because I eventually had enough of it too. I'll just never be the personality type that can tolerate school well, and I've come to accept this of myself. I figure that whenever I move on to college my opinion may change, because rather than (and while I may have to take the core classes) it won't be such a midway as school was; I already know what I want to do, which is what I think my problem with school is. While I'm expected to be a well-rounded individual, I'm trying to evaluate whether or not what is being taught is relevant to my goals in life, and if I think it isn't then I have a hard time swallowing whatever it is I'm being told to do, and not being totally resistant towards in in the meanwhile, when a number of the lessons are only ever going to be valuable to me on graded tests. /rant See? I told you I'm opinionated, lol. I do apologize for the tangent, however; I get really worked up about those things. I just hope I've presented myself as an intelligent enough person before now to be able to bring out the 'I hate school' spiel without losing all my credibility as such, haha. (If there was some to begin with).

You're probably right about that, though I'd suggest to your future self when looking to buy a new ps3 that you look for one of the older versions if they still function by then, because, as I figured out when I took SoTC over to my grandparents, the newer ones don't have backwards compatibility like the first models. (Which was pretty messed up, in my opinion. Made me pretty sad too, SoTC seemed like a game my grandpa would have enjoyed playing with me. (He likes the boss battles in games. SoTC is basically twelve of them right in a row, lol.))

Yeah, desktops are probably better for the gaming experience and all that, but I move around way too much to not be able to pack up my platform and take it somewhere else. Much more difficult to do with a desktop than a laptop. (Plus, like I mentioned earlier, I do online schooling, so whatever computer I do end up with, its probably going to double as my school computer. Again, me moving around so much becomes another problem with having a desktop, because I can't just abandon my work for days (as much as I may like to), so it'd definitely be a laptop for me.

And yeah, WoW still takes forever. It might not take as long, but still, you might as well just start it up before you go to bed so you don't have to wait through it all. Though I don't suggest starting WoW, seriously. The game is fun, sure, I have no arguments against that, but actually, that's it's fatal flaw; it is ridiculously fun, but it'll hook you in faster than crack. I didn't believe much in habitual addictions before I started WoW but looking back on it, I can safely say I do now. (Heck, I think I was addicted even before I started playing. I remember watching my dad play it when I was around nine or so and it just looked so fun. I begged for like, two years before I was allowed to make a character (and this isn't an exaggeration.) I quit, I think, just about when I turned fourteen. I've played a little here or there since, but I just haven't gotten back into it like I was, and probably for the better.

Hunters are definitely tricky, you're right about that. Even if I'm good about them, they'll still get me from time to time, and mostly, I do have to try to run and shoot if they're headed my direction. I have, a few times, however managed to block their attacks every now and again by bashing them with a gun right before they land on me, and that's always a special feeling whenever you do that. It's just like 'Nope. Denied.' They're still, like they are for you, one of my favorite classes however, right up there with smokers for me, don't know about you. I think I like that while hunters are definitely one of the more... well, they're one of the kinds you don't want to run into just because the damage they can do (plus they're agile little things aren't they? Quick and mean.), smokers are one of the more clever of the special infected. If you notice, (and are in single player like I usually am), they'll usually hide behind something until they attack, or if you shoot the tongue off, they'll go and try to hide until it regrows. Also, both don't stand out as much in a horde as say, a charger or a boomer, so they make it a little more difficult to find them (which is always a good time) though, a hunter definitely blends in better, lol, being as short as he is. Rachael says that if we were to ever end up like in L4D that I'd most definitely be a hunter for this reason and this reason only. (it'd probably be true. I don't even break five ft. without a whole lotta heel.) That didn't stop me from telling her she'd probably be a spitter though. Lol, me and Rachael always stick close together though whenever e play so we're hardly ever alone enough to get attacked where we can't help the other (which usually leaves the A.I. to get most of the special attacks, hehe.) I also saw the Left 4 Speed videos, which is exactly what I was thinking of when I typed that comment xD

Bwahaha, I wish I had somebody else brave enough to play for me when I was ready to quit. When I quit, we were all just done, because apparently they'd rather let the girl with the racing heart play a horror game than play it themselves. (I honestly don't mind, but when you put it this way it is kinda messed up, isn't it? Hilariously so. Bunch of wussies. America'snexttoplel.jpeg because I don't have a reaction folder on here.)

So, it's you're fault, huh for squashing all the dandelions? Well now I know who to blame! lol (We didn't have a garden so they weren't a problem for us. Our garden may as well have been those puffballs, though, there were a lot of them,... though I definitely didn't help by blowing the seeds everywhere, (just according to keikaku... (please get this reference.))) And yay! I was going to go ahead and figure you were into anime too, but you can never be sure. Kinda just testing the water there lol. (Some people I know get angry when you just talk about it because they dislike it so much. I didn't think you were one of those people, but like I said... can never be sure.) Yeah, DN was about the second anime I ever really got into, but when I did, oh boy. Lol, I even made my mom watch it with me. Not a big deal, cause she turned out to like it too after a while. First being Naruto, but who hasn't seen Naruto? (I was pretty young when I first started out with it and have since moved on from it. In any case I can still proudly say that Gaara was indeed my favorite from it. Him and also Kiba, because dogs.) and Third was Soul Eater. Made my mom watch that with me too lol (we never finished that one though cause we got hung up on something else for a while, and when we came back we realized the next episode was centered around BlackStar, and we were like 'Nah, **** that.' (My apologies if you like BlackStar, but he's definitely a little much to handle, and he grates on my nerves.) You may not have even seen it though (if you haven't, it's excellent, besides Blackstar, and I wholly recommend it.)

Oh my god, I haven't even got three hundred characters left. This will probably be the longest post I've ever written. Sorryyyy.
#223 to #220 - kombee (02/02/2014) [-]
Ah well, I guess you could say you're the brave one then. You just have to make them give you a medal, a hat or something to make them remember who's the boss in the house, lol.

Sorry 'bout dat, Imma go fill the around lying plains with dandelions then, 'cause God knows I'll do anything for a dragon or two. And an army of wolves. Just according to.. *bites into a chip dramatically* keikaku. Yeah, I get what you where trying to do, 'cause anime isn't to everyone's taste. It's still a bit niche and arbitrary to some, although it's becoming more and more well-known with time, which is just awesome. I've watched everything from DBZ, Naruto (my favourite character is Naruto, lol), Clannad, Miyazaki movies, Kino no Tabi, Mushishi and various other anime that I can't remember right now. It's probably my favourite form of media besides video-games. I haven't watched Soul Eater yet, so I don't really have a good understanding of the characters, besides maybe the guy one obsessed with things beng aligned. But I'm sure I'm going to watch it sometime, if I ever get through some of the other things I've set out to watch. Right now I'm watching Haruhi Suzumiya (which I should've finished long ago weren't it for my attention being elsewhere coupled with things like time-constraints and such)

Lol, well if anything, you're definitely winning our Charles Dickens competition. It's alright. It's really nice to read what you have to say, so don't be sorry at all.

(pic related, but forgot to link it to the first post.
#226 to #223 - swiggityswoner (03/17/2014) [-]
Sweet jesus, that picture I uploaded is huge. Well, you'll definitely get a good look at it! Hahaha
#225 to #223 - swiggityswoner (03/17/2014) [-]
Oh! And I finally got a picture done and colored of my D&D character, and I thought maybe you'd like the first preview. (I had to upload it from my phone, and retrace it so I could color it in, because the original was on a sheet of notebook paper. Since, also, my tablet is still unusable, it kind of looks like it was done in MS paint, cause the tracing I had to do was with a mouse pad. I think that's pretty impressive on it's own, but I'm not exactly humble about my works.)

Anywho, Is it gr8, m8? Would you r8 it 8/8? (Forgive this, for it's like two in the morning here, and I'm kind of tired, and verging on slap happy now. You can be me actual criticism though, if you'd like. I had a friend before who was an incredibly critical, so I think I can take it.)
#224 to #223 - swiggityswoner (03/17/2014) [-]
Wowee, I think I might finally have some time to come back on here! You don't know how excited I am about it too, I've been itching to get back on. Haven't even jumped one thumb level in about... oh, a month I'd say? Heh, funnyjunk. It's an addiction, is it not? Haha, well, at least you lasted two years into school without getting sick of it, me, I usually get tired of the overabundance of homework and the like by the second quarter of one year. Like you say though, it isn't that we don't want to learn, it's the school's method of teaching. Granted, some teachers do try to make it interesting, but it's generally, and unfortunately, unsuccessful (I have had some good teachers in the past who've managed to make their classes interesting, but they are much too few and far in between. Also, these are mostly the classes that have the most wiggle room to be interesting, i.e. English, art classes). If I do manage to interest myself in a project however, I will become (and not to brag, Well, maybe a little. ), I assure you, the hardest worker in that class to make sure it's at least one of the best ones, if not the best. For example, there was this one time (I think I was in sixth grade) and I was in shop class, and we were building balsa wood bridges. I remembered how when we'd gone to D.C. and we went to go see the Washington National Cathedral (Absolutely beautiful place, might I add. I must say too, the stained glass windows were my favorite part of it, you should look them up. Anywho), how they explained how they'd built it so tall, how it could have possibly held it's own weight, was because they used an arch structure. So I based my entire bridge around this, because the goal was to design the structure that could hold the most weight. The trick? I'm not exactly as go-getter when it comes to dealing with people, so everyone else got the woodcutters/rulers before me. I broke all the 'beams' for my bridge by hand and I had to eyeball the right measurements. End result? Mine was the best, by a long shot. Held about 250lb worth of books and only broke one beam. Got a couple splinters along the way, but oh well.

This is pretty much why I figure how some classes are either or aren't worth it to me, because while I could be a valuable blood-sweat-and-tears worker, I simply won't be unless my job would interest me, and I don't think I would look forward to being a bad employee. (I do understand a lot of jobs require a person to at least get their foot in the door first, and I'll inevitably encounter a job that I hate that I may just have to put up with for a bit, but that's life.)

And hahaha, I would never have even guessed you weren't from the U.S.. I guess that's the American in me making such an assumption, huh? Well, either way, it's always interesting meeting someone from outside of my country. (Used to have online friends from all over, but we've since fallen out of touch.) Also, isn't it Denmark where they say you get paid to go to college? Or am I confusing this with another country? (If so though, I could see how college is becoming much more popular there, lol.)

Right, well, they do have SotC in the playstation store too. I think it's only about twenty dollars, so it's not TOO terrible... Though not having to buy it again would definitely be preferable.

Trust me, I wish I could get a desktop. They seem so much more reliable than a laptop and they always seem to last so much longer too, but I just move around too much for it to be possible. Although, aside from being portable, a laptop is much more private, so there's always a plus. (I get my paranoia from my mother so I wouldn't put it past her to go snooping around on a desktop.) I'm not really doing anything wrong, I just see what I do online as my business. (for example, this. They don't know about my FJ account, and I think I'd very much like to keep it that way. God forbid if they find my fanfiction. (Not anything dirty, mind you, but I'm generally very reserved about creative processes until they're finished or I'm at least prepared to give a preview.))

I think you're absolutely right about those things with WoW. I remember, (because I think, if I didn't mentioned already, I was fairly young when I started) there definitely was the grinding, and that was extremely irritating. I was kind of into the competitiveness of it, but only ever occasionally, and mostly in the form of doing battlegrounds. I didn't care for PvP, and I also didn't care much for dungeoning (which I believe is some of the part I haven't been able to get back into it. It's completely centered around it now.) Mostly, because I was a young girl when I started playing, I was much more into the aesthetics and the kinds of pets I could get as a hunter. Literally, I think I stopped leveling for a month or two once because I just went and explored the land, and I actually found that a really good time. (I remember, there was this one time I found a friend to help me board an alliance (and I'm always horde) ship to go to an alliance island (for the draenei, if you know who they are) just to tame a pet. It was like a two headed Cerberus, it was pretty cool. Called 'The Kurken'.) Eventually, like mentioned before, I did burn out from WoW though. It had a good run.

Yeah, with a smoker, you can just drag them away (and strategically so, if you're lucky (i.e. a la witch)) and Well, being a charger, at least you wouldn't have to be an extremely tiny person beforehand or a... well, a smoker. They might be the most proportional to a regular human, but they didn't exactly have very awesome connotations before, so there's that. (and lol again, left 4 speed. Although, while you may not, I have a feeling a other good portion of FJ attendees could be chargers specifically for that reason. XD)

Oh and don't worry about that, they already know I'm the boss. I assert my dominance through my girly 'eeks' whenever I see something having may or may not moved while playing anything of that like, ahaha.

And your favorite character is Naruto?? Well... you might actually like Blackstar then! (depending on whether or not you watch dub or sub (Personally, I dub,) they actually have the same voice actors.) Personally, (and the one you know, the one who likes everything symmetrical) Death the Kid, is my favorite.) and I haven't heard of a few of those, I might have to check them out. (Recently, I've gotten into Attack on Titan, (like everyone else, lol) and Mirai Nikki, and those both seem pretty good so far, so if you haven't checked out either, it might be worth a shot.)

And I'm glad you're enjoying our conversation. I couldn't be sure if I was wearing you out or not (like you said before, about if not having the energy to comment right away, all of that back to you. You're not under any obligation to answer me asap, lol.) I'm actually pretty astounded at all of this so far. I haven't seen a FJ conversation that went on as long as this, and I think it's pretty great. Why have friends you don't talk to, right?
User avatar #230 to #224 - kombee (03/23/2014) [-]
Lol, yeah I know Naruto is a bit Obnoxious but I love his resillience and his bashfull nature, though there's more to it than that. It's also the way that he never gives up on anyone, not even himself. If he's your friend, he's your friend for life and he doesn't take no for an answer. I love that, his relationship with Sasuke and how he goes about it (atleast later on) is just awe-inspiring to me, lol. If Blackstar is like that I'd probably love him too, though I'll have to see how he is. I generally never dislike a character, unless if it's a maliciously evil one (though i appreciate their place in the stoy). I can sympithize with villains who have their reasons, but people like Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter is a good example of a character I dislike (also because they were meant to be dislikable).

Lol yeah, we've likely written pages upon pages worth of text by now if you combine everything. It's nice to share common/differing interests, and write about stuff that is affecting us to someone who's interested and willing to write back (and is understanding about it, lol). Kinda like a penfriend.

As for your pictue on your D&D character, it's actually pretty good. I like the way you did the legs, the general body-shape and the hair. the clothing is really nice, some great touches on the folds of the skirt, the details one the belt and the bandage knots. If I had to critique it I'd say the head is a bit too large and the hands need to be worked on a bit (I'm pretty bad at hands myself, so I know the struggle). Otherwise it's really nice picture, and I definitely encourage you to keep on drawing! you definitely have some talent to work of from, just keep at it and you'll surprice yourself of how much more is hidden inside you. So yes, it's gr8 m8.
User avatar #229 to #224 - kombee (03/23/2014) [-]
Th L4D special infected are all very imaginative. Have you seent he ones cut out from the game in planning? There were one called the screamer, a hybrid between the Boomer and the Jockey, whih attracted a horde as soon as it saw you by screaming and running away (as it was small and frail). They decided to split those aspects to the to special infecteds we know today. Though I'd almost have loved to be able to play as a screamer or even a witch (though that'd probs be OP). Have you heard about the game Evolve? It's made by the L4D crew, and is an asymmetrical multi-player shooter where one person acts as a big alien-monster (a la tank) who has to get stonger (by eating) and demolish the human team. The human team is cimprised by four players who are set out to hunt down the alien-tank using guns (fps or tps mechanics). It's quite awesome, you should check out a gameplay video on youtube because there's much more than what I've described here. I think pretty much everyone would probably love that game besides maybe Death the Kid 'cause y'know. It's asymmetrical multiplayer

Yes! I've seen both Attack on Titan and Mirai Nikki and I'm going to tell you that you'll definitely love AoT and probably like Mirai Nikki. My favourite recent Anime is Attack on Titan, and I honestly feel it's one of those anime that will be remembered in the future. It's a bit over-hyped, but it deserves the positive praise in my opinion. If you can look past the semi-slow pacing it's definitey a blast. Mirai Nikki is a hit and miss. It does so much right, and the setup is perfect for an angsty thiller/horror anime. Won't spoil it, but it falls though on a few crucial tings that the best way you'll enjoy it is if you shut half of your brain of and focus on Yuno and Yukiteru's relationship, and Minene's stuggles. They could honestly take those three characters and start from scratch and do a great story. When you finish it, remember to watch the OVA. Trust me it's worth it
User avatar #228 to #224 - kombee (03/23/2014) [-]
Lol, yeah it's true. In Denmark we get payed a good amount of money for attending a higher education. It's a very nice privilage for the students, but the best thing about it is that it (and the social safety net) not only benefits students, but will in turn benefit the country as whole. Short-term: in terms of a strong circulation of money. Long-term: In terms of having a large group of work-ready adults who has the means to support themselves and the country. Of course we do have some problems with it, but I think it's a really good system compared to many other systems.

I understand how personal ones computer can be, and I very much feel the same aboout wanting to have something more private in front of you. Though honestly don't have too big of a problem with people snooping on my computer, I'm not as reserved when it comes to that (I guess I got desenthisyzed from that from having to share a computer with my brother when I was younger. It's more that I sometimes feel the computer is an extention of me when I write and read stuff, so it feels more natural to be able to take it where ever I go, as opposed to having a section dedicated to it. I might buy a desktop anyway though, could probably rebuild it as a laptop if I really needed one, lol. Or that might just be me dreaming too high

I think the longest I've played WoW is about four hours, by which then I decided I'd rather play something else. The aesthitics were nice but I remember not being as interested in them when I was younger since I was somewhat biased towards japanese media and games (though I did see the appeal). My brother did the exact thing you did though, once the 20-level unlimited trial came about. He decided he'd just rather explore everything, even the open-pvp areas (he died many of times, but managed to troll a lot of people as well since he was a hunter as well I think. The animal-shifting ones) He did the same thing with Perfect world though he tired of that quick
User avatar #227 to #224 - kombee (03/23/2014) [-]
Welcome back! It's great to see you writing again. Indeed FJ is, maybe even a too strong of an addicition sometimes, lol. Now that you're back on, the lvls will come slowly so no worries Yeah, I do believe the best kind of teaching is when you actually do the stuff your learning out in the field, that goes for everything like math, physics, language, social-classes or whatever really. Learning things in theory is important and although not as interesting it is really the backbone of many of the things you might strengthen later on. Sadly though it's too much learning things theoretically and arbitrarily (on paper) rather than actually using them for actual building, playing, doing, using and ultimately learning. Pretty much everything we do in school is preparing, which is nice at first but when it's done too much people lose scope of why they're "preparing" and learning in the first place and fo what purpose. So it feels more and more purposeless, which is a really bad feeling to get about something as important as education. Your example is a good way to teach, it lets kids (like you) get creative and solve things their way, using the tools they've learned though school. I've had the same problems with school too, but I think I just kinda ended up dealingl with whatever negatives there were. I remember once doing an elaborate speech on this very problem and presented it in class (it was an english assignement) and the whole class agreed on my speech including the teacher (the speech's point was the same as I wrote above). The teacher just kinda had the face of "I know this is a problem, but I don't know th solution sadly". From that we kinda gathered that we as students need to fom the future ourselves as well to the best of our abilities, so that our future schools can become better and more inclusive than they ar now. The Cathedral is really nice btw. It looks almost gothic and resembles Notra Dame a lot. 1/
User avatar #222 to #220 - kombee (02/02/2014) [-]
I was really pumped on trying WoW at some point, right between when the first base game and Burning Crusade got released. But I quickly stopped getting interested in it for three main reasons, I didn't have a computer back then and I when I actually got to try it, I quickly got fed up with the grindy nature of it (vanilla-wow was leagues of grind compared to now). I also didn't like how expensive it was to maintain + upgrade the game, 'cause even if I wanted to keep playing I would simply not be able to afford it. I've tried my fair share of MMO's though, and I honestly never really played one where I really loved it. A few where good, great even, but most of those were arena-based mmo's rather than mmorpgs and I think the biggest reason why I was hooked on those was because of the addictive nature of competetive gaming. I've only been almost compulsively addicted to two games though, non of them mmo's. The first was Counter Strike (lol) and the second was the Yugioh card game. They were enjoyable, but are honestly only worth playing in moderation 'cause otherwise you'll just get burned out on them like I did, and like you did with WoW.

Lol, it's indeed really hard to avert a Hunter, but it's awesome when you do the "nope, denied"-bash on them. I actually also rather like to play as the smoker rather than the hunter, because it's so much easier to be able to actually do damage that way. When you're a hunter, you have to rely on someone averting the attention of most of the living group (usually a tank, jocky or charger), so you can focus on pinning the one who is the most away from the group. If you don't have that option as a hunter, you're going to die fast. Smokers are awesome to play as especially when you spawn in a non-reachable place. Hah nice. If I ever became a specialy-infected, I think it would probably be a charger (..and not because of what L4speed indicates about them, lol). Im not really high (5.8 ft) but I can charge pretty well
User avatar #221 to #220 - kombee (02/02/2014) [-]
Yeah, I do know what you mean concerning school, and I've felt the exact same to one degree or another. I luckily managed to get through public school and gymnasium without too much hassle, partly because of friends and relatively good classmates. I really got tired of school the last two years though, to a point where I felt I needed a break from overabundant homework and such. So this year I'm doing smaller courses instead so that I'm ready for some kind of upper education for next semester (which I'm not too sure of what I want yet) FYI, I live in Denmark, where colleges are only just becoming a thing, lol. It's kinda fun I haven't told you this before, but I guess it just hasn't been brought up . Don't get me wrong, I love learning stuff, but school usually has a bad trait of making learning become forced and boring. As long as you keep educating yourself though, school is luckily not needed. Only other good aspect is probably the social part of it, but as long as you have good friends and a place to hang out it isn't needed at all. Nah don't worry, I know that it isn't because yolo-swag is more important to you or whatever, and it's actually a legitimate concern. I've actually talked to another person here on FJ who felt the same you do about school, so I do believe schools have to be better than they are now

I've actually heard about those ps3's and I'll definitely try to find one if it comes to that. I've heard they're pretty rare, but I if I'm lucky that could be an awesome package to have. It's a shame your grandpa didn't get to try it out. If you haven't already, you could bring along the ps3 version next time you're over there, 'cause I'm sure he'll love it.

Yeah, I can imagine that. That's why I'm hesitant on desktops myself. It's not like I need for my computer to be portable most of the times, but it's just comfortable and when I ever do need to take my computer with me, a desktop isn't the best thing.
#175 to #149 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
Hit the reply limit. Yeah, Avatar didn't really strike with me until I saw the horrid movie adaptation, so I guess I can thank it for that. Someone just said 'do you wanna watch this?' and I was like 'Sure. I remember the show being good.' and then it was nothing like I remembered it, so I was disappointed and went back to watch the original show, and it became one of my favorites for a good while. Uh oh, mentioned it again. Looks like I'll be taking another trip to Lake Laogai...

I think Milkshake is a guilty pleasure for everyone... and oh god, I can see it now.
'So you say you can teach me this... 'milkshake'?'
'I sure can, but it's gonna cost ya.'
'Hmm... very well... Let the training commence. I could use some more boys in my yard...' (I dread the thought of my bard trying to teach a queen anything, let alone what I'm assuming is a dance of some form... I'm picturing twerking...)

Yeah, that's alright. As long as they're done well I can get over them. I have a bit of a racing heart, so I probably have a special bias towards anything like that that makes it shoot through the roof,.. if it's done well enough though I'll try not to mind it, lol. (What am I doing watching horror movies anyway then?? Haha, I can't help it.) Should be fun for whatever screamer I next run into, eh? It's been a while since I have, now that I think about it.
User avatar #176 to #175 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
I didn't really think much of Avatar before I watched it fully either. At some point it just captivated me and made me think differently of it. At first it seemed like yet another half-baked cartoon with humor sprinkled on top of it, but my percepton of it just changed when I actually took my time to watch it. The emperor has invited you to Lake Laogai...

Hahaha, goodness. I even cried a little. That little whisper from the Queen at the end xD If you actually get to learn her how to twerk, you (and your bard) deserve some kind of medal.

I was a little kid so you haveto take this with a grain of salt, but I definitely remember it being a genuinely horrific horror movie, with and despite the jumpscares. I can't imagine watching those kind of movies with a racing heart. I can see why the suspense might be killing you sometimes, if your heartrate keeps going up. I'm quite the opposite, I think my heartrate (or atleast my outburst when getting scared) is pretty slow comparative to others. I let everything sink in before I act, so I don't jumpscare easily, though that depends on my mood and tiredness.
Horror movies can be a good way to learn more about yourself and your weak sides, getting to understand and work with your fear, despite it seeming counter-intuitive. You just have to not over-do it, then I think most will be fine.
#178 to #176 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
> Lol, meanwhile at my last post, you're probably all like...
#177 to #176 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
Seems like we have that in common then, huh? Both had to have a spark to set it off. I knew I remembered it being good, but I was younger when I watched it so I never fully grasped the storyline until I went back, and then realized it way pretty excellent for what it was. I don't remember another cartoon that had one like it from around that time. I'm sure there were, I'm probably just forgetting them...

I think just for that I'm gonna have to switch from apple-bottom jeans... I highly doubt that's what is going to happen in the actual thing, but that won't stop me from making it into a comic...

Ahh, I'm sure it's fine. Remember, I said I liked horror movies for their psychological factors and anything like I'm imagining the Exorcist has, I'm willing to bet it's pretty good in that sense if nothing else. A lot of possession movies usually are good at that. The thought of not being yourself and being trapped inside your own body while something else is turning you into a monster... definitely good grounds to start on for that. Even if it being so old does bother me (which I don't think it will, I'm pretty good at being able to stand older things) at least there's versions after it, and then, hey, I'll have seen the first. Seeing the first of something is usually important to me. I hate to just jump in, which is a good reason for why I've never watched resident evil, either. Can never catch the first of that! However, after seeing the fight scene with Albert Wesker on Afterlife, I've decided I might not want to. The video game ruined it for me, lol.

Also, that's definitely more of a good sign than anything if your heart rate is slow; means your arteries are nice and clear and your heart doesn't have to work as hard, so be happy for that and keep it up whatever you're doing. Mine are too, (had to get it evaluated when they found out I did.) my symptoms are purely anxiety based though, but I've always had a problem with it so it's no big deal. I was a nervous child even growing up, but outwardly I can usually keep a cap on it now, so I'm happy about that.)

I like your interpretation on the good things horror can do too... I never thought of it that way, but I think you're definitely right-- and hey, if anything like those scenarios happens (god forbid) you'd have an example for how to deal with it to boot. I don't think people can fully grasp how horrifying something is until they find themselves in it though, so you never know.

I, fortunately, haven't come even close to anything of that caliber, but I do remember I had a dream once, and it was a zombie dream. It wasn't so much the Left 4 Dead kind of zombies though as it was more Walking Dead, you know, the ones that rip you apart. I get heavily immersed into my dreams too, so this was especially terrible. At the end of it, when I woke up I had to sit and cry because of how realistic it had been and I realized just how much I wouldn't want the zombie apocalypse to happen for real Cause you know, everybody likes to wrestle with the idea these days. I can say now, though, that I have an incredible respect for the characters after feeling like I went through what they are.

It really helped me to see the mind frame of what a horror should be though, and as an artist and writer, I think that was a very valuable dream if not a little traumatizing, in the end.
User avatar #180 to #177 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
Cont...2 Aw, I feel genuinly sad for you now. If anything, the dream has made you hardier, wiser and more ready, which is probably the reason why we dream bad things in the first place. I also juggled with the idea of how cool it would be to live in a zombie apocalypse, but I've since then understood it's comparative to wishing you were in hell. We tend to only see the small opportunities and positives in an apocalypse like that, it's hard to consider the horrific and negative things about such until you've actually experienced something relative to it. I've kinda just grown away from the idea by watching zombie movies and putting myself in the character's shoes, while also trying to fathom the depression that comes with lak of food, water human interaction and even death of people around you (and what's worse, you never know). There are so many more layers to it, that are sometimes stripped out or forgotten in conventional zombie films/games, which is both good and bad.

That's fantastic, I think that's exactly the reason why the word art was founded. Because of near indescribably emotions like horror, in which we want to share and understand each other.

Lol, I guess I've become Charles Dickens for now
#181 to #180 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
Right about it being the Parent's biggest horror story. I was thinking about writing something about it myself, I couldn't imagine what it'd be like for any parent to have to go through something like that. Luckily however, it isn't exactly a common ailment, hehe.

And, the games ruined the movie for me because the one I saw, at least Afterlife, was almost laughable compared to the video game it corresponds with I believe it was Resident Evil Five. No offense if you liked the movie, I know a lot of people did. It did copy a lot of the moves and fightscenes from the game though... very badly... I can't say anything for the earlier ones though, I wouldn't know. The soundtrack, as far as I could tell though, was good. I was especially a fan of how they used a Tool song (although I prefer the original compared to the remix in the film). Also I have neither seen that movie, nor do I know who George Romero is. I have heard of both though, so I think I'll go ahead and check out that link once I'm done with this comment here.

It has been kind of an uphill battle with my anxiety, I won't lie. I might have a good handle on it now, but it doesn't mean I don't slip every now and again and not everyone is always so gracious about dealing with it anymore I kind of went through a hypochondriac stage after becoming concerned with my heart after I noticed palpitations (which the racing did start out with, but those have since faded out (hey... Katawa Shoujo was maybe a little too perfect for me, eh? Just reverse the genders and it would've been pretty peachy...) then I became concerned with everything going on and for somebody with anxiety that only fuels your symptoms relentlessly, which only causes more anxiety. Like a reverse placebo, if that makes sense. I did kind of drive everyone crazy though, heh. . Luckily, this isn't too often so I can be glad about that.

Yeah, it was pretty crazy though, it was like something directly out of Walking Dead. I remember it started out with me being lost and separated from my parents (and a lot younger version of myself) and I meet this older man who lives in the neighborhood and his home is like... the Fort Knox of the zombie apocalypse. So, he takes me in and becomes like a sort of father figure type guy, and luckily not a pedophile, and a few years later (and I'm my own age again) we decide we need to leave, so we set out and I find my parents again, and the feeling of relief and happiness I felt, I can't even describe... I thought I was going through it for real (because for once my dream isn't appallingly retarded and it's... pretty realistic!) like, I didn't even have that voice in the back of my mind telling me 'you know this is all fake, right?' I was completely into it.

Later though, it became apparent my parents had an extreme dislike for the man and how close me and him had gotten since he's just some stranger to them This is kind of uncharacteristic of them, but oh well so they basically told him to stay away from me, and then later he tells me how he doesn't care about me and that he needs to distance himself because he can't stand me. Which really had hurt my feelings. I'd never cried in a dream before, but that time I did. and then it all just goes downhill from there.

We go back to our rooms and we get the alert we would if there were walkers coming (and one of them was my grandpa. Yeah, I don't think I need to tell you how upsetting it was), so we all had to lock our doors, but the older man's wouldn't and it was too late for him to come to ours, so the thing ended when he got bit. That's when I woke up and sat there and cried and was also paranoid for hours afterwards . I've only had one other dream of that caliber before (and I'm actually trying to write something based on it. I can pitch you that idea if you're interested. I'm in the works of another, but that one's a fanfiction so I don't know if you'd be interested, lol, but the one based on the dream is original.)

Ha! Well, I obviously enjoy being Charles Dickens so I hope you would as well. xD So far, I think the score is at 2-1 though, so I might just be winning. (If this post is as long as I think it is...)
User avatar #184 to #181 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Cont..2 Do you think there's any reason why your parents would oppose the man in the dream, something you didn't think about before maybe? And does the man remind you of someone you know, or someone you might potentially get to know? Answering these questions could help you in understanding the meaning behind a dream like that (although parts of it could be nonsense, you kinda have to fiilter out).

I can definitely see how creepy it is to experience your grandpa becoming a zombie, or worse. I'd feel horrid too if I dreamt of a family member in that situation. It could maybe be because you were worried about him and/or cared for him deeply, therefore your brain wanted to harden you a bit, but instead ended up hurting you. It's easy for me to say and I'm sorry if it comes of as arrogant, but try to be strong. Experiences like that are hard to avoid sometimes, but if you ever find yourself in that situation try to shake the paranoia away with all your might. I hope my enouragements atleast help you a little.

I'd like to hear about your idea. Oh, and by the way 2-2. The ball is now passed on your side.
#188 to #184 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
And I do believe that makes 3-2, my good man, lol.
#187 to #184 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
Wow, this is probably going to be difficult. I've never sat down and explained it in a single post. It is pretty much still in a story-board stage, so bear with me here. It IS an apocalypse setting, just to let you know. Well, it starts off in a western setting, present day, but things quickly start to go wrong when there's a new virus discovered in China (I was originally going to make it a strain of rabies, and China is well known for it, but I changed my mind later but decided to keep the originating country. I wouldn't know where else to start it anyways.), and quickly spreads to be like the second coming of the black plague to the world. It starts off as a normal pandemic, and the virus is more flu-like than anything, but in the panic people forget things, and as healthy and/or stabilized people are being directed into these underground tunnels that were built for such an occasion, (and this next part, I have yet to see this accounted for in an apocalyptic movie, so I thought it was pretty clever,) people have completely forgotten about the power plants, which inevitably with no upkeep, melt. There is a trick to the virus though, even if a person's condition was stabilized, the virus would remain in their bodies, and the radioactivity exposure, even if brief, caused it to change and reinfect the people, only now they're in close quarters. Fun, right?

The virus doesn't stop changing though, and it's symptoms change even quicker to the point where you now have things like mutations, and a rabid like rage, so any healthy or immune people have to get out of there pretty quickly, and they're pretty successful at it. They go back above ground and they build a city a kind of safe-haven, except anyone who is deemed a risk (i.e. those who might have been stabilized but didn't get sick again) were shut out and forced to leave. It's kind of here that the actual story starts, because there's a good number of these people and they just don't know what they're going to do after being isolated from their families/left with no help. So they band together, and find an old school house to shack up in, and they kind of set up a base of operations there. It's even pretty far from the reactors. What they don't count on, a few years later, is a kid showing up at their place out of the blue, and no one knows where he came from until he points out that the infected had (kind of like the falmer in Skyrim, to give an example) been expanding the tunnels, and they now had an exit off some distance to the school, but one in the city as well, and he'd been exploring, despite everyone's shock that anyone would be foolish enough to do so based on their experience with the mutants.

Struggling to survive at this point, the people hatch an idea to use the tunnel to gain entrance back into the city. They didn't intend to live there, however, but they imagined they could make off with some supplies. So they quickly become a thief organisation, learning from the kid how to navigate the tunnels, and he joins up with them soon enough (cause he's kind of a punk, who'd be into that sort of thing) and acts as the navigator (because they like to avoid the mutants if they can, and if one hall is blocked, they need to find another way around, and the kid is very good at this.) Soon however, they become aware that there are more exits, and they can get wherever they want to go so much easier and without so much risk for becoming irradiated (because madness is always just around the corner for them and is a real problem that worries them constantly. Understandably so.) and they find that there are actually more cities, and they turn to fencing things they steal and become criminal kingpins. Basically, a good portion of this is told form the perspective of those who have to turn to drastic measures to survive.

After a while though, the infected become more bold. As they previously couldn't come out into the sun, because they'd been adapted to live in the dark, by this point (since they're running pretty low on food too) they've been trying to come out more. Once they finally get used to the sunlight, you can imagine the people from the towns and the thieves both have quite a problem on their hands (all the while these mutants have been becoming more and more advanced in ways to kill their prey/compete with one another, so you've got some pretty bad guys running around here...) So in the end the thieves (the only ones with experience on how to deal with them,) and the city have to team up to think of a solution... and that's all I have so far. Yeah, that dream was pretty crazy too, you can imagine, haha.
#186 to #184 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
Yeah, it's hard to say, especially when you haven't seen the rest of the other movies (which is kind of true for both of our cases regarding RE, lol.)

Don't worry, I don't think you're acting ignorant whatsoever. It is kind of hard to imagine if you're not exactly a part of it, so anyone who suffers from it really should know to take whatever anyone says about it with a grain of salt, and understand that they really just don't know. I think, however, you have a good realization for what it is, and I can whole-heartedly appreciate that. What would be ignorant, however, is to tell someone with it to 'toughen up' and that it's 'all in their head', and while toughening up may be the correct thing to do, and it may be all in their head, no one with it chooses to be in the state they are; we just can't help it, and it usually comes across as rude and offensive because that's exactly what people with it think people are thinking about them, and we're not exactly happy to hear it's true that they do, when it's just something about our personality.

I take no offense to you being supportive though, and a lot of the things you said are generally what keeps us going so I think you're right. That and I care too much about my family and friends to let myself completely submit to those feelings, and have them see me that way. It might be difficult sometimes sure, but honestly I'd rather die painfully from whatever symptom I thought could have been a foresight to my end, than have my loved ones think I didn't care enough about them to keep going. I especially like the patronus idea, lol. I wonder what mine would be? A wolf would be pretty bitchin'. I was the girl in school who was obsessed with wolves, I'll admit it. *shrug*

Yeah, it was pretty weird that they'd do that, and like I said, it was pretty uncharacteristic of them because they're actually very supportive. I'm probably just going to conclude it as something my dream-state mind thought up to keep a story going, haha. I have a couple good ideas of who he could have represented and why, but that's a story for another time. (he's also slightly influenced one of my characters in the original story I'm thinking up.) It hasn't affected me too terribly, though. I might've been a little shocked with it at first, but now I can see how it was a learning experience. I didn't say I thought it was a valuable dream for nothing, lol.

and hooray! I've been wanting to share this with someone, but on the internet that can be kind of tricky. I'm pretty confident you won't steal my idea though, haha. (I'll go ahead and start another post for this.)
User avatar #191 to #186 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Also, I guess you're beating me in the Charles Dickens contest for now, lol.
User avatar #190 to #186 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
cont...2 The punk boy you were thinking about seems like a pretty good opposite to the overall grey and dull feel that might come with the idea of an apocalypse setting, I suggest you use that energy from the boy to excerte excitement and hope, not only into the reader but maybe also to the thief group. Maybe make him color the grey world around him. I also think you have a lot of aesthetic and narritive opportunities with the large city and the underground passages, once you get so far. Maybe use those two as opposites, one being nice, clean and modern, the other dirty, broken and old. Apocalypse stories I've read haven't really used opposites too much in their narrative, since they've heavily relied on the depressing grey aspects of it, which doesn't make much room for contraries. If you want a unique feel to your story, you might want to use opposites, though it might make the story a bit too colorful and exciting to seem believable. If you balance it out though, I definitely believe you can make it.
I could probably give more input ideas, but I think I'll wait to sometime tomorrow. I really need to get some sleep right now. Ultimately just do whatever feels right to you, if you can use some of my input, cool, if not, that's great as well. It definitely is a neat concept though, now you only need to fill the concept out.
Imma be headin' on to bed now. Nighty night.
#193 to #190 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
Right. Sometimes characters can be what makes or breaks a story, and I like especially to focus on them. (Scenes are kind of difficult for me, because I always like to focus on the subject rather than the background. Both are equally as important, but you can't help if you favor one or the other, all you can do is try to improve your work on the one you don't, be it a picture or writing.) That's definitely a good idea, though, I'll try to work with that. It is pretty memorable if any apocalyptic work has beauty in it, and I remember 28 Days Later especially well for this, plus the soundtrack was really good too. Like... I can't even remember exactly happened in the scene, but I remember they were having a picnic in this field, and they saw some horses running by and just sat and watched them for a while, and I thought it was such a refreshing setting compared to everything I'd seen before, in that movie and non. Out west has a lot of beauty in it too, so I don't think it should be too hard for me to find something to write about... Just thinking about that western sky...

And right, that's kind of what I was going for with him. He's a bit of an oddball and apparently has a way overactive curiosity (i.e. lowering himself down into a dark hole and keeps wondering even when he sees horrid monsters. He's a good shot though (most of the people in the city are, as per requirement to know how to handle a gun just in case, and would probably keep one on hand at all times. Or maybe more on hip, hehe.) so he might not've been so concerned for that reason.) and then he leaves the hole and sees a boarded up school house and is like 'well, may as well check that out too, while I'm at it!' Or maybe he was scouting ahead and got a little carried away. So, he's not necessarily a bad kid, he just makes some bad choices which would label him as a punk (i.e. smoking pot, coming to work late, having authority problems).

This is about where the main character comes in. He's a kind of middle aged guy, probably late thirties and later becomes the pride of the thief organisation, being a master thief and fence to boot, which earns him the name Midas cause he can turn anything to gold. Geddit? hehe . He's an ex army man who came home from his deployment with the onset of the virus. His daughter has since died (I can't decide whether by the mutants or by the illness.) and his wife now lives in the city, believing him to be dead. (this is what they told the family members of those they'd turned away so they wouldn't have reason to try to revolt.) So he meets the kid and (can you tell this who the man in my dream influenced, yet? If not, he is) they try to get rid of him at first but he refuses to go until they tell him what they're doing there, and they can't just toss him back in the hole and send him on his way, so they have to take him in for some time. About this time, is when they get to talking about what's going on in the city and the tunnels/how he got there, etc.

Midas realizes this could be a very good thing for his people, and it may be his ticket to seeing his wife again so after telling the boy why exactly they are here (to which he is shocked) he offers to escort him back home, and learns the trail on the way so he can come back. Going back later though doesn't go exactly as planned because he, as of this moment, has no experience with the mutants other than what he saw during the first time they turned (and they have changed plenty since then). Luckily enough he gets bailed out by none other than Kade (This is the boy's name.) who finds it quite amusing that he's having to help out an old man, and an ex-soldier at that. When asked what he was doing back down there, Kade answers that he was simply exploring again and Midas is pretty baffled.

Midas kind of becomes more or less a father figure to Kade, and while Midas may not be the best role model (he does steal for a living), he does teach the kid some respect and to start taking his life more seriously.

Right though, about keeping the angsty and tense scenes to a minimum. A lot of my story was going to be the humanity factor rather than about the monsters themselves. They're important of course, but what really glues it together is the people, and not every moment has to be a bitter and unhappy one. Midas may be quiet and distanced more often than not, but he has a reason to be, and as long as he's not outwardly moping about it for some unprovoked reason, then I say let him be.

There were also going to be dashes of humor every now and again; for example, I drew a comic based off a couple of these scenes once, and in it, Kade and Midas had just shot a feral (that will be what they're called in the story.) and actually shot it's hand clean off it's wrist. Kade has a brilliant idea, and so when they go back to the school they find Cas (a mechanic, about the same age as Kade, but not nearly as hardy. And no, not Cas as in Castiel. I don't even watch Supernatural and my cousin thinks I copied it.) in the locker room shower, and they have a good quiet laugh as they slide the hand under the curtain and wait for him to notice it, and when he does he screams like a girl. The other is just a pun, but I still find it humorous... it goes as such;

Kade: 'Cas, are there any other matches these ones won't light.'
Cas: 'Really?'
'Yeah... must've gotten wet or something...'
'Well, that''s simply prephosphorus'
'Oh god, Cas, why do I put up with you?'
(prephosphorus as in preposterous. I know, I'm lame, lol.)

SO actually if anything, I'm hoping to have a lack of those scenes...
User avatar #195 to #193 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Part 2
I definitely think you're doing something great with this story, keep at it, and once you're ready write the story. Pitch it to various publishers, once you're done and keep at it. It took J.K. Rowling an eternity before her work got accepted, so you can expect the same kind of hardship. But until then, keep filling the world of your story until you're happy with it.

btw how u rite long comment? It tells me I exceed the limit so I have to part my comments.
User avatar #194 to #193 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
This just seems to become better and better. I'm already eager to know more about the people and the world you're crafting. the character's you've made Kade, Cas and Midas seem solid and great, and you're really doing everything I'd personally love in an apocalypse story like that. 28 Days Later was pretty good at incorporating beauty and nature, with the feel of an apocalyptic world. I'd say it had some good elements to get inspired by. Indeed, beauty of nature can be a very great contrast to the idea of the apocalypse. There's a reason why you see nature more in newer zombie media, like The Last of Us.

Lol, I thought Kade was the main protagonist for a moment, but it seems like he fits his role rather nicely. I really like his dynamic with Midas really clever name btw , and Midas' background story is great, builds up for a lot of opportunity in further development of the plot. The main storyline itself, what I can gather for now, is awesome.

Right, keeping the angsty scenes down to the necassary is good approach imo, and focusing on the human aspects is also good thing, I definitely agree. Like you say, considering Midas' history it makes sense for him to be affected by it when he gets the opportunity to think. If that can somehow connect the reader more to the protagonist, that's definitely a good element to keep.

Lol, preposphorus. Both of those scenarios are great. Sprinkling occasional humor like that through the story would be a good way to make the story even more interesting, alhough I agree on toning down the humor in favor of legitimately serious and deep moments, because that seems like what you're going for. Wouldn't want it to become like Zombie-Land now sorry for the exaggaration . I haven't watched Supernatural yet either, but I'd guess there's a lot of people named Cas in some way so I wouldn't fret it.

part 1
#197 to #194 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
Nevermind, I was wrong. It's an 8,000 word limit.
#196 to #194 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
Yaaay, I'm really glad you like my idea. I've had others tell me it was good before, but it's kind of hard to really tell whether they meant it because it's been either close friends or family up until now. You can't really know until you get an outside opinion. Or unless maybe either your family/friends are really outward with their opinions, which I don't really know mine for, lol. I'm more or less the opinionated one of the family, and could probably only be beaten by this by my mom, but that's only with certain things.

Right though, I haven't played The Last of Us, but I've seen some screen shots here or there, and it's definitely refreshing to know that the scenery and atmosphere are becoming much more important than they had been in the past. Which is a good reason why I headed out to get Shadow of the Colossus the other day, because it's an absolutely beautiful game for it's generation. (Even this one too, in my opinion.) Not a lot of games were made with the effort they put into SotC...

And no, but he is very important. Actually, him and Midas kind of equal eachother out so they might as well both be the main character. I was planning on changing perspective here and there, to get a look at how the city was run from the inside, which would have been Kade's perspective, and outside as well. You know, now that I think of it, this story would also make a bitchin' vidya game, like... same kind of plot but you can choose either Kade or Midas's story line to play through. That'd be cool... my only worry would be though, would people think it too close to fallout?? It is similar in ways, I realize now... Hmm... Maybe not. Hahah.

I totally agree with the angsty scenes... I can write one up like no one's business, but it doesn't mean they're going to be all I want to write. They are fun to do, and if it's the right time they can be some of the most memorable parts of works, but more or less, I try to keep my writings on the positive side of things despite the situation. Which, writing the humanity factor in an apocalyptic setting, can be hard to find a good medium between the appropriate amounts of either, so it'll definitely be challenging.

Same with the humor though of course, you have to find a good medium for that as well. You can very well have none in a movie and have it work, but I think that if it were real people to be going through this thing, they'd at least have to occasional moment to find something to laugh about. and I love zombieland, but I know exactly what you mean by it. I don't want to be making zombieland 2 anyways, haha. It's not like my bard in the sense I'm continuously thinking up fun things to do with them.

Oh trust me, I've researched into the business of writing before and I'm well aware of just how tough they can be on new authors. (I'm pretty sure my grandmother has an agent because she writes every now and again, but she writes law books so I hardly doubt it'd be that easy to get in. Maybe he'd know someone who works more on the things I'm thinking up, though? I don't know, it's hard to say.)

Also I have no idea. Maybe it's because it's my profile, because I can't do it anywhere else? I have like a 7,000 word limit here...
#198 to #196 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Maybe that's because it's hard to pitch an idea about narrative work through word of mouth. Yeah, it's hard to gauge how much critic from your friends and family you can use in a conventional setting, where people might be much harsher and/or blunt towards your work. Lol, a mom can go from being the softest to the hardest critic in one second, depending on who she's criticizing

Shadow of the Collossus is amazing. That game has silence and emptiness done right (I usually don't like that sort of theme), and the meat of the game, the boss battles, are superb. I still look forward to a game in this day n age that can utilize the boss combat aspect, while filling it with a new setting.

Yep, that was the feel I got from it as well, those two being the ones the story revolves around the most, where Midas is the frontfigure. It would definitely make an awesome video game. It doesn't really remind me much of Fallout honestly (atleast not my impressions of it), specifically because of the nature aspects and the emphasis on humanity and interactions, so I don't think you need to worry. If anything, your story reminds me more of The Last of Us, because of the relationship between Midas and Kade, kinda like Joel and Ellie.

Cool, just write what feels comfortable and natural, while keeping in mind of the plot and the various plottwist you might want to incorporate. Bit of humor is a good way to round out a story and make it impactfull to a reader. It can give a reader more than one reason to love your writing. I really like Zombieland too. Dem twinkies man

Cool, I guess you're set in that departement then. It's pretty cool you have an agent you can contact, I've heard that they can help you tremendously in more ways than one. If he can't help you, you can try to find new authors on the internet and find out which agent they used.

Wow, the freedom of typing 8000 words of proanity and silly words
#200 to #198 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
I think I'm gonna jump off here for a bit. I was freezing my ass off for half the night (Ohio, man... (and apparently everyone else in the country too this time)) so I didn't get much sleep, and at this point I'm probably babbling.

I'll be back on later if the power/internet doesn't go out again. Cya for now!
#201 to #200 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Ok, cool. Be sure to get some sleep and warm yourself I've heard bonfires work wonders . See ya later
#199 to #198 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
I can tell that picture is going to be incredibly helpful... I've had trouble with using 'said' too much before in the past.

And right? So far my favorite battle has got to be with Avion (the bird). It amazes me that back then they could have made such a complex boss fight, being up in the air and flying around while it's trying to throw you off... I'd never seen anything like it from a game of it's age. (I'm especially looking forward to getting to Phalanx (the biggest flying colossi) because of the same reasons. I am not really looking forward to Dirge though (the sandworm. The one that actively chases you throughout the entire thing.))

Right, I think there's still a lot of things to set it apart but not everyone would see it that way. I feel like it'd be the same kind of argument that's pretty common between the Hunger Games series and Battle Royale, when all I can draw that's the same about either is that kids kill one another in both. Not everyone is always willing to look past the similarities and accept things as their own story. Regardless, in the end, I'd still love to see it be made into a video game... it is my preferred media after all, between reading or watching t.v.

In regards to humor... I think I might keep the hand thing. It seems like something a band of thieves would enjoy doing to one of their own. It's so hilariously messed up... Right though; I'm hoping if I do ever get around to getting it written up that it'll be that easy. I'm sure it won't be, but it'd be a nice start, wouldn't it? No need to be so pessimistic this early on, when I haven't even started officially writing yet, haha. and of course, the twinkies. The spongey yellow delicious little bastards they are... >_> lol
User avatar #202 to #199 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Lol, glad it could be of help. I have had the same problem before, lol.
Avion is one of my favourite too. There hasn't been anything in games quite like it before or since then. I kept falling from it the first time I played against him, which lead to me having to save and take a break. I didn't mind the frustration though, 'cause it felt fair, and it was fun while it lasted. Phalanx was awesome to fight against, albeit a bit easy once you get his pattern down don't worry I won't spoil it for you , like Avion he's truly something else though. The Sand Wurm was hard to figure out, but once I knew what to do it was really fun and tense to fight against him. The sene of speed you get to feel when he chases you is incredible. I had my hardest time fighting the Water/Lightning Wurm though, maybe because he requires a lot of waiting and is hard to get in on if you fail to hit him in time before he dives. You can look forward to fighting most if not all of them though, it's an experience like no other.

Exactly. thing is that I think your story is pretty unique, so the people who can look past the resemblances and enjoy it will definitely love it despite. People sometimes think a premise makes a story and look past everything else that fills it. HG and BR are similar in premise but can almost not be further from each other in execution and story developement, Video games a re my favourite media too. There's just something about having agency, and being able to experience the wonder of a different world more directly. It's as if you took acting, narrative and video media and put them together. Games are still evolving, but it is probably the form of media with most potential in the future at the moment.

I'd suggest you keep that scene as well. Not only does it seem believable, but it's also cunningly funny. Exactly, be optimistic but rooted to reality. Focusing on your writing might probably be better for now.
#203 to #202 - swiggityswoner (01/08/2014) [-]
Ah, see, I watched a playthrough before I actually went and got it, so I more or less know what's coming up. (I wanted to make sure I really wanted the game before I passed up something else, probably in the... $60 range, hehe. Was just gonna watch one part but then after I did I wanted to see what was next, and next thing I knew I was at Malus (The tallest colossi, and the last). I don't, however, know how it ends. I finally got myself to stop there, but I heard it's kind of confusing so I'll probably go and look it up anyways afterward.)   
I think that you're absolutely correct with everything you say about video games; they give you a chance to look into a life that isn't your own, in a better (in my opinion) way than movies or shows ever could. Not only this, but they're the only form of media you need actual skill to complete and see the rest of the work, and there's no feeling like when you complete a game. I remember me and my grandpa (I've been blessed with a family of gamers) played and finished the first Assassin's Creed, and since then it has become a large part of my gamer identity-- it's one of the first things I think of when I think of video games. (Then again, this was when I was just getting into storylines and over graphics, because before then it'd been shooters, and what better one to start with than AC for storylines?) Video games are some of my fondest memories. I can remember playing the early Tomb Raiders with my mom, or sitting down and playing the first Spyro on my own... and even though I was terrified of RE Director's Cut back then when my mom played it  I realize now how hysterically bad it is, lol 'Don't Open that Door!!' Hahaha  I can look back now and be glad she had the time to sit down and play something with me. No one is going to ever be able to convince me video games are doing bad things to the world.  I mean, I even played GTA (Liberty Cities, to be specific) myself when I hadn't even broke age ten and I think I'm doing okay. I had designed special ways to kill people in that game, and even laughed while I did so, but today I have to throw a book across the room if I want to kill a spider, and I have yet to get into a physical fight, nor am I looking to, and that's more than can be said for some folks before video games.    
&gt; gif. related, it's me playing GTA and just having left those sticky bombs on twenty or so people/cars.
Ah, see, I watched a playthrough before I actually went and got it, so I more or less know what's coming up. (I wanted to make sure I really wanted the game before I passed up something else, probably in the... $60 range, hehe. Was just gonna watch one part but then after I did I wanted to see what was next, and next thing I knew I was at Malus (The tallest colossi, and the last). I don't, however, know how it ends. I finally got myself to stop there, but I heard it's kind of confusing so I'll probably go and look it up anyways afterward.)

I think that you're absolutely correct with everything you say about video games; they give you a chance to look into a life that isn't your own, in a better (in my opinion) way than movies or shows ever could. Not only this, but they're the only form of media you need actual skill to complete and see the rest of the work, and there's no feeling like when you complete a game. I remember me and my grandpa (I've been blessed with a family of gamers) played and finished the first Assassin's Creed, and since then it has become a large part of my gamer identity-- it's one of the first things I think of when I think of video games. (Then again, this was when I was just getting into storylines and over graphics, because before then it'd been shooters, and what better one to start with than AC for storylines?) Video games are some of my fondest memories. I can remember playing the early Tomb Raiders with my mom, or sitting down and playing the first Spyro on my own... and even though I was terrified of RE Director's Cut back then when my mom played it I realize now how hysterically bad it is, lol 'Don't Open that Door!!' Hahaha I can look back now and be glad she had the time to sit down and play something with me. No one is going to ever be able to convince me video games are doing bad things to the world. I mean, I even played GTA (Liberty Cities, to be specific) myself when I hadn't even broke age ten and I think I'm doing okay. I had designed special ways to kill people in that game, and even laughed while I did so, but today I have to throw a book across the room if I want to kill a spider, and I have yet to get into a physical fight, nor am I looking to, and that's more than can be said for some folks before video games.

> gif. related, it's me playing GTA and just having left those sticky bombs on twenty or so people/cars.
User avatar #204 to #203 - kombee (01/08/2014) [-]
That's the right way to do it imo. I've learned the hard way that just because a game looks cool, it isn't necassarily the case. Heck I've even loved demos before where I ended up disliking the full game. 60$ might not be much for some, but it's still a great deal of money to ivest in an experience. The ending was pretty weird, very interesting but confusing. I won't spoil it for you, but let me just tell you that they have a reason for the ending that might become apparent to you once you see it.

Having a gamer-family is really cool, and fortunate. Gaming for me started as a somewhat solitary endeavour, where I was encouraged and watched by my brother and the rest of my family so you could say we all were in on the experience, I was just in the frontline steering the wheel so to speak. My parents always gave me the opportunity to learn through games, which is awesome . When my brother grew older and we got a few friends, we ended up playing a lot of multiplayer games (like kart racers, brawler fighters, whatever really) and passed on controllers in single-player games so everyone was in on the experience (usually rpg's) we even assigned different chars to each of us. My brother absolutely loves AC. I haven't played it as much as he has, but I've watched him play through the stories of each game in the series (you could say our roles were reversed in that incident, lol) and the stories were fascinating. We also used to play Crash Bandicoot and Spyro with our mom, and had to sit by each of her sides so she wouldn't get cold. Man, games are great. I definitely agree on how awesome they are. And I was terrified of RE back then. My uncle once played it in the living room and my brother and I were running back and forth from our room from sheer terror and curiosity .

> Hahaha, I did the exact same thing in GTA 2! Even used to pile the cars up against each other and cause a chain reaction of explosions.
#205 to #204 - swiggityswoner (01/09/2014) [-]
That's usually what I do, I'll have to hear about something online before I get myself in gear and go buy it. Probably why I don't have much other than the things that you hear about a lot (i.e. Skyrim, Far Cry, AC) but it really hasn't let me down yet, and I can say that those are some of my favorites so I really couldn't care. The rest of my family, however, likes to just go on a whim and get things they like the look of. Half the time we get a good one though, like, Dead Space before it was popular. (which was to me then what RE Director's Cut was when I was just starting out video games, lol) and I remember one playstation 2 game called 'Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy'. It wasn't very popular so it's sequel got canned, but it was one of my childhood favorites besides Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. How could I forget that? I played that too. Some good times. I still even play it sometimes now, one of the best puzzle/adventures I know. I would still play Spyro if the disk hadn't been scratched to hell. :/

That's great though that you had a (somewhat) gamer family, too. I think even watching can be fun too, so I see no problem with you being the one playing, and to me it seems like a better bonding experience than just sitting watching t.v. and hehe, brawlers are the best. I remember playing Soul Calibur with friends and family, here or there. Whenever one of us got a ring-out we'd consider it rude if the other person didn't follow them on the way down. It was always expected that if you did beat them and they were still in the ring, however, that you'd continue kicking their ass even after the k.o. until the end screen. We're a competitive lot.

Yeah, we kind of assigned characters here or there too. I remember, in all the soul caliburs I was always Talim, because I was really good at close range, and my mom usually liked to play Tira or Raphael (She was a fan of the dancers). My step-dad was always... oh jeez, I can't remember his name. The one guy with the scythe. Him and Astaroth. We do it even now, for example, me and my friend (the same girl from D&D, her name is Rachael) whenever we play Left 4 Dead, I'm always Nick and she's always Ellis. Nobody wants to play Rochelle, but one of us will sometimes play Coach... it's very occasional though. Funny how people do that, huh? Find a character you like and stick with 'em.

Ha, I used to run from the room too whenever she played RE and a zombie would come on. I remember the first cutscene where it shows the zombie eating the person and turning around to look at you, being especially traumatizing, but now I realize he was probably just like 'do you mind, guy? I'm trying to eat here'. Actually it'd probably be 'lady' cause we always played as Jill. Dat extra inventory space, ***** . (Plus I think Barry is a big help for Jill, as opposed to Chris.)

Haha, I think everyone had those things they loved to do in the GTA series. Sticky bombs were especially fun, but I think you're right about them being in the second one. (I had more than LC. I get them mixed up sometimes.) I remember in one of them though there was a strike area, and if you walked into it everyone there would become hostile, and I absolutely loved it there. That's basically where I would practice my methods. Also locking hookers behind those moving chain link fences, because they can't get back out.
User avatar #210 to #205 - kombee (01/09/2014) [-]
Lol, yeah it's really weird how games like that don't scare us quite as bitas they used to. Though I still find games like Silent Hill and Fatal Frame to be relatively preserved in their scariness, in contrary to RE though I honestly like RE better .
Yep, gotta go with Jill. Chris might be the macho-man who can kill half of the zombie population in Africa, but in RE 2 Jill can lift more than him. Which would make Jill a secret bodybuilder, right?

Lol, LC was supposedly a remake of GTA2 so you weren't that far of. I think a city in GTA2 is called Liberty City, though I might be wrong. But yeah, it's as if we were sharing thoughts back then, 'cause I used to do the exact same. With police too, it's just hillarious to see them running towards you when there's a wall between you. Another thing I loved to do (which was horrible by the way) is to follow around those people going in a conga line saying "Ahuhung... yeah!" (like Elvis) with a bazooka and then just shoot one of them straight on. I'd always try to follow the flying body before it lands. Man it sounds grotesque... but it was loads of fun, and as you say, I think we turned out fine regardless.

Oh btw, check out this video if you haven't. It shows many of the positives about Video Games, from gamers to gamers.
Extra Credits: The Good We Do
User avatar #209 to #205 - kombee (01/09/2014) [-]
My family used to buy and borrow various obscure titles too, especially in the days of the Ps1. We played so many different games that were kinda of unheard of but were still immensely enjoyable. Can't really remember the titles (I'm really bad with names, lol) but I can remember them clearly. When you get a game you've never heard of and actually get to love it, it's like unraveling a particularly awesome gift. I feel your pain, many of the titles I used to love aren't here anymore either (Ape Escape, Tombi, Digimon) though I'm glad I got to experience them while they lasted. It's sometimes sad to see games you love not continue on, but if anything it makes room for hopefully other promising titles and adventures.

I haven't played Skyrim nor Farcry 3 yet please don't kill me but I've always wanted to try them out. We generally don't buy as many games as we used to because of a tight economy among other reasons.

Yeah, I'm grateful for my family too. My parents seemed to understand that there were more into games than just time cunsomption, and they therefore always made me happy about playing games. Because it made me feel like i learned something and got better everytime I played. My horizon widened further everytime I got to expereience a new world. Hah, there's nothing more fun than plunging in after your rival, when there's a ring out. We used to shout Geronimo! Banzai! Something along those lines.

Nice! Whenever we played L4D I used to be Ellis, Yakoub (my brother) used to be Nick and my friend Dennis used to be Coach. He always laughed at all of the different quotes Coach had, so he couldn't not take him everytime. The brawler we used to play the most (still do rarely) is a game called Digimon Rumble Arena 2, which is kinda like Smash Bros. but with Digimon. In that game we had definite best characters we chose although we mixed it up all the time for funsies. It's kinda geeky but it was fun at the time.
#211 to #209 - swiggityswoner (01/11/2014) [-]
Hey, sorry, been kinda busy lately. Nothing quite like getting a game on a whim and it actually being a good one. Actually, in it's own way, that's how I came across Skyrim. I went to the gamestore originally to get Resistance 3, but then I decided I didn't want another shooter, and I heard Skyrim was good so I went ahead and got it. It was me and my grandpa's favorite game for almost an entire year afterwards, so much so for him even that I'd go over to my grandparents and he'd already be playing. I was only slightly upset cause I wanted to play it too, but usually I'd just watch instead. Usually. I did have to wrestle it away from him a couple times, lol.

I don't mind that you haven't played either of those xD I do wholly recommend them both though. Both are really good, and you said you're into rpgs and Skyrim's really good for that, got a few different and good storylines. Some people don't think the vanilla graphics are so great though, (I think it's fine, but I'm not a PC master race so not much I can do about it, even if I didn't. :C) Far Cry is amazing in both aspects though, the story and the graphics. The characters too, are really good. It really hooks you in too, I remmeber when I first started with it I didn't even look at another game until I was halfway through Far Cry, and even when I did get around to playing something else I wanted to treat it like Far Cry (i.e. the hunting aspect, and sneaking around Stealth is also very important to it, kind of reminds you of AC. )

Ha! See what I mean though about the l4d? No one wants to be Rochelle! Lol, the dirty kill stealer. (and health packs too every so often. I've never been more disappointed about a character being on my team than whenever I play that game). And your friends right, Coach is pretty hilarious too (we even quote him sometimes, but it's more from the Criken video than the actual ingame quotes i.e. '*running back and forth with ninja sword* hamBURGERS, hamBURGERS!' 'Excuse me?? EXCUSE ME??' <- whenever someone offends us, or other.) We even quote the first l4d but we haven't even played it, sadly. I want to get it too.

Good golly, I can't imagine how scared I would have been about Silent Hill if that's what we were playing back in the day. I haven't had the opportunity to play it yet, but I've watched some 'Let's Play's on youtube, and it's still a bit disturbing. I still think I wouldn't like the dead air on Resident Evil though, if nothing else. I can't stand dead air.
Hahaha, yep. Chris is pretty much useless as long as there's a character who can carry more. Especially in a game where arranging your inventory is such a pain in the ass as it is in the RE series. (and I guess it does. Huh, who would've thought? (Wesker will always be my favorite RE character though,... even if he is a bit insane, he's a good antagonist. (dem Matrix powers, too))

I honestly have no idea what any of them are in the way of numbers besides the fourth and fifth, so you're probably right. All I know are the titles, lol. Haaa, that's great. Don't worry about me thinking anything's wrong with you, I literally just admitted in another post to laughing while killing characters in a video game. Heck, I'll go a step further and tell you one of my favorite things I did; right outside the hospital in LC, you go right and up the ramp so you have a bit of a vantage point to the road, and I would just stand there with a bazooka and blow up anything that would come down the road. I even named the place 'death valley' just for this. (also I liked to drive up and down the side walks, and if someone jumped out of the way I chased them down.) and then of course there's the tanks, but who doesn't use the tanks? Lol

Just watched the video in the other post, thanks, that was pretty interesting. Good to know our community is doing a lot of good for the world.
User avatar #212 to #211 - kombee (01/11/2014) [-]
Don't worry about it. Take the time you need, lol. indeed. Deciding on Skyrim instead of Resistance 3 on a whim was probably the best decision you could do. You might've not had to wrestle your way into playing Resistance 3, but the fact that you can share an awesome game with your grandpa is just the more reason to love Skyrim. I'll try and get them sooner rather than later. Now that Next Gen consoles are out, Ps3 (and 360) games should become much more affordable. Yay, for more games. I've been a bit hesitant in the past at getting Skyrim to the console because of the glitches/lack of mods, so I kinda left it in the backburner until I could get a good pc. I've seen some of the hunting and stealth aspects of Far Cry 3, and it does look really awesome. The hunting reminded me of a somewhat deeper but similar system to the hunting in AC3, which was already great on its own.

Lol, yeah, no one really wants to be Rochelle. She always stands in the line of fire and she takes all of the freaking health packs and pills. I actually remember a friend of mine intentionally using Rochelle for the sole reason of her not ruining the playthrough (we played with realism expert-difficulty *shivers*) Hah! EXCUSE ME!?! best quote in the game, besides Nick's helicopter made of chocoloate. I never played l4d either, though we can't stop saying "Peeeeeels here!" and "I like vests" randomly.

Man, those games are intentionally sickening and horrifying. It's hard to say if there's even a reason behind it, really. I tend to avoid playing games like that, because I think the positives that might come from those games don't outweigh the negatives. RE though, is a different beast to me, so I definitely don't mind playing those. (You mean Agent Smith 2.0? He's awesome. And a beast in Marvel vs Capcom 3).

Hehe, yep. It's so fun wreacking havoc in a game like GTA, just because of the nature of the game. I could never get all 8 (or 7?) stars with or without tanks.
User avatar #206 to #205 - sequel ONLINE (01/09/2014) [-]
I'm lost in the walls of text.
#208 to #206 - swiggityswoner (01/09/2014) [-]
Oh wait, you already are.
#207 to #206 - swiggityswoner (01/09/2014) [-]
Sorry, didn't mean to summon you. Get out while you can, or else you'll get lost.
#192 to #190 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
Goodnight! (I'll still respond fuller to this, but yeah.) cx
User avatar #189 to #186 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
I'm glad I didn't sound like a complete dick, lol. And I agree with you completely. There a lot of people who for one reason or another simply don't have the patience or capacity to try and understand the struggles some people go through. So they shrug it of as a case of "just toughen up" without taking a persons feelings, history etc. into consideration. It's a good thing you're open minded about everything though, even so far as considering the advice of those who're overly blunt. That takes character and quite a bit of understanding, to take the best out of an unnecassarily rude and negative comment.

Nice! Family and Friends are truly a marvellous thing to have, especially when you understand their worth. Man, you're a strong one. I respect that, and I like to believe I'd do the same for my family as well. Wolves are awesome even when they have someone like Moon Moon as a member . My animal would maybe be a hawk, an eagle or a bear I think, though I just llike animals. Maybe a Cheetah....

I've just finished reading your concept and it's a really good premise. I especially like the parts of it that stands out on comparison to other zombie apocalypse stories, like the mysterious punk-guy and the group, the metropolis founded on questionable ideals and the fact that the and the twist at the end. The premise is great, you just need to fill it out with some great narrative and make the world seem deeper than usual apocalypse stories (which you already seem on your way to do) so to make your story unique. I also like the fact that the mutants evolve, that gives room for a lot of creativiy concerning making truly horrific but interesting monsters. If there's one thing I'll suggest you not to do, it's to rely heavily on drawn out dull moments, in the story to relay the feeling of emptiness in the apocalypse. Not to say there shouldn't be slow moments, but maybe try to keep the depressing stuff for tense moments or just after instead. Cont...1
User avatar #182 to #181 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Nah, I've only watched one Resident Evil film, the first one i think way back when. It was alright, but the games were (and still are) definitely better. I was mostly taking about the 6th installment, which I've heard much bad about. I'm not too familiar with George romero either, but he's called the king of Zombie-film directors. A lot of people resent the fact that he didn't get to shape the films, instead of the current director Paul Anderson, who's made the films the way you've watched them. Based mostly on action, and not much else other than borrowing heavily from the game lore. I don't know if either would be the better director, though it's interesting to see that that Capcom favored Andersons script and what it has lead to.

Anxiety sounds like a dreadful thing to go through. I don't know how it is, as I haven't been through it myself, though I've had a few friends who've been through it one way or another. Their anxiety has usually stemmed from a few or various shocking and depressing moments from their childhood, coupled with a culmination of present worrying from e.g. regrets and expactations. It's usually at it's worst when your brain starts to panic, but you probably already know this better than I do. If I might, in fear of coming of as ignorant, keep fighting against the negative feelings if they ever try to consume you. It's hard, near impossible sometimes I'd reckon, but try to throw your worries off of your shoulders and think of everything positive. Summon a patronus, lol. Just never give in. Yep, Katawa Shoujo seems almost tailor made for you despite the gender role

That's quite a lot to go through in one night. That man seemed like a genuinely nice person, though I wouldn't know why your parents (in the dream) would seem to dislike him, and why he would later make a 180. Sometimes dreams can be incoherent nonsense, but other times they can tell you things about yourself you didn't know, about your feelings. Cont...1
#183 to #182 - swiggityswoner (01/07/2014) [-]
My power and internet are kind of going in and out... Might be forced to log off for the night. Letting you know, just in case. and hey, congratulations on the colored text. Now we can tell who's who, lol.
User avatar #185 to #183 - kombee (01/07/2014) [-]
Ok, cool. It's getting pretty late where I live too, so I might log off soon too. Hah, thanks. Admin gave me colored text despite my not so OC OC (although I did put effort intomaking it). Got the color using this content: www.funnyjunk.com/50+million/funny-gifs/4960017/
#179 to #177 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
Yeah Avatar is a really unique piece of media. It has the integrety and polish that comes with western cartoons but also the depth and integral storyline of anime. I wouldn't mind more things in the same sort of style as Avatar and Korra is.

Yes! I'm definitely looking forward to reading it. Despite the medal it should net you a nice comment color for 90 days atleast.

Good to hear, and I think you're right regarding The Exorcist. It also plays on the fact that it's a little innocent girl that's possesed, and you get to see the struggle that her mother (and father I think, can't remember) is having. Is the girl inside still alive, and can she be saved? What can you do to help? God forbid actually putting her down, but how will you else stop the evil inside her and to stop the torture the girl is going through? It's really a parent's biggest horror story. I get what you mean. I've also recently become better at watching older stuff. I used to become too jarred of it to even consider them. I personally don't mind begnning in the middle of a story, though I definitely prefer to begin from the start. Do you mean the game ruined the films for you because they're better or worse? It's hard to tell with the newest games, lol. Did you know the RE films could've been directed by George Romero, the guy who directed Night of the Living Dead? His script was rejected, in favor of the director now. If your interested, here's a link: dailyscript.com/scripts/resident_evil_romero.html

Heh, I hope you're right. Though I do need some excercise, like Cardio.
Nervousness and anxiety can be a hard thing to tackle, even if it is relatively subtle. It seems like you've got good control and understanding of yourself, which is important when you're watching horror movies or going through horrofic situation in general. Exactly as you're saying, nightmares and dreams are used in the same way as horror movies to harden you for real situations. Continues...1
#150 to #149 - swiggityswoner (12/30/2013) [-]
Hahahah, you mean it does? I've never posted content before so I wouldn't know. (I like to stick to comments.) but that's hilarious... I wonder if he was getting annoyed at all? Also that second spoiler was hard as **** to read, lol. Yeah though, about the waiting, you're definitely right. Had a pretty good time, and we were much better of a team too, so that's a good thing for sure. Survived one whole encounter without the NPC having to get involved, and then made it through another part broken up into about... five. We made it through four. One did involve throwing ourselves into a bunch of thorn bushes to receive a vision though, when it could have been just one person to do it but we were like ' **** that, were in this together.' Good thing it didn't take damage because none of us thought of it, haha. and then we found a black magic book that we decided to destroy and it got stamped, shot, poured whiskey on and lit, and my bard recommended we all dance around it, so... yeah, we had a bonfire on the way.

And subscribers, huh? Well, I don't hope they expect me to do anything too soon after it. Or maybe that could be my thing? Making content based off this? I feel like that could be a good idea if the first one is popular...
User avatar #151 to #150 - kombee (12/30/2013) [-]
Yeah, it does to my knowledge. Either that or you only get notified of direct comments/direct replies to you and your content. It'd be pretty funny if he did get them though. Sometimes the spoilers here on FJ act like eyes that've just been poked hard, they blink and flutter violently (maybe we should be carefull with where we aim our cursors?) but it's a good thing you had fun. That's quite the adventure though, you weren't kiding when you said you'd managed to progress a lot! We never managed to do quite that much in one playsession. It took us three whole sessions to get through a necromantic dungeon (filled with skeletons) and we were on the brink death litteraly every time we had an encounter Which was every consecutive room of the tomb . Good thing is that we got a black crystal'amajix and a few useless (we call them antique) weapons. Bad thing is that we soon got news about the nearby town facing a problem with skeletons roaming the streets at night We forgot to close the tomb when we left. Oups... .
It's a nice team spirit you guys seem to have, keep it up and you'll definitely have even better adventures, lol. It was probably a good thing to do, burning the suspiciously black book while dancing around it. Trust me in D&D, black = bad news.

Yep, don't worry though, FJ takes whatever they can get usually. If you don't necassarily upload afterwards they'll understand since FJ is the capital of lazy, hence why I think admin made the OC comment-color thing. It definitely could become your thing. People on FJ really like OC, especially when it's from a fellow FJ'er. If it doesn't get popular but you still feel like making them, don't let that stop you. Sometimes you get the wrong people at the wrong time, and you end up downvoted although the content is good. That's why reposts happen sometimes and isn't as frowned upon as it used to be.
#152 to #151 - swiggityswoner (12/31/2013) [-]
Oh my, those poor villagers... Thinking back on it now we probably should have closed the portal we came through if it didn't already... I'm pretty sure we did, but if not, the tavern we left should be in for some kind of time. Probably not a good one either. Yeah, we figured we did the right thing with the book after we got experience for destroying it, so I can only imagine how it's going to be for everything else we find. If my friend's rogue won't get her hands on it first. We did confirm that there is indeed a pickpocket skill. (You probably already knew this, but we didn't for sure.)
#153 to #152 - kombee (01/01/2014) [-]
Heh, I guess we did the same mistake then. As I always say, clever people think alike or in this case maybe less than clever . Lesson learned from the burning of the book: Destroy everything you find, set it on fire and dance around the bonfire = experience. Point taken. Yep, pickpocket is in the game, though I'm not sure whether the dice count is determined by Streetwise and/or thievery or another "skill tree" (forgot what their name was), just tell her to keep away from black things and she'll probably be fine
#154 to #153 - swiggityswoner (01/01/2014) [-]
Did you just make that? Or at least add the words onto it? Bwahaha, that bear gets me every time... It's probably how we looked dancing around it, eh? I was picturing more like a campfire thing, but it's much more humorous as an occult scenario. Although, I'm not sure in an occult they would have lit the black magic item on fire Before dancing around it, I wouldn't know though. I might make that one of my comics after the first one. Do the Raven Queen one and then come back to some of the things before it... Have the NPC walk in to see it and she's just like ' **** this, I'm out'. Because she had been disappearing several times before and after. We assumed to distance herself from us, because we're that disappointing. We were also going to try to make a pole, and fish whatever was swimming around in the holy cistern out and cook it up to force-feed my character so maybe she'd get sobered up faster, but we didn't have time. Around here was the first time that the NPC left.

> Pic unrelated. Might just be the NPC's FW though, minus the bread sticks.
User avatar #156 to #154 - kombee (01/01/2014) [-]
Happy New Years by the way Forgot to say that in the main post
#157 to #156 - swiggityswoner (01/02/2014) [-]
Happy New Years! Ha! That content... that's great (fav'd) And there actually was something in the cistern, but they didn't know what it was. All we knew was that there was something swimming in it, and they were all just going to go ahead and cook it and hope it was edible. (from the HOLY cistern, no less, they were going to fish it out and fry it up. Sometimes I wonder who is the most disappointing of our group, me or them. My character is drunk, but what's their excuse? Haha)
User avatar #158 to #157 - kombee (01/02/2014) [-]
Thanks! I should've probably made it longer, for anticipations sake. But I'm glad of how it turned out. . I actually thought a cistern was the gutter last time, lol, had to google it to find out it's rather different. That's kinda cool though, imagine if there's a giant golden catfish in there or a leviathan like being. It reminds me a bit of the Water Temple in Zelda. I see that your friends sometimes have just as wacky ideas as you do. But then again, fried fresh fish tastes excellent, wether from a holy cistern or not. Maybe yourr friends are a bit high from the fumes of the burned book?
#159 to #158 - swiggityswoner (01/03/2014) [-]
Yep, no problem! I enjoyed it. and **** yeah fried fish is delicious, they probably wouldn't have even had to force-feed it to her on those grounds, lol. She might've just been like "is-is that for me? Can I have it if not?" and yeah they do. I remember we considered for a second sending one of the other kid's character floating down a river this one time to have him scout ahead for us. We decided this wasn't a good idea because he'd sink though. Heavy armor and heavy set, haha.
User avatar #160 to #159 - kombee (01/03/2014) [-]
Yep. They probably didn't even have to ask her, just the smell of the frying fish would make her devour it without notice. Lol, sending a heavily armored person down the lake for scouting purposes? The intel would probably not make it back, not even to say the person carrying it. But if you end up in situation like it next time, use barrels. I've heard they float well and it's fun whilethe ride last.
My friends' characters were actually caught by an ogre and his goblin minions because of the light from a campfire once. They were set in a mini-prison out in nowhere land, where two goblins wih the keys stood guard, while fiddling with some bombs because they didn't know how they worked. My friends asked them if they could take a look at the pretty keys, but the Goblins yelled at them and pointed the bombs at them. My friends made the "wow, careful there"-face which lead to the goblins throwing the bombs at them I was told they were trying to scare the prisoners because the bombs obviously made them scared . Luckily though, the bombs weren't lit, which lead to a hillarious moment where they bombed themselves out of prison and through the guards using those bombs. I also heard they managed to escape on the back of grizzly bear the giant ones in D&D that can knock tree downs n' **** but I don't know how that happened. I wasn't there at the time they played this though, 'cause I wanted to take a break from D&D. But it certainly made me want to play again.
#161 to #160 - swiggityswoner (01/04/2014) [-]
I have a feeling getting rid of him was half of the point of the idea in the first place, but then it was the DM who told us we probably shouldn't for the sake of time. Since we're new, he likes to get involved if we're about to make a bad choice. Not all the time though, but we are keeping our plan well and safe away from him, haha. He won't be able to stop us once it's in motion,... which should be this coming Saturday. We decided on going every other week, which kind of sucks for me because I don't have anything better to do meanwhile. And oh goodness... You know what they should have done when they burst out of there? Throw the bomb at the bars and as soon as it's busted open run through it yelling "OH YEAAAH!!" like the koolaid man. (I plan on doing something like this as soon as I get the chance. I'm already planning on setting magical fire to any rain that may or may not happen and then awkwardly touch my one friend's face. Hehe, Adele...

> kind of like this pic, but probably more homo-erotic just because that's always humorous to me and this group of people.

The bear part was excellent though... imagine seeing a group of however many people on the back of a bear hauling ass through the woods. That'd be a sight...
User avatar #162 to #161 - kombee (01/05/2014) [-]
xD I gotta say, that's a pretty clever way of going about loosing him. That's probably a good idea, to get involved sometimes as a Dm, when you're playing casually or there's new people to the fray. Heh, indeed he's going to be surprised for sure. If I were I'd be bursting out laughing once I'd understood what was going on. Let's hope that it goes smoothly then. I know the feel, it's hard to find something to do sometimes, maybe you could ask them to do the rp'ing a bit sooner than each second week?If it doesn't become too much to handle that is.
Lol, for all I know they ran out yelling like war-fighting indians, lucky for them there weren't many guards. Haha, I can just imagine it. You casting a fire spell on some drizzling fuel or something, then beginning to sing building up to the ending where you place your hand on your friends face.
Indeed, bears of that magnitude (or in general) are hard to ignore. I heard it was furious and they couldn't control it, because it was held captive bythe ogres and goblins, so saving it while getting to ride on it was win-win for both parties Though the bear probably couldn't think that far
#163 to #162 - swiggityswoner (01/05/2014) [-]
I'm just messing around with the .gif, I like to use xD all the time. I honestly don't understand why it gets so much hate.  and yeah, me and my friend were talking about proposing we do something like maybe a movie night or other things the weekend in between so we don't have to pack up and be ready to play every week but just hang out and have fun (and it wouldn't be so bad if you did miss one of those rather than the game). So, hopefully they'll go for it. I don't think they wouldn't honestly, everyone else in the group is just as about a certifiable nerd as I am so as far as I know they don't have anything better to do anyways either, hehe.    
Plus I want to get my friend into Walking Dead and she agreed to watch it if we can pull this off...  I got her started but she gets freaked out by zombies. Watching something like that would be a group thing for her.    
Yeah though, probably not about the bear thinking ahead like that.  and the indian yell sounds much more entertaining than what I had planned. I think though, if I get the chance, I'll stick to my idea, lol.
I'm just messing around with the .gif, I like to use xD all the time. I honestly don't understand why it gets so much hate. and yeah, me and my friend were talking about proposing we do something like maybe a movie night or other things the weekend in between so we don't have to pack up and be ready to play every week but just hang out and have fun (and it wouldn't be so bad if you did miss one of those rather than the game). So, hopefully they'll go for it. I don't think they wouldn't honestly, everyone else in the group is just as about a certifiable nerd as I am so as far as I know they don't have anything better to do anyways either, hehe.

Plus I want to get my friend into Walking Dead and she agreed to watch it if we can pull this off... I got her started but she gets freaked out by zombies. Watching something like that would be a group thing for her.

Yeah though, probably not about the bear thinking ahead like that. and the indian yell sounds much more entertaining than what I had planned. I think though, if I get the chance, I'll stick to my idea, lol.
#164 to #163 - kombee (01/05/2014) [-]
I dunno maybe it's because it's too much to handle for some? People just seem to hate on things sometimes, because it has been the norm to do so. I type it sometimes anyway, if I laughed and found something silly. That's really neat idea. I can actually vouch for that, since our friend group used to do that all the time. We've watched Dokuro Chan and the first season of Game of Thrones together, among other films and series. Just pop some pop corn, put some pizzas in the oven or heck cut out some carrots if you're into that and have a few snacks together as a group while the film is rolling. There's not much that can beat that.

Poor her, having a lot of people around her while she watches will definitely help her through it, I think. As long as you avoid the temptation of scaring her while she's watching, that is , She'll maybe even grow to not be as afraid of zombies anymore, it usually helps when there's a lot of people you trust around you, if you're conronting a fear.

Indeed, stick to your coolaid plan, also try to color yourself fully in red before doing it. maybe from red wine, since a bard would have easy access or usuallyknow where to find it
#165 to #164 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
Yep. Everyone likes to think they don't just follow the crowd, but I see a suspiciously high amount of followers for all the people who claim they don't. For example, Dr. Who is becoming especially hated recently; I don't even watch the show but I feel kinda bad for the fans now. I'm not really all that tired of them, and I've been lurking here since like... 2010. and oh yeah? I wonder how Games of Thrones went for you guys with all the nude-y scenes it has. A bit awkward? (I haven't watched it but I know enough from it from here to know that's a good portion of it. That and Joffrey is the biggest dick ever-- probably using mild terms, here.) I don't know though, if we do that, we might be watching it soon too. The DM and his kid are big fans, but I wouldn't be opposed, I heard it's good.

But right, I think it'd be a good time. I'm the kind of person who loves to show everything I like to my friends and vice versa, so it'd definitely work for me. I'm lucky my friends are like this too because I think I'd drive them crazy if they weren't, but then we spend like half of our time together on youtube showing eachother things and not much else, haha. It's a fun time either way, but you know.

Yeah though, I'm especially not the kind of person who tries to scare others while watching something like that (In fact, I go out of my way to tell them something's going to happen if they're that scared of it, so they'll be prepared. Unless I forget, which happens semi-often but then I apologize after. I hate jump scares (they just seem so cheap of a way to scare somebody. I think if a movie can make you scared without having to use them, then that makes a good horror) but nobody likes to warn me, so I do it for them.)

and I will! about the koolaid thing, and possibly her painting herself red and you know if any bard knows where to find wine, it'd be my character, lol.
User avatar #166 to #165 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
Yeah, I've noticed that too. I haven't watched Doctor Who either but I hvae seen the overall hate towards it. It used to be the same with Avatar too. It's usually just because of some overly pessimistic people and then some followers who jumps on the bandwagon of hate. You just kinda have to fight it little by little by wording positive opinions and then ignore the non-constructive criticism Game of Thrones was somewhat weird to watch with friends, especially during nude scenes. It even began with a blatant nude shot of a main character, which was kinda: "Wooow... didn't expect that so soon". Most of my friends didn't seem to care too much 'cause they just make fun of it and act like perverse goofballs, lol, so it wasn't that bad once you got used to it. I wouldn't have kept watching it though if it wasn't for the interesting story, which we all liked and talked about a lot. The nude scenes are mostly unnecassary, though they sometimes talk about key plot-points while "doing it" . For one certain character (Daenerys) they even shows a development in her character.
I've also heard it has taboo things like incest and such though I don't remember stumbling into that yet (first season). The story is really good, but the nude scenes are largely skippable in my opinion.

Lol, yeah me too, I always have one, two videos from Youtube I have to show my friends, sometimes to their dismay. One of my friends once became so tired of it, he banned me from using his computer when I was over, 'cause I had to "..stop showing us stuff!". It's definitely fun either way though, and they usually don't mind.

That's probably for the better. I usually do the same thing, when I watch something semi-scary with my little sister. Generally though I'm the sissypants of the group although I don't scare too easily either. Jump scares are the worst, especially if they're used repeatedly. They can be done properly but it's hard not to fall in the trap of doing it over and over
#167 to #166 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
Right, I never got the thing with Avatar either (I'll assume you mean the James Cameron Avatar and not the ATLA movie, which is right up there with the Percy Jackson movie in my opinion. Both disappointingly inaccurate, and not even good from an outsider's POV.) And yeah I can imagine. My friend's parents are sticklers on that kind of stuff, and she's never too thrilled about them anyways (and honestly, any unneeded nude scenes kind of irk me myself, for kind of the reason that I hate jump scares. They seem like a cheap way to get attention, and if I'm trying to enjoy something for it's story, the last thing I want is tits shoved in my face. Then again I'm a straight female, soo...) we'd probably end up skipping them ourselves.

And aw man, that sucks. I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't allowed to show my friends the things I like. I'd probably just sit there in agony... like next time we head over to our d&d thing, we're gonna ask if we can get some music playing, and I already have a playlist thought out for songs I wanna show them, lol.

Yeah, I'm kind of a sissy too. I remember I was at the theater once with my mom and we had to bring a blanket to half-hide under because (and it's hardly even that bad, I know) it was one of the paranormal activity movies, and, say what you will, they do have a good suspense factor if anything. Suspense is usually what gets me in scary movies, or if it has a good psychological factor, that's usually what makes me like a movie. Like Event Horizon, the thought that what if it happened, and the being out in space gives it that kind of edge that there should be in a horror movie. (If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend it. It was my first horror though, so I might have a bias.)
#169 to #167 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
Btw A:TLA never happened
Btw A:TLA never happened
#172 to #169 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
I just realized you said ATLA used to get hate. Please disregard what I said about it being recent. I already knew it did in the past, I thought they might've been jumping back on the bandwagon again.
#171 to #169 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
Of course.
User avatar #174 to #171 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #168 to #167 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
I actually meant the Last Airbender series which used to be looked down upon in contrary to today, though James Camerons Avatar has got it's fare shair of hate too. I really dislike the A:TLA movie too, never have I been so dissapointed in an addaptation before, and that says a lot since I've seen Dragonball evolution. I haven't read Percy Jackson yet, though I've thought about doing it. The film wasn't something to write home about, but I guess it didn't impact me as much since I haven't read the book yet Yeah I get what you mean. The nude scenes can have good relevance to the story and characters sometimes, but more often than not it's a bit too blatant. Borderline pornography even. Definitely not a family friendly series, lol.

Ah well, it can be abit disheartining sometimes, but it's alright. I don't want to force something upon them, and when I get the opportunity my friends usually don't mind me sharing. Lol, I guess you guys play D&D while pumping to some Aplebottom Jeans, eh?

Haha, a blanket you say? That's adorable. I definitely see what you mean though, the suspence of those kind of movies is almost like subtle torture. You don't want the climax (usually jump scare) to happen, but you don't want the suspence to keep going either. It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Paranormal Activity movies didn't really scare me as much, since I'm relatively better at handling suspence rather than full-on horror (like the Exorsist). But my mother and older sister got really scared by it, despite them keep telling me "It's not real, y'know?". I haven't seen Event Horizon yet, but from the scrrenshots I've looked at it reminds me a bit of Prometheus (though I haven't seen that either). I'll try and take a look at it.
#170 to #168 - swiggityswoner (01/06/2014) [-]
Really? The series is getting hate now? Aw... I love that show. :/

And haha, no. My Bard's musical taste is much different than my own personal ones; there's a reason why I would think her singing that would be the humorous thing to do. (although who wouldn't jam to it nowadays just because it's that hilarious? I honestly can't tell whether or not they were being serious with it, and the same goes for Milkshake and My Humps... which I am also considering her singing. It'll be a good time...)

and yeah, check it out. I'm pretty sure they still have it on Netflix, so if you have it, it's there. It is pretty old though, so the graphics and styling may not be as... up to date as some others (although the Exorcist isn't exactly either, lol (I have yet to sit down and watch that. I've seen bits and parts on youtube, but I can never catch it on TV. I can catch the later ones, but not the original... What's up with that?)
User avatar #173 to #170 - kombee (01/06/2014) [-]
Well it used to, before Doctor Who took the spotlight of hate. Gotcha! just read your "my mistake" comment. I love that show too, I can't count how many times I've watched it. Granted that was mostly because my little sister keeps rewatching the series, while I play computer and watch on the side. Especially now were Netflix has it too.

Lol, ok cool. I guessed as much since you were going to use it as a troll song common folks like us can't appreciate the deeper nuances of Aplebottom Jeans and My Hump . Milkshake is a guilty pleasure of mine, I can't stop smiling like goof everytime I hear it (mostly because of an abridged video I watched some time ago). Though I wouldn't say I like like it. Maybe the Queen will want you to back up your claim on your supposed milkshakes, if you decide to sing it. Could be fun.

I use Netflix, though I've just searched on there and it seems like it doesn't have it in my region. I guess I'll have to find alternative means then, yarrgh! The Exorcist by many is called the first modern horror movie. Before that Horror used to be things like those vampire and werewolf movies, that by today's standards aren't so scary anymore. So the original The Exorcist (from the 70'ies) is pretty well-known and is probably therefore protected greatly by the copyright holders. I'm not too sure though. I watched it as a kid, and got scared ******** , so I might be biased as well. It might be mostly creepy than scary though, I can't remember too much o the movie. But before watching, you should know there are quite a few jump-scares, if my mind serves well.
#155 to #154 - kombee (01/01/2014) [-]
Yep Though, actually I took the pic of the demon bear + a clipart of a fire and merged them together, then adding text. I usually don't like "evil" things, but this bear gets to me everytime. Can't stop laughing (maniacally) whenever I look at him. I got an idea immediately after making yours and made this: www.funnyjunk.com/Why/funny-pictures/4953230/
Yeah, a normal campfire seems more cosy and cheerful, It's a rookie's mistake. "You were supposed to burn the goat, not the book you idiot! Do you have any idea how much these cost?", "But the goat is so fluffy! Look at his giant puppy-eyes.", *facepalm* That could be cool, like making a semi-connected story-line based on your experiences in D&D. Poor NPC, I'm not sure wether I should feel sorry for him or envy him. Having apprentices that entertaining could be really fun. Although I do get why he left after watching you fish in a cistern, actually trying to find fish xD The pic almost say "Do you see the things I put up with?"

User avatar #101 - snakefire (12/15/2013) [-]
Hi there
#127 to #101 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
And apparently I'm still an idiot, cause It only gets earlier the further west you go. Well, I guess it's official that I am, indeed, quite blonde.

Now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself, I think I'm going to jump off here for the night and maybe get some rest instead of doing more work at the rate things are going. Talk to ya tomorrow?
User avatar #128 to #127 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
Okie. Night
#129 to #128 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Yeah, I'm running on like three hours of sleep so that doesn't actually really shock me that I said that, now that I think about it. Anyways, goodnight. I'll probably be more entertaining of a person tomorrow.
User avatar #130 to #129 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
I dont even know what you said...
#131 to #130 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
I corrected myself because I thought timezones out west went later into the night but they only go earlier.
User avatar #132 to #131 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
#133 to #132 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Tried to wish you luck for finishing your school work at a reasonable hour, and then I corrected myself in the wrong way, as in I thought it would be later over by where you were (and not a reasonable hour), when it's the other way around. I corrected myself again after I realized, and now here we are. Sorry if I confused you, I have trouble explaining things even when I'm not tired.

Not really a big deal, I'm just a lot awkward with these things is all. :/ *sigh* I swear this doesn't happen too often. I haven't just made this worse have I? I feel like I could have.
#137 to #133 - aerosol (12/23/2013) [-]
Is that Bee?
Is that Bee?
#138 to #137 - swiggityswoner (12/23/2013) [-]
I honestly have no idea. I just picked it up somewhere from KnowYourMeme.
I honestly have no idea. I just picked it up somewhere from KnowYourMeme.
#139 to #138 - aerosol (12/23/2013) [-]
Aww man. I thought I had found another fan.
why must you hurt me in this way
#140 to #139 - swiggityswoner (12/23/2013) [-]
I'm so sorry. &lt;///3   
 What is it from though? I'm always up for suggestions for things to watch.
I'm so sorry. <///3

What is it from though? I'm always up for suggestions for things to watch.
#141 to #140 - aerosol (12/23/2013) [-]
Well, it's from a series of web shorts called Bee and Puppycat by Sasha Allegri. It's on youtube. I mostly like it for the chill music(if you can call it that) and colorful art. It's really short but an interesting work in progress if you ask me.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my nerdy recommendation
#142 to #141 - swiggityswoner (12/23/2013) [-]
I'll have to check it out, sounds nice so far. :3

And are you kidding? Nerdy things don't bother me at all, seeing as I'm pretty certifiable as one myself. I could tell you everything I do, but it'd make quite the laundry list.
User avatar #143 to #142 - aerosol (12/23/2013) [-]
I had a hunch. I just figured it better not to assume. Also, sometimes when I recommend stuff I get over excited because I really like whatever it is; so I try my best to sound modest.

With nerdy things in mind, I saw your thread bout KS. Have you just played through it once? I tried it and couldn't get into it but I keep feeling like I gave up too early.
#144 to #143 - swiggityswoner (12/23/2013) [-]
Yeah, I get that. I usually have to take things down a few notches when trying to recommend things to my friends, haha.

Aaaand, yes. I only played through KS once. Since I did it just how I personally would and I wanted to see who I'd get, I didn't really feel a need to go back through and get the other endings. Didn't stop me from looking up the others though. I was still curious but I didn't actually do it again.

As for ending too soon... yeah, I can see that. The beginning is a little boring, but in my experience, and what I've heard from others, it gets better after you choose a girl. Or hey, maybe even Kenji's route. I did consider going back to see what that was all about.
#145 to #144 - aerosol (12/23/2013) [-]
I think he pushes you off a roof-top.
#146 to #145 - swiggityswoner (12/23/2013) [-]
I knew that. Which is probably why I didn't in the end, I was curious to see what happened between then and choosing his route though... though it's more like being assigned a route than actually choosing, if you haven't gotten that far.
#147 to #146 - aerosol (12/23/2013) [-]
Ohh, now really want to pick it up again! Glad we had this little coversation. I've got some catching up to do!
Ohh, now really want to pick it up again! Glad we had this little coversation. I've got some catching up to do!
#148 to #147 - swiggityswoner (12/23/2013) [-]
Well then, good luck to not getting Kenji's route.  Or unless you're gonna be shooting for that, go on ahead, I don't have any objections.    
And now I leave you with a relevant joke, in the form of advice;   
You can turn off the sex scenes in KS, but it won't matter because all the sex scenes are disabled anyways.  YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
Well then, good luck to not getting Kenji's route. Or unless you're gonna be shooting for that, go on ahead, I don't have any objections.

And now I leave you with a relevant joke, in the form of advice;

You can turn off the sex scenes in KS, but it won't matter because all the sex scenes are disabled anyways. YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
User avatar #134 to #133 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
Its fiiiine. you're just being silly is all.
#135 to #134 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Okay, I think now that I've got the misunderstanding cleared, I can go to bed.  I can never let anything like that alone. Just something about me.  Good night, for real this time.
Okay, I think now that I've got the misunderstanding cleared, I can go to bed. I can never let anything like that alone. Just something about me. Good night, for real this time.
User avatar #136 to #135 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
#125 to #101 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Except for timezones so it may already be past then. Don't mind me, I'm an idiot.
User avatar #126 to #125 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
#124 to #101 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Thanks, and to you too for hopefully getting done at a still reasonable hour.
#102 to #101 - swiggityswoner (12/15/2013) [-]
Hey, c: What's up?
User avatar #103 to #102 - snakefire (12/15/2013) [-]
Sorry. I just now got the alert...
Not much. you?
#104 to #103 - swiggityswoner (12/15/2013) [-]
Haha, it's okay. I assumed my response just got buried and you'd see it later.

and... ehhh, same for the most part. Not doing much besides browsing, (family's hogging up the t.v... which is unfortunately hooked up to both my xbox and playstation, so no getting around that.) :/
User avatar #105 to #104 - snakefire (12/15/2013) [-]
Awh sorry..

Pc games?
#106 to #105 - swiggityswoner (12/15/2013) [-]
My comp can't even run minecraft since I tried to put skyrim on it. Well, technically it does run, but the damn thing's temperature accelerates to that of the sun about as soon as I do. I'm being dramatic, of course, but it's pretty frustrating when a game that small can make your laptop do a thermal shutdown.
User avatar #107 to #106 - snakefire (12/15/2013) [-]
I'm sorry :c
#108 to #107 - swiggityswoner (12/15/2013) [-]
Lol, it's fine. Not like it's your fault.

So besides that, how're things on your end?
User avatar #109 to #108 - snakefire (12/15/2013) [-]
Fine. Procrastination and such.

#110 to #109 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Yep currently doing that myself. Have a whole quarter's worth of chemistry to catch up on (among some other things that aren't nearly as bad) and I am dreading it. Technically though, I won't get in trouble unless I don't turn it in by the end of the quarter, so what I usually end up doing is setting everything off until then and then being busy for the entire week before. I both hate and like homeschooling for this... haven't really been able to decide.

And maybe if you're tired you should go to bed? Not as easy as it sounds when you're on the internet though, so idk. I can't say I didn't try to help, lol.
User avatar #111 to #110 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
I caaaant. I have to do something before bed...
#112 to #111 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Oh? Schoolwork or other?
User avatar #113 to #112 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
School **** ;-;
#114 to #113 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Aw ;_; probably best not to then.
User avatar #115 to #114 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
#117 to #115 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
However, I'll be picking up math the next so...
User avatar #118 to #117 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
Good luck with that...
#119 to #118 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
(Sorry, parents. I'm not even supposed to be on here. ) And yeah, thanks, I'll probably need it.
#121 to #119 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
:I nevermind the heart. (I don't know what all these expressions do yet.)
User avatar #120 to #119 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]

So are you getting started now or?...
#122 to #120 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
Just kidding, I might as well since I don't have much else to do.
Just kidding, I might as well since I don't have much else to do.
User avatar #123 to #122 - snakefire (12/16/2013) [-]
Good luck!
#116 to #115 - swiggityswoner (12/16/2013) [-]
FFFfffff.... yeah, I should probably be working on school stuff too =_=... but I know I probably won't unless I have someone staring at my screen at all times. Such is the life of a procrastinator, eh?

Well, that's incorrect to say. I'm for the most part caught up in everything else, it's just chemistry that gets me. Luckily enough though, I'll be done with it after this quarter. I can't wait.
#97 - deadfed (11/24/2013) [-]
I added you simply because I always enjoy a good swiggityswoner
I dont know what the **** that is but it sounds epic.
#98 to #97 - swiggityswoner (11/24/2013) [-]
I actually got it from that tumblr post.

and swiggityswooty was taken.
#99 to #98 - swiggityswooty (11/25/2013) [-]
snooze you lose
#23 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
#85 to #23 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
(reply limit again, aaand replied to myself again.)

Lol, neither am I to be honest.

And because if my mom takes my picture once it usually means she's gonna take more. A lot more. Just associated it as a waste of time, really.
User avatar #86 to #85 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Oh I see.

I havent been playing any instrument for very long, but im best at piano.
#87 to #86 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Yeah I tried out piano too for a bit, but my fingers are apparently retarded so it didn't work. Cx

Kind of the same reason why guitar hasn't worked out. >:/ Chords are my arch-nemesis... I have a pretty good rhythm though, and can do small bits of things... like, I can play the bass line of schism, and the intro to 46 & 2 (both are by tool if you're interested,) I can play a good portion of This is Halloween, and Ezio's Family from assassin's creed.
#88 to #87 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
I need to hear you do this is halloween.

Um, on piano I can play chopins funeral march, muses resistance and some other silly stuff like the sonic 2 boss theme.
On violin I used to be able to do knight of the wind from sonic and the black knight, but Im taking a hiatus from violin.
On guitar Im ashamed to say what I can do, because its not very much.
#89 to #88 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Hah, I don't really think you'd want to. xD (pardon the xD, but I regularly use it anyways)

And violin? Neat, violin's one of my favorite instruments. (Thanks to Lindsey Stirling.) I'd like to either get one of those or an erhu... which is pretty much just a Chinese violin, but with less strings, lol.
#90 to #89 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Less strings? A violin only has 4. Jeez.

Um violin is hard for me, like I can tell what I'm doing with guitar because frets and piano because keys, but with violin you just get a ******* board with strings on it and you have to hear how it sounds. I dont have a good ear for music.
#91 to #90 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Yeah, it only has two.

But.. yeah, some instruments aren't for everyone, eh? Ya always have to find that out the hard way, lol.

About the only one I was ever exceptional with was a recorder... and that was just because I was determined to be the best in my class at it. Now I can't even stand the sound of them, just sounds like a bunch of screeches. Maybe I should look into getting a real air instrument, like a tin whistle, or something of the like...
User avatar #92 to #91 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Gah I could never stand instruments like that. Disgusting.

Any instrument with a spit filter is just like... NUHHHHHHH

My own weird reservation, ignore me and follow your dreams.
#93 to #92 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Lol, they Do clean them regularly, you know. But, I understand the dislike.

I always had a thing for Celtic music though, which a lot of the types of whistles are used for. (Always went to the Irish festival since I was young. It was like a socially acceptable renaissance fair.) So maybe, don't know for sure yet though. (and after all the instruments my parents have gotten me I'd probably have to buy it on my own, haha).
User avatar #94 to #93 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Oh yeah I know, but its still... eugh.

And good luck with getting more instruments :3
#95 to #94 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Thanks. c:

Hey, I think I'm gonna jump off here for the night. Talk to ya tomorrow?
User avatar #96 to #95 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Sure ^^ sleep well.
#24 to #23 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Oh boy! It won't be blank this time!
#84 to #24 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
(reply limit again)

Lol, neither am I to be honest.

And because if my mom takes my picture once it usually means she's gonna take more. A lot more. Just associated it as a waste of time, really.
User avatar #63 to #24 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Reply limits are confusing.

But yeah I dont like cold >.>
#64 to #63 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
I don't think a lot of people do. I don't understand how people can live near the poles, but whatever floats their boat I guess.
User avatar #65 to #64 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Yeah. I plan on moving to denmark later in life.

That should be fun ;A;
#66 to #65 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
As much as I dislike cold, can you take me with you? Lol

Denmark sounds ******* awesome, I think I could put up with it.
User avatar #67 to #66 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Thats why I'm going.

I refuse to go to college in america.

Im not going to flood myself with debt the second I get out of school.
#68 to #67 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]

Is it Denmark I'm thinking of, or somewhere nearby that where you get paid for studying?...

If it is, sign me up!
User avatar #69 to #68 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Denmark. Yus.
Living expenses and what not.

I think I want to go into herpetology.
But my poor animals would be pretty cold there. I'd need lots of heating pads.
#71 to #69 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Also, herpetologists may not be common there since the cold. Could be a good career move.
Also, herpetologists may not be common there since the cold. Could be a good career move.
User avatar #73 to #71 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Exactly. New species are discovered every year, its crazy.
#70 to #69 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
No way, I was going to go into zoology.

I was the girl in school who was obsessed with wolves, so I'm looking to becoming a keeper for them. (There's always one... either that or the girl who's obsessed with horses). Might minor in animation though; always had a thing for art too but I don't think I could make much of a career out of it.
#72 to #70 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Im the weird guy with all the weird pets.

I've bred snakes, Madagascar hissing roaches, fish, rats, spiders, scorpions.
I got a lot of **** when I was in public school.

I just have an affinity towards the strange, and nothing makes me happier than making animals happy.
#74 to #72 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
I've always wanted snakes. Mom would never get one for me though. Even went out and caught myself a garter snake once, because hey, at least this one's free... but nah. Didn't work out.

I did have a rat though. Named her Starfire, because I absolutely loved Teen Titans back then. They certainly are smart aren't they? I got this wooden geometric thing once, with a walnut inside. Came home later that day, and all the pegs keeping it together were pulled out and she had the walnut. as for roaches, spiders, and scorpions though; that's badass. I'd be too afraid to ever pick up a scorpion.

What kind of fish?
User avatar #75 to #74 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Mostly cichlids. Also teen titans is great.

If you dont mind my asking, how old are you?
#76 to #75 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Not at all, and sixteen. Don't tell admin. Lol
User avatar #77 to #76 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Im also sixteen.

Admin doesnt care X3
#78 to #77 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Oh awesome. (and I figured he didn't. Just a technicality, haha.)
#79 to #78 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Right, right.

This is me by the way.
Forgive the mess.
#80 to #79 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Hah, I don't mind the mess at all, I'm used to clutter.

aaaand,... let me look for one... I have pictures all over this comp (wasn't lying when I said I was into art,) and none of them are organised... and probably very few of them are of me, lol
User avatar #81 to #80 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
I know the feeling of cluttered folders.
User avatar #25 to #24 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Hehe. So how are you?
#26 to #25 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Not bad, not bad. You?
User avatar #27 to #26 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Im uh... Putting on a happy face for friends. Things are a little bittersweet right now.
I don't want to get into it.

What are you up to?
#29 to #27 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
How about you?
#28 to #27 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Ahhh, same here kind of.

and, right now... going between browsing funnyjunk, replying here, and playing Skyrim. I am a master multi-tasker.
User avatar #30 to #28 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Im just talking to a friend while doing schoolwork.

I never got skyrim.. I still havent done everything in new vegas yet...
#31 to #30 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Ohhhh, I just started New Vegas. I think I'm a level... four? Yeah, not too far in. Still pretty bummed out that I can't sprint in it. Makes more time for exploring I suppose. Exploring is pretty fun though, especially with the Wild Wasteland perk.
User avatar #32 to #31 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Yeah it's great. I still need to do the dlc and just... not enough time to do everything.
#34 to #32 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Used to game on my laptop, but then it went kaput when I tried to put the computer version of skyrim on it for the modding. Haven't even been able to do sims since then.
User avatar #36 to #34 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Awh, sorry.
#33 to #32 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
I can't do dlc for I am not a PC master race. ;_;

How deeply I am ashamed.
User avatar #35 to #33 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
I thought they had the dlc for consoles too?..

Oh well. Heh.
#37 to #35 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
They might. I'm probably just too lazy to check, lol.
User avatar #38 to #37 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Ah. I sold my xbox a while ago for a 3DS

Good decision.
#39 to #38 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Yep, probably worth it. My Xbox disk tray won't even open anymore. Can't figure out what to do with it. Luckily, I have most of my latest games for Ps3.
User avatar #40 to #39 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Ah yes.

So have you played deus ex human revolution?
#41 to #40 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Nope, but after seeing cr1tikal's review of it, it looks like a good time. (unless I'm thinking of the wrong one. I honestly don't know how many there are/if there are multiple of them). What's it about?
User avatar #42 to #41 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Its basically a conspiracy of like corporate espionage between two companies of augmented prosthesis, and you play as an ex swat agent trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing.
#48 to #42 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Ooo, sounds interesting. May have to look for it next time I stop by a game store...

Most of what I have are just pretty well known things; skyrim, far cry, fallout, assassin's creed... I think the only thing I have that isn't so popular is shadow of the colossus, and that's probably just because it's older, lol. (absolutely excellent game though, if you haven't heard of it, I'd suggest looking into it). About the only thing I won't go for is COD, Battlefield, et c. I like a shooter, but I never get into war games.
#61 to #48 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Hah, yeah. That's about average here. Only once it gets about 50 do we think we should wear a jacket, maybe forty. About thirty is coat weather.
User avatar #49 to #48 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Ive never played SotC Because I've never had a playstation.

War games are alright to me.
Most of my games are at least slightly obscure because they havent come out yet.
Stuff like warframe, firefall... things like that.
#62 to #49 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
(I replied to myself. genius.jpeg.)

Hah, yeah. That's about average here. Only once it gets about 50 do we think we should wear a jacket, maybe forty. About thirty is coat weather.
#59 to #49 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Bet it's nice in California though. I'm jelly. >:/
User avatar #60 to #59 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Its like 60 out right now..
thats cold to me.
#58 to #49 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
It was actually okay today. Don't know about tomorrow though. It's kind of a fifty/fifty here of it either being nice out or freezing cold.
#56 to #49 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Ohio, you?
User avatar #57 to #56 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
California :3

It must be freezing in ohio right now.
#54 to #49 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Sounds good. Lemme know if you find anything worth mentioning. (may not be able to download it, but I could get a physical copy).
User avatar #55 to #54 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]

So where are you from?
#52 to #49 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
(Can't reply to your last post for some reason)

Right. I remember I had one really good puzzle/adventure game that I got when I was pretty young. Was called Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. The puzzles weren't exactly amazing but damn it had some replay value like no other. One of the few that haven't been lost or sold, and I still play it every now and again.
User avatar #53 to #52 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Sounds nice.
I need to browse steam more for puzzle stuff.
#50 to #49 - swiggityswoner (11/05/2013) [-]
Ah, that makes sense then.

And you'd be right, I haven't even heard of those. Looked them up though, they look pretty cool. :3

Oh, and I forgot to mention Fable (the second one). Always loved that, played it through too many times to count.
User avatar #51 to #50 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Oh nice.

I dont play a whole lot of games, but I play them for extended periods of time.

There needs to be more good puzzle games.
User avatar #43 to #42 - corporate ONLINE (11/05/2013) [-]
I am not a spy!!!
User avatar #44 to #43 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
Friendship is Manly
Terribly sorry. Take this as consolation.
#47 to #44 - corporate ONLINE (11/05/2013) [-]
I giggled like a stoned 5 year old watching barney take a **** on elmo's chest.
#45 to #44 - corporate ONLINE (11/05/2013) [-]
I am strangely extremely aroused by this.
#46 to #45 - snakefire (11/05/2013) [-]
I was laughing too hard.
#16 - snakefire (11/04/2013) [-]
User avatar #18 to #17 - snakefire (11/04/2013) [-]
How's it going?
#19 to #18 - swiggityswoner (11/04/2013) [-]
Not bad... Actually, getting pretty tired here, might have to head off for the night.

Going to bed at twelve. I'm such a lightweight. (I tend to get dizzy if I get tired enough though (another joy of me besides my vertical challenge)) I'm fun at sleepovers; surprised I haven't woken up with something obscene drawn on my face yet.
User avatar #20 to #19 - snakefire (11/04/2013) [-]
Oh wow hah. I tend to have weird sleeping habits though so, I guess whatever works best.

Sleep well.
#21 to #20 - swiggityswoner (11/04/2013) [-]
Thanks, we can talk more tomorrow. c:
User avatar #22 to #21 - snakefire (11/04/2013) [-]
Sounds great :3
#1 - kingpinkie (10/30/2013) [-]
comment virginity   
comment virginity
#2 to #1 - swiggityswoner (10/30/2013) [-]
Can't rape the willing...
#3 to #2 - kingpinkie (10/30/2013) [-]
or can i?
#4 to #3 - swiggityswoner (10/30/2013) [-]
[ ] unprepared
[x] prepared
#5 to #4 - kingpinkie (10/30/2013) [-]
we're doing more then anal, my good sir
#6 to #5 - swiggityswoner (10/30/2013) [-]

[spoilerI have deceived you. ;_;] [/spoiler]
#8 to #7 - swiggityswoner (10/30/2013) [-]
I know, right?
I know, right?
#9 to #8 - kingpinkie (10/30/2013) [-]
indeed but now this opens up new rape potential   
indeed but now this opens up new rape potential
#10 to #9 - swiggityswoner (10/30/2013) [-]
I call it the March of Freedom


why yes it does~ ( ͡° ʖ ͡°)
#11 to #10 - kingpinkie (10/30/2013) [-]
WTF Japan: Eagle Dance
( ͡ it ʖ ͡ begins )
#12 to #11 - swiggityswoner (10/30/2013) [-]
That was the best thing I've ever seen...
That was the best thing I've ever seen...
#13 to #12 - kingpinkie (10/30/2013) [-]
good,good....feel the freedom flow through you
good,good....feel the freedom flow through you
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