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#42 - **swagmonstah used "*roll picture*"** **swagmonstah rolled …  [+] (5 replies) 09/03/2015 on The US on Socialism, -5
#69 - anon (09/03/2015) [-]
Explain my situation.

Third in my class in HS (One A grade short of a Salutatorian)
Worked a good job to help pay for college
Bane Capital sent it to China
Went to college anyway
$17,000 in debt, wasn't able to finish due to some fine print horseshit.
Incurred an injury while in College limiting job prospects
Now working on $8.86 an hour full time, utilizing assistance to fill the gaps

Tell me again this is all my fault faggot.
#80 - swagmonstah (09/04/2015) [-]
**swagmonstah used "*roll picture*"**
**swagmonstah rolled image**Third in your class and couldn't get a scholarship?
Got injured?
Sounds like it's your fault to me.
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#49 - unatco (09/03/2015) [-]
>fuck them and their families

see this is the point where the arguing wont do any good,where you have passed on from rationality to being heartless. I dont know who you are,how you were raised,what happened to you in your lifetime. But i feel sorry for you. All that healthcare but still no heart.

[spoiler] btw if you wanna argue about how decisions get you to where you are you gotta make sure everyone starts as equal,and only their decisions shape their future. but thats not how the world is working atm,is it? [spoiler]
#43 - anon (09/03/2015) [-]
I hope something happens that you have no control over but fucks you over so bad that your "life choices" don't matter. Then you'll understand a fraction of the value that a safety net like socialised healthcare has
#44 - swagmonstah (09/03/2015) [-]
I'll never need it. I have a stable job in a field that will never quit expanding during my lifetime. I'll comfortably make 6 figures until my mutual fund reaches ~4.5m by 55, so long as I can bank on an 8% growth, then I'll just retire and love the last 30 years of my life.

But yes, I'm happy that my great choices in life can pay for the shitty mistakes you and your parents have made.
#227 - faggot  [+] (5 replies) 09/02/2015 on PSA +5
#228 - thejudgingmoose (09/02/2015) [-]
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#241 - assassindash (09/02/2015) [-]
I have the god tier ass of a porn star, and the body of a petite woman who's flat chested....

I could be a porn star if I chose to be, and nobody would know who to be attracted to....
#378 - anon (09/06/2015) [-]
Creds if you get that reference at the very beginning of this post in front of me
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#383 - assassindash (09/07/2015) [-]
the asdf reference?
#244 - thejudgingmoose (09/02/2015) [-]
I feel as though you over estimate yourself, my friend, but if you have the goods then you should flaunt them.
#32 - If you're over the age of 8 and you enjoy MLP then you're a me…  [+] (2 replies) 08/30/2015 on Funnyjunk=Tumblr -4
#46 - anon (08/30/2015) [-]
Holy shit you're arrogant and closed minded.
Glad I'm not you, you mentally ill faggot.
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#41 - platinumaltaria (08/30/2015) [-]
No to the first
No to the second
Yes to the third

Mental illness is not a joke.
#25 - Will raised a ******* idiot, a wanna be slut who can't be a sl…  [+] (1 reply) 08/29/2015 on Woll smoth +5
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#34 - donatelo (08/29/2015) [-]
you have anger issues bro?
#61 - **swagmonstah used "*roll picture*"** **swagmonstah rolled …  [+] (1 reply) 07/13/2015 on Normalcy -2
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#76 - angelusprimus (07/13/2015) [-]
chore CHôr/
noun: chore; plural noun: chores
a routine task, especially a household one.
How the fuck do you call household work? Since English word from the dictionary isn't good enough for you. Please do educate me, poor immigrant, about your superior language skills.
And just because you live with your parents it doesn't mean all of us do. Some of us have bills to pay and that requires work. We can't all have mommy take us shopping when we need things.
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