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#227 - I was saying "Most degrees nowadays are useless (except f…  [+] (2 new replies) 19 hours ago on dumb ass shit +1
#269 - 4chan refugee (18 hours ago) [-]
Don't forget us medics and pharmacology tie ins. You fuckers are always getting injured and always needing our help
User avatar #235 - bagguhsleep (19 hours ago) [-]
Oh, that.

I have trouble reading stuff sometimes.
#214 - Happens with most degrees - Computer Science is probably the o…  [+] (4 new replies) 19 hours ago on dumb ass shit +1
User avatar #224 - bagguhsleep (19 hours ago) [-]
strong exception to what?
#227 - swagbot (19 hours ago) [-]
I was saying "Most degrees nowadays are useless (except for their inherent baseline value as a generic 'degree'), with CompSci being the exception, as it can actually get you a real job that pays a salary that you can actually pay your student loans off with."
#269 - 4chan refugee (18 hours ago) [-]
Don't forget us medics and pharmacology tie ins. You fuckers are always getting injured and always needing our help
User avatar #235 - bagguhsleep (19 hours ago) [-]
Oh, that.

I have trouble reading stuff sometimes.
#118 - Picture 19 hours ago on Addy Tells it like it is +23
#174 - Pshh... I'm an adult and this kid is 100% correct. So… 19 hours ago on Teenage letter to Times 0
#173 - 11/10 (bonus point for brevity) A+ correct and would philosoph… 19 hours ago on Teenage letter to Times +3
#172 - When you are 16, you see simple solutions to problems, and adu… 19 hours ago on Teenage letter to Times 0
#165 - Sum1 missed the point. When you get a real job wi…  [+] (5 new replies) 20 hours ago on Teenage letter to Times -2
#253 - 4chan refugee (16 hours ago) [-]
*sigh* Tell us. Tell us the enormous torture that it is to have a job, be a grown-up and be responsible for what you do. Tell us how bad it is to have to pay for your stuff and not being living with mom and dad anymore.
That is, if you actually know what that is.

I'll be straightforward. I'm sixteen years old. So what? Does that mean I am literally unable to think or make a point? Just because I don't pay for my shit? Just because I go to school instead of working? Am I retarded because I am doing what I am expected to do?

I agree that age and experience do count when it comes to knowing one's shit. That's undeniable. However, we shouldn't disregard someone's right to an acknowledged opinion just because they don't have much of that yet.

You think that opinion's stupid? Fine with me. That's your right as a human being. But at least fucking accept it as part of fucking existence.

I know this guy's probably trolling, but this goes to all other peeps here.
User avatar #254 - mephiblis (16 hours ago) [-]
You can think, sure. But the thing is, because you've had no real world experiences, it's like doing physics problems in a vacuum. You don't know shit so you use the ideal situation as a starting point. And lemme tell ya, NOTHING EVER IRL starts or even ends at the ideal situation.
#261 - 4chan refugee (15 hours ago) [-]
But that is in a theoretical situation. In a real life situation where young people such as myself are given details and work from there, we are quite capable of coming up with good opinions, comments or fuck it, even if rare, sometimes, good solutions to these situations.

We don't have the experience to adjust to new situations or situations in theory as fast as older people do, that's right, but it doesn't mean we don't have anything of value to say.

Anyway, thanks for not coming at me with a redundant "stfu your sixteen" comment and actually proving a point.
User avatar #263 - mephiblis (13 hours ago) [-]
I'm not an oldfag myself, im 24, my point is well, we have a saying in my country, it goes like "You haven't learned as much as i have forgotten", spoken by an older dude to a younger dude.
#269 - 4chan refugee (2 hours ago) [-]
We've got that saying in my country as well, and sure enough, I couldn't agree more with it.
If I am in a conversation with an older party and we're speaking of life itself, I mostly stay shut and let the voice of experience talk myself. I, much like Socrates, only know that I know nothing compared to most intellectual older people. And I accept that. However, I would just like for the world to not disregard my opinion based on age alone.

However, I am speaking of an ideal world, which is of course, non-existent. I guess I'm a dreamer :p

Anyway, good speaking to you mate.
#163 - Excellent counterpoint... Indeed. a good 66% of them … 20 hours ago on Teenage letter to Times +1
#209 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 09/21/2014 on I just don't believe it. +3
#291 - theruse (22 hours ago) [-]
It's the end of the net as we know it because the feminist SJWs learned how to hack.
Moot has to delete Gamergate stuff or else the SJW hackers will destroy 4Chan.
#61 - Chill out: > He didn't make these pithy quotations of h… 09/21/2014 on (untitled) -1

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User avatar #46 - admin (08/23/2014) [+] (3 replies)
stickied by swagbot
since you donated so much money here's my full FJ explaination;

paypal doesn't allow donations from websites or they might shut you down
because it's easy to do chargebacks on the donations and cost the websites money

sites like fundly do $10 minimum for a reason.
Thanks for the donation, I saw that.

I'm about to cut my hosting bills down to $2000 a month I think with a new host.

the rage is from A FEW users trying to **** over the site i.e. spam, vote cheat, post illegal porn, to "get me in trouble" for banning them and claim I ban everyone, etc.

I think it's better just to target the few rich people on FJ and have them buy from amazon.

I was making $100 in commission from amazon sales the past few days. Maybe I can keep it up?

Most of the ad revenue is from non-members i.e. new visitors. repeat visitors don't make ad revenue but they do create content which brings in new visitors

there, I explained pretty much everything
double PPS, my new host OVH which has a decent reputation can get me for <$2000 what I pay for $7,000 on leaseweb

#53 - swagbot (09/21/2014) [-]
Dude.... have you ever had a 9-5 office job like he describes?


Then come back to me and say all that ******** again after you have.

-A person who had worked probably WAY harder than you for his WHOLE life.

Seriously, we have all been trained (myself included) from a young age to think that what Charles said is 'hippy ***** or whatever, but it's not at all - it's a tough-love lesson. So we should be grateful for a sick society, filled with the stuff he describes? No - because if the engineering and creative potential of everyone was unleashed, we would all be able to live busy, interesting, productive lives - GOING TO WORK EVERY DAY LIKE HE DESCRIBED IS NOT PRODUCTIVITY - it's a CHARADE of productivity. You'll only understand that after you've had a job for several years.

Continuing to tell ourselves that we should be 'Grateful' for LESS than we could accomplish (and enjoy) is a way of keeping society under certain peoples' control.

... and if you HAVE had one of those jobs for several years, then you should already see my point of view.
#50 - swagbot (08/23/2014) [-]
Holy **** I understand everything now.

> EXCELLENT news about switching hosts! $2000 is actually manageable!

> YES, keep up the Amazon Links. Users just need to establish the habit, which will take a few months. Might be the basis for some interesting OC as well. Shame you didn't mention this ~90 days ago - i would've put $700 of **** through there!
> ALSO, I suggest you keep up the reminder posts / mass PMs to donate - once every 30-120 days, odd intervals. I don't think people mind, and it gets us srs for a bit, which is a nice change from all the funny.
> Might want to devote some thought to figuring out a way to get the Britbongs involved, if there's a not-too-complicated way.

> By 'Overly-Instrumented' RE: Fundly, I meant with all sorts of tie-ins to Facebook and **** . I have a distrust of sites who are anything but bare-bones devoted to their original service - makes me wonder if they're trying to find ways to Jew-out my data. I'm just being paranoid, DWAI.

> Understood about poor people.

> ... having said that, I think (almost) everyone on FJ would appreciate this explanation as a stickies admin post. Also a Reality-check for the poorfags that they need to get their lives in gear if they want good things to happen.

Thanks for such a thorough reply. You just made an enemy ally for life!
#45 - swagbot (08/07/2014) [-]
The upper, green part of the Greentext was, i thought, setting up for a moral / explanation / conclusion something more like...

"How has today's society gotten so uptight and venomous?"
"Why are people making enemies with other citizens as a pastime?"
"Why do people casually form shallow yet bitter and poisonous judgements about strangers as a pastime?"
"See what ************ gets us? A Culture of confused hate."

...Which, IMO, are very good points, and begin to shine light on some of the primary demons that are wrecking our Society nowadays.

But instead, the author at the very end throws it all away!
1. He uses his good, strong argument... to point out 'The Evils of Feminists'? A group of people who really have far less cohesion or influence than we all give them credit for? Weeeeak.
2. He WHINES. He's basically saying "Get out my business, YA BIG FAT MEANIE (runs away crying)."
3. He totally doesn't address any of the (much more productive, incisive, and evil-revealing) conclusions that I pointed out above.

...That's what i meant by ' *********** :

People get so wrapped up in these little tribal, self-masturbating fights (Democrattt versus Repoooblucan, Feminist versus Man-ist(?), America versus The-Rest-Of-The-World, Faggots Versus Straights) that we miss the real issues that, while all that ********** is happening, are drawing the Eclipse to our WHOLE ******* SOCIETY.
#37 - evilhomer ONLINE (06/21/2014) [-]
#38 to #37 - swagbot (06/21/2014) [-]
Thanks, homie.
Thanks, homie.
User avatar #31 - nought (05/31/2014) [-]
your comments are a great source of humor, they brighten my day
thank you!
#32 to #31 - swagbot (05/31/2014) [-]
I wasn't joking about anything i said, Cap'n.
User avatar #33 to #32 - nought (05/31/2014) [-]
How can you possibly believe this
Do you believe in chemtrails too?
#34 to #33 - swagbot (05/31/2014) [-]
'This' meaning the 'Theory that suggests the Sandy Hook Massacre was a False-Flag Operation'?

I'm not 100% convinced, and wouldn't be until i repeat all the investigations myself.... but there are significant unanswered questions (presented by a BUNCH of critical Articles / Youtube Stories).

If you ever feel like putting your ego aside, hop onto Youtube / Google and start reading.

Facts are always a balancing act.... but even before those videos, the typical circus and showmanship... and pure predictability of the News Cycle is what first piqued my interest and suspicion... and before i turned the T.V. off a few years ago, i watched A LOoooooOOT of News progamming.

And "Chemtrails"? Know about it, haven't done enough investigation to push me into the 'surety' stage.
#30 - swagbot (03/09/2014) [-]
Dam... i would've liked to see the full reply.

- Gonna ignore the 'Mentally Handicapped' part (apparently I was the one who was smart enough to make my massive reply in a NOTEPAD DOC, and periodically save it to HD in case anything happened to it)
- The point that I was trying to make to you is that my brother was WEAK - he gave in to a Culture of ************ , propagated by my Dad/Uncle/Grandpa etc.
>>I was merely pointing out in my Original Post that people buying in to Debt-College Culture is one of the problems with the 'Student Loan Quagmire', and people being smart and rejecting that culture is the most powerful ways to fix the problem.
- Finally, you don't know what my brother's degree was in, and you ASSUME he is not working.
- ...and YOU ASSUME I TOOK A DEGREE and am complaining about it, which 1) I don't have a degree and 2) I'm actually happier for it, and gainfully employed.

Let me finish my story to bring it full circle (because it proves my point even FURTHER):

- My brother's degree was in Computer Graphic Design - that's not a sissy degree (if you place value on 'degrees' in he first place).
- Art Institute kept switching credits around on him so that he couldn't finish without taking on TONS more debt (like, another 20-40K, on top of his original 60K)
>> They do this all the time.
>> Read: You need to login to view this link
- So, he left. With a 3/4-finished degree.

- So, I started working for a software company in 2010. I'm still there.
- My brother joined about 6 months after me, as an intern.
- He single-handedly redesigned one of our products in a single release. Got hired for ~50K.
- He then single-handedly redesigned / Managed-the-redesign-for the OTHER product in another two releases.
- After merely two years he was a PM making ~65K. (and he's actually good at what he does. I know. I work right next to him.)
- He just (a week ago) left for a company poised for a MASSIVE IPO, with a 95K+ Salary, and thousands of stock grants, worth ~10/ea.

Within fours years in the industry, he's gonna make as much as my Dad, who is degree'd, 50, and been working for three decades.

And Me?
- My Dad, Grandparents, Teachers, Friends, Siblings, were ALL crawling up my ASS to 'get a degree'.
- Which is funny, because my income has been steadily increasing at this job as my skills increase...and I have contantly been there to spot my Dad and Siblings ALIKE with $$$.
- ... and most of them never have any Savings b/c they are constantly paying down Debt + Interest.
- I started out as a Customer Service bitch for pocket-change...
- ...Then I became an integration engineer, turning Gigs of unintelligeble mush into useful data, daily...
- ...And now, I have been training as a UI Engineer for ~2 months, and it's been indicated that I'm ready to step into that role within ~90 days.

- ALL of my skills were learned by being thrown into the fire, and fighting my way out with Google and Stack Overflow, and hundereds of hours of coding and studying...
- ...Not some ******* Piece of Paper and the Faux-Education that went along with it.

- A degree only has value that Upper-Management assholes place upon its 'officialdom'...
- ...It has very little/no merit as an indicator of proficiency or education.
- Going to College is unnecessary to get into jobs, even well-paying ones...
- ... instead, Hard Work, self-study, and (unfortunately) Connections and Jockeying are the keys to success.

(I hate the 'Connections' part... that's why my Brother is climbing and I'm not... and I'm okay with that.)

So... I just gave you clearly-worded Solutions, Real-Life Accounts, and Conclusions from them.
Are you gonna reply with a useless ******** again, or are you going to Read and Learn, for your own benefit?

You are 'defending' this system based on what it was SUPPOSED TO BE, not WHAT IT REALLY IS.
That's insane.
#16 - 4chan refugee (12/16/2013) [-]
Eat **** .
User avatar #10 - dickticklerluv (10/03/2013) [-]
I see you thumbed me down for making a valid point about the government shutting down, ******** .
#11 to #10 - swagbot (10/03/2013) [-]
Yeah, I did, because I don't feel that your tired, hyperbolic summary reply (that would sound more appropriate coming out of a sad middle-aged adult) is valid at all.

A few things:
1. Yes, a lot of people on FJ are idiots. There are various segments of such idiots:
>> There are those who think there needs to be a gov't and think they know how to run it, but haven't put in the effort to actually come up with any ideas.
>> There are people who hate Government in general, but have not put in the time to figure out what other system could take its place.
>> Then, out of those two groups, there are those who talk with good intentions, and those who talk just to posture.

2. Having said that, there are MANY on FJ who have come up with Sound ideas that i agree with infinitely more than our current system of government.

3. Also, I'l like to address your phrase "This isn't black and white".

That is a Damnable Throwaway Phrase - A... how does Reddit say? A Thought-Truncating-Cliche (TCC).

WHAT isn't black and white?

The fact that our government is broke? The fact that it took on loans from the Federal Reserve and other countries for the last 1/2 century to get there? The fact that I'm losing 20% of my paycheck in Federal Taxes alone, and seeing very little return for it? The fact that there is nothing the Federal Government does that Towns, Cities, Counties or States couldn't do for themselves?

I estimate that you threw out that phrase to seem like a "Decent, ordinary, average, likeable dude-guy who just wants to remind people to be reasonable", when really...
1. You're not contributing anything to the thread.
2. You're (sort-of) trying to excuse inexcusable actions of our gov't.
3. You're acting as if you're wise or 'Reasonable', when really it is YOU who has not thought deeply into issues.

"There's Gotta Be A Middle Ground."
"Everyone's got an Opinion - Who are you to say yours is right?!"
"If it was that easy, somebody would have done it already."
"I'm sure 'they' have already thought about this."
"Things are the way they are for a reason."
"This isn't a black and white situation."

All these phrases are the sort of thing that Middle-Aged people use to try to fake the position of wisdom and authority that they should have actually achieved by that point in their life by honest thought and effort.

The Truth cannot be summed up in i simple talking point.

Only people who are weak of mind think vaguely enough to speak in such hyperbole.

You were not telling people to look into the diversity of arguments surrounding "The Shutdown" - you were trying to tell everyone that their input is meaningless, and to shut them up.

So Yes.
I thumbed you down.
And ^^^^ THAT ^^^^ is my reasoning.

Read my whole comment before you reply, please.
User avatar #12 to #11 - dickticklerluv (10/03/2013) [-]
Okay. Instead of having an organized, proof read essay like you I'm going to keep it short.

First, the content sounded like it was through the single-minded view of a teenager that didn't even try to have a real arguement.

Second, we could have had a little debate of a sort instead of thumbing me down but that isn't really a big deal.

Lastly, I never said that what the government is doing is excusable. In fact, I thoroughly disagree with what is happening like most, I'm just trying to provoke thought and maybe get others to understand that the what the real problem is, us. All of us, not just those who hold office.

So really I'm not mad that you thumbed me down, just that you didn't try to argue in the first place.

also forgive my Irish profanity
#15 to #12 - swagbot (10/04/2013) [-]
Understood. I am rescinding my red thumb now.

In the future, I'd suggest a comment like "Guys, this **** isn't black and white - There's a lot more to discuss... for example, [+ your opinion about some current event]." would have led to a debate, as you really wanted.

I suggest that, alone, the phrase "...this **** ain't black and white!" sounds dismissive... like it's trying to do the opposite of promoting discourse.

Nice to discuss issues with a fellow gentleman on FJ wot wot
User avatar #9 - heartlessrobot (08/16/2013) [-]
I didn't delete anything.
#7 - konradkurze (07/06/2013) [-]
< Swagbot

dis robot got SWAG ******
#8 to #7 - swagbot (08/15/2013) [-]
What the **** - why is he holding an 'Anarchy' button?

Cool though...
#5 - MitsukiOokami (05/09/2013) [-]
I like that your political posts are so well thought out and thorough.

Have to thank you for the info on Liberalism. I had always associated it with the butchered versions fed to us in Government and sociology classes that claim that liberalism is synonymous to democratic.

Have a relevant picture.
User avatar #4 - Yomomasface (02/04/2012) [-]
Good to see there is political hope abroad FJ...
User avatar #3 - carchub (01/01/2012) [-]
Damn, I'm sorry
#1 - Sunset has deleted their comment [-]
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