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    quite fashionable quite fashionable
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    cumbersmaug cumbersmaug
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    oh sony oh sony
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    "Sharing" a bed "Sharing" a bed
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    Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye
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    they know... they know...
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    shark week... it inspires. shark week... it inspires.

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#3 - Comment deleted 07/07/2015 on What amazing instincts 0
#20 - I see comment like these all of the time. I follow a few fitne… 07/07/2015 on Muh Curves! 0
#22 - I guess i stand corrected I have heard that one before. 07/07/2015 on Westboro on the Internet 0
#19 - I've actually never heard of a vagina referred to as "a p…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/07/2015 on Westboro on the Internet +2
User avatar #21 - handsomestalin (07/07/2015) [-]
"Two in the pink, one in the stink" is the only example I can think of
User avatar #22 - sweetnothings (07/07/2015) [-]
I guess i stand corrected I have heard that one before.
#33 - great so I have to go to the moon for my childhood pool fantas… 07/07/2015 on Random fact comp 0
#60 - that's why my showers are 20 min or longer instead of like 5 min 07/07/2015 on I feel kind of crazy but... 0
#1 - this video was a classic. I showed it to my dad awhile back an… 07/06/2015 on When admin Holds a mutiny 0
#4 - Comment deleted 07/06/2015 on Ass-slapping training 0
#89 - I get what you're saying and I'm just saying that I disagree a… 07/03/2015 on My Unpopular Opinion 0
#87 - I'm going to have to disagree with you about the two things be…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/03/2015 on My Unpopular Opinion 0
#88 - ubercelticninja (07/03/2015) [-]
Currently, if you look at the subject of the big bang, scientists around the world would give anything to know just how it happened. They want to know for sure.
Religion has the easy path of saying "our god did it", and when we find out what caused the big bang, they will say that their god caused that.
no matter how far we progress, religion is ready to claim that we can't know more.
In my opinion, Religion has done nothing positive for society that couldn't have otherwise been done, but it has done plenty of negative for society that would not have made sense otherwise.
User avatar #89 - sweetnothings (07/03/2015) [-]
I get what you're saying and I'm just saying that I disagree a bit. I'm not going to act like people havent done horrific (or continue) to do horrific things in the name of religion, but I'm not going to say all of religion is bad either. I don't think wiping out religion would necessarily change people into seeing logic either. I think they'd very easily come up with some other reason to do horrible acts or tell someone else they're wrong. If scientists do ever find out what caused the big bang that would be awesome but I think you're complaining about a certain type of religious person and then saying that all of religion does this. Maybe I'm in the religious minority but I just think I'm in the group that doesn't shout the loudest. I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying because you are correct there are religious people who will constantly say oh well god did it. I'm just saying that while you have those ppl you also have religious people who don't always say that. I think it depends more on the person as an individual than other factors.

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